Cartoon Network At San Diego Comic Con 2016

Cartoon Network At San Diego Comic Con 2016

Cartoon Network At San Diego Comic Con 2016

Cartoon Network’s event schedule for the 2016 San Diego Comic-Con International convention has been released. The convention is the largest of its kind in North America for film, television and comics and is possibly also the largest animation convention in the United States. San Diego Comic Con 2016 will take place at the San Diego Convention Center between Thursday 21st July and Sunday 24th July. As usual, this year’s convention will be a crystal gem fusion of fun events and panels, both of which are full of sugar, spice and everything nice.

The convention will also be a time for the general public to find out more about the development and talent behind Cartoon Network’s animated shows. During the convention, there will be voice actor and show producer/writer/artist/creator panels for Steven Universe, We Bare Bears, The Powerpuff Girls and there will be even an Adventure Time Card Wars tournament to promote the new Adventure Time Card Wars Kingdom game.

The panel for Steven Universe will be a unique experience compared to an ordinary panel as it will be formatted as a musical performance, where members of the voice actor cast will sing and composers of the show will play many of the songs specially written for the show. There will also be world premiere exclusive sneak peek screenings for the new Ben 10 series, Steven Universe, We Bare Bears and The Powerpuff Girls as well as a costume ball/costume contest judged by a panel of Cartoon Network show creators – Kyle A. Carozza (Mighty Magiswords), Spencer Rothbell (Head of Story for Clarence and voice of Clarence) and Rebecca Sugar (Creator of Steven Universe).

Cartoon Network’s San Diego Comic Con International 2016 Schedule

Thursday 21st July

Cartoon Network Screening And Costume Ball
8.00pm – 9.30pm Hilton Bayfront – Room 7AB

Throw on your Finn hats, crystal gems and totally realistic flying tigers, and bearstack your way to the Cartoon Network Costume Ball & Screening extravaganza! We’ll be showcasing brand new episodes and clips of your favorite CN shows and making some big announcements for stuff nobody has ever seen before, including a world premiere look at animation for the upcoming Ben 10 series. On top of it all, we invite you to come dressed up as your favorite CN character for a chance to impress your friends and win awesome prizes. It wouldn’t be a ball without special guests! Joining us as totally objective and impartial judges for the costume contest are Kyle A. Carrozza (Creator of Mighty Magiswords), Spencer Rothbell (Head of Story, Clarence and Voice of Clarence) and Rebecca Sugar (Creator of Steven Universe).

Friday 22nd July

Cartoon Network Presents: Steven Universe
10.15am – 11.45am Hilton Bayfront – Indigo Ballroom

The series cast and musical minds behind Steven Universe will give a never-before-seen performance of the series’ critically-acclaimed music, as well as exclusive previews from upcoming episodes and an extended Q&A. Scheduled to appear: Rebecca Sugar (Creator), Jeff Liu (Writer and Storyboard Artist), Zach Callison (Voice of Steven), Estelle (Voice of Garnet), Michaela Dietz (Voice of Amethyst), Deedee Magno Hall (Voice of Pearl), Ben Levin (Writer), accompanied by series composers Aivi Tran and Steven “Surasshu” Velema. Moderated by former supervising director Ian Jones-Quartey.

Saturday 23rd July

Cartoon Network Presents: We Bare Bears
10am – 11am Hilton Bayfront – Indigo Ballroom

Join the cast and crew of We Bare Bears as they make their Comic-Con debut, discussing the hilarious new series, celebrating the fans, previewing exclusive clips and taking your questions. Hang in until the end to catch a sneak peek at the upcoming series Mighty Magiswords. Panelists include Daniel Chong (Series Creator), Eric Edelstein (Voice of Grizzly), Bobby Moynihan (Voice of Panda), Demetri Martin (Voice of Ice Bear), and Lauren Sassen (Storyboard Artist), moderated by Mikey Heller (Series Writer).

Cartoon Network Presents: The Powerpuff Girls
11am – 12pm Hilton Bayfront – Indigo Ballroom

Soar into San Diego with The Powerpuff Girls! Join Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup for their first Comic-Con appearance as cast and crew discuss the new series, premiere exclusive clips and take your questions. Panelists include Kristen Li (Voice of Bubbles), Amanda Leighton (Voice of Blossom), Natalie Palamides (Voice of Buttercup), Tom Kenny (Voice of the Mayor and The Narrator), Nick Jennings (Executive Producer), Bob Boyle (Co-Executive Producer), Haley Mancini (Writer, Voice of Princess Morbucks) and Jake Goldman (Writer). Part of the back-to-back panel extravaganza preceded by We Bare Bears at 10am.

Cartoon Network Presents: The Adventure Time Card Wars Tournament!
10am – 8pm (Winner takes all begins at 3pm) San Diego Convention Center – Room 16A

The game you know and love has just doubled down on the fun with two all-new ways to play, and we’re bringing the action to the gaming floor of Comic-Con! Grab a partner and battle against another team in the new Card Wars Doubles Tournament tabletop game. Think you’re the Cool Guy? Challenge other peeps in one-on-one PvP battles in the new mobile game Card Wars Kingdom! Free play alongside other Adventure Time fans all day long, with a special winner-takes-all Tournament starting at 3pm. for all the Card Wars glory (and amazing prizes, which sometimes is even cooler than glory)!!! Did we mention John DiMaggio (Voice of Jake the Dog) will be there to commentate the tournament?! It’s a not-to-be-missed event!

Autograph Signing Events

Steven Universe: Friday 22nd July 3pm – 5.30pm
We Bare Bears: Saturday 23rd July 1pm – 2.30pm
The Powerpuff Girls: Saturday 23rd July 3.30pm – 5pm

Cartoon Network And Machinima Team Up For Adventure Time Card Wars Kingdom Tournament

Cartoon Network And Machinima Team Up For Adventure Time Card Wars Kingdom Tournament

Cartoon Network And Machinima Team Up For Adventure Time Card Wars Kingdom Tournament

Cartoon Network and video gaming/fandom entertainment website Machinima have teamed up to host an Adventure Time Card Wars tournament to promote the release of the sequel of the highly successful 2015 Card Wars mobile game. The new game – Adventure Time Card Wars Kingdom – will be released on Thursday 14th July on Google Play (Android), Apple App Store (iOS) and the Amazon App Store (Fire/Android). Card Wars is a TCG (trading card game) which requires strategy and an element of luck, the game has also featured in two notable episodes of Adventure Time – Card Wars and Daddy-Daughter Card Wars.

Machinima will be hosting a Card Wars tournament using the new game (via a livestream) on Friday 15th July (the day after the game’s launch) at 8pm BST, the name of the single elimination live tournament will be called “Let’s Play Flooping Card Wars!”, a reference to “flooping”, a type of card move featured in the mobile game and in the show.

The tournament will feature four people from Machinima’s talent pool of highly skilled video gamers, including – ChimneySwift11, JeromeASE, CavemanFilms and TJ Smith Gaming. The tournament will have three rounds of two matches, with the winner of the third round taking home the Adventure Time Card Wars Kingdom crown.

The Card Wars game sequel also follows the sequel of the Adventure Time’s Card Wars episode which premiered on Cartoon Network USA yesterday (07/07/2016). In the episode “Daddy-Daughter Card Wars”, Jake needed his daughter Charlie’s help in an underground Card Wars tourney to move on from his embarrassing past.

The livestream for the special Card Wars tournament will be streaming on Machinima’s Twitch account ( on Friday 15th July airing from 8pm to 9.30pm BST.

From The Turner UK Press Release

To celebrate the impending launch of brand-new mobile app Adventure Time Card Wars Kingdom – the follow-up to 2015’s hugely successful Adventure Time Card Wars – Cartoon Network has joined forces with Machinima, the first global Many2Many programming service for fandom and gamer culture, to present the single elimination live tournament, Let’s Play Flooping Card Wars!

Hosted by Machinima on Friday 15th July 8:00pm BST, this livestream event will be the ultimate showcase of Adventure Time Card Wars Kingdom for both kid and adult fans of the franchise with four of Machinima’s top-gaming talent – ChimneySwift11, JeromeASE, CavemanFilms and TJ Smith Gaming being remotely pitted against one another in an intense battle. Each of the tournament’s three rounds will include two matches, with the winner of the third round taking home the Adventure Time Card Wars Kingdom crown.

For those not able to tune-in live, tournament footage and commentary from each of the players will be available exclusively on participating talents’ YouTube channels until Monday 25th July. Cartoon Network will then also make the content available on its YouTube channels for fans to enjoy alongside many more of their favourite Adventure Time clips.

Patricia Hidalgo, SVP & Chief Content & Creative Officer Kids EMEA and International Kids Strategy, Turner, said:

“At Turner we are committed to developing the best curated brand experiences for audiences across multiple platforms, windows and devices. This celebration of Adventure Time Card Wars is a great example of how we are putting fans at the centre of everything we do – not only by continuing to build hit franchises like Adventure Time and offering an increasing number of touchpoints for our brands, characters and stories, but also through the delivery of new and exciting ‘fandom’ experiences. As leaders in their field, Machinima was the obvious partner for our first foray into live, competitive gaming events and we’re excited to be working with them to deliver what we hope will be a highly anticipated appointment-to-view for Adventure Time and gaming fans worldwide.”

Don Reilley, Vice President – Head of Brand Partnerships at Machinima:

“Adventure Time is one of the most unique and beloved shows on television, which has developed a fanbase of kids and adults that is second-to-none. So we expect that all fans of the program will want to tune in for this one-of-a-kind, epic livestream event.”

Let’s Play Flooping Card Wars can be viewed on the Machinima’s Twitch platform – – on Friday 15th July from 8:00pm – 9:30 BST. Adventure Time Card Wars Kingdom, developed by Kung Fu Factory, is the second iteration of the popular Adventure Time Card Wars mobile app, which has produced over 6M global downloads to date. Adventure Time Card Wars Kingdom will be available to download from the App Store, the Amazon Store and Google Play from Thursday 14th July.