Cartoon Network Studios Launches New Website

Cartoon Network Studios Launches New Website

Cartoon Network Studios Launches New Website

The animation production division of Cartoon Network – Cartoon Network Studios has launched its very own website. The new website lists animation job advertisements ranging from background artists to character designers. The new site also has a section for animation students to apply for an internship to gain experience at the Burbank, California based studio. Students on the internship programme will get the opportunity to work with Cartoon Network’s top talent and work on the several aspects and stages of cartoon production.

On the new site there’s also a section listing the different shows currently in production, including Regular Show, Ben 10, We Bare Bears and many others. There’s a news section too, with links to people’s stories about their time working at the studio and also advice from Steven Universe creator – Rebecca Sugar for aspiring animation artists.

The website’s graphics is based on the channel’s branding featuring looping animations of its famous cartoon characters, gradients and patterns (hover over the different sections of the Cartoon Network logo on the homepage for links and random animations), the website is visually appealing and is an interactive piece of art, it’s definitely worth checking out.

Please note: The Amazing World of Gumball is not listed on the site as production is handled by Cartoon Network Studios’ European sister studio – Great Marlborough Productions based in London, UK. For animation jobs relating to The Amazing World of Gumball, please follow the link below, the blog is updated as soon as there are new job vacancies:

Cartoon Network New York Comic Con 2016 Overview

Cartoon Network New York Comic Con 2016 Overview

Cartoon Network New York Comic Con 2016 Overview

New York Comic Con 2016 was full of different Cartoon Network events, such as panels, signings and a costume competition, so here’s a summary of the events that happened on Friday 7th and Saturday 8th October.

Regular Show Panel

The first Cartoon Network panel was for Regular Show, this panel was a significant one as it will be the last ever panel for the show at a convention. JG Quintel (the show’s creator and voice of Mordecai) was joined with William Salyers (voice of Rigby), Roger Craig Smith (voice of Thomas/Nikolai and additional voices) and Janie Haddad (voice of Margaret).

During the session there was a live script reading and an Q&A segment. The panel was asked questions from the audience – like what items they would take into space (relating to the Regular Show: In Space story arc) and what was their favourite episode.

Steven Universe Panel

At the Steven Universe panel, the show’s creator – Rebecca Sugar was joined with Jennifer Paz (Voice of Lapis Lazuli), Shelby Rabara (Voice of Peridot), Tom Scharpling (voice of Greg), AJ Michalka (Stevonnie) and Charlyne Yi (Voice of Ruby). There was a Q&A session and also a exclusive performance of a song in an upcoming episode. Many fans were dressed up as their favourite characters from the show. Rebecca Sugar also did a book signing for her book based on an episode of the show – “The Answer”, this was an opportunity to meet and greet the show’s creator and to get a copy of the book signed.

The Powerpuff Girls Panel and Costume Ball

The last panel at New York Comic Con 2016 was for The Powerpuff Girls, Amanda Leighton (voice of Blossom), Kristen Li (voice of Bubbles), Natalie Palamides (voice of Buttercup) were joined with Haley Mancini (show writer and voice of Princess Morbucks).

The other event at New York Comic Con 2016 was a costume ball and prizes were given away for people with the best cartoon character costumes, the contest was judged by Kyle A. Carrozza (Creator of Mighty Magiswords), Jeremy Shada (Voice of Finn, Adventure Time), Charlyne Yi (Voice of Ruby, Steven Universe and Voice of Chloe, We Bare Bears) and Rebecca Sugar (Creator of Steven Universe). The winner was someone dressed as Yellow Diamond – a main villain in Steven Universe.

For more tweets relating to New York Comic Con 2016, check out Cartoon Network PR’s Twitter account:

Cartoon Network USA Stop Bullying Speak Up October 2016

Cartoon Network USA Stop Bullying Speak Up October 2016

Cartoon Network USA Stop Bullying Speak Up October 2016

October is National Bullying Prevention Month in the United States and Cartoon Network USA has started its seventh annual anti-bullying campaign – “Stop Bullying: Speak Up” (known as Buddy Network in the UK and under other similar titles in other countries). As usual, the initiative will be about communication, friendship, inclusion and ways to prevent and stop bullying, a common problem among school kids.

Throughout the month, Cartoon Network will utilise the linear channel, VOD (Video on-demand), mobile apps and social media to spread positive messages and ways to help kids speak out against bullying.

Every Saturday during October, Cartoon Network will dedicate a special hour of programming at 3pm-4pm ET/PT, with episodes of The Amazing World of Gumball, Steven Universe, Clarence, We Bare Bears and Teen Titans Go! all focusing on the theme of friendship and teamwork. The programming will also be available through the main Cartoon Network app and on VOD.

Steven Universe creator – Rebecca Sugar has also contributed to Cartoon Network’s anti-bullying initiative. Rebecca has created a series of “Fearless Self Expression” videos which will start from Saturday 8th October. In this video series, Rebecca will teach kids ways to express themselves through artwork while also emphasising diversity, inclusion and speaking up against bullying, she will also be using social media to encourage active participation.

Rebecca Sugar also explains that self-expression can help you understand yourself and it helps others to understand you, self-expression can help you to defend yourself emotionally:

“Expressing yourself through art, writing, music, dancing and other activities is very healthy! Self-expression can help you understand yourself and help others understand you too. But putting yourself out there is scary. You could feel exposed. Someone could make fun of you. Speaking up is hard when what you have to say is very personal. How do you express yourself without fear? For ‘Stop Bullying,’ I’d like to speak up with a four-week strategy for fearless self expression! These are tips and tricks I use to keep drawing, even when I start to feel afraid.”

Cartoon Network’s website also provides anti-bullying advice to kids. On the site, kids can take the pledge against bullying.