New Show Sesame Street To Premiere On Cartoonito UK On 7th November

New Show Sesame Street To Premiere On Cartoonito UK On 7th November

New Show Sesame Street To Premiere On Cartoonito UK On 7th November

Today (19/10/2016) it has been officially announced that Sesame Street is going to premiere on Cartoonito UK on Monday 7th November. Turner UK has made a broadcasting rights deal with Sesame Workshop in the United States for new 30-minute episodes, the show will air on Cartoonito UK from Monday 7th November, airing daily at 4pm. Sesame Street hasn’t aired in the UK since 2001 where it used to air on Channel 4, but since then there has been UK spin-offs such as The Furchester Hotel and Sesame Tree.

The pre-school show has aired around the world in different localised forms and formats, the show is known for its Jim Henson puppet characters and for teaching children how to spell, read and count as well as health and social education.

In the United States, Turner’s sister company – HBO (Home Box Office) currently own the first run broadcasting rights to Sesame Street, with public service broadcaster PBS airing the episodes after a nine month exclusivity time window.

Sean Gorman, Director of Kids Channels (Cartoon Network, Boomerang and Cartoonito) at Turner UK talked about the addition of Sesame Street to Cartoonito:

“For more than four decades now Sesame Street has been helping children grow smarter, stronger and kinder, and we’re delighted to be driving these engaging and educational messages to our young UK audience in such a fun and entertaining way.”

Thomas And Friends To Move To Cartoonito UK In 2017

Thomas And Friends To Move To Cartoonito UK In 2017

Thomas And Friends To Move To Cartoonito UK In 2017

According to a report from Kidscreen via an announcement by Mattel Creations/Hit Entertainment, Turner UK has purchased the pay-TV broadcasting rights to Thomas and Friends, this means the show will move from Nick Jr. UK to Cartoonito UK in 2017. Thomas and Friends (formerly known as Thomas The Tank Engine and Friends) tells the story of Thomas and his steam train friends’ adventures on the Island of Sodor.

The show is based on The Railway Series, a set of books written by British author Rev. Wilbert Awdry and his son, Christopher. Since airing in 1984, the show has become a UK and international hit as far as the United States as well as Japan (where the show airs on Cartoon Network). The show was initially made with model railway train sets and was later made in 3D CGI, the show was successful enough to have its very own motion picture release – Thomas & the Magic Railroad as well as several other animated specials.

This isn’t the first time Turner owned the UK broadcasting rights for Thomas and Friends/Thomas The Tank Engine and Friends, the UK-based pan-European version of Cartoon Network also aired Thomas The Tank Engine and Friends in the mid to late 1990’s.

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Thomas And Friends To Move To Cartoonito UK In 2017

According to an advert on the website, Sesame Street is coming to Cartoonito sometime this autumn, no other information has been released yet. Sesame Street is known for its pre-school content and for its lovable characters. Since 1969, the show has helped millions of children around the world learn the alphabet, learn how to count and helped them learn various social topics including friendship, how to respect people and diversity.

Sesame Street is also the most successful television programme (in terms of Emmy awards) of all time, winning a record 167 Emmy Awards (this figure includes Daytime Emmy’s and Primetime Emmy’s). Big Bird, Cookie Monster, Elmo and others will be an interesting addition to Cartoonito, the show hasn’t aired in the UK since 2001 with exception to the spin-offs – Play with Me Sesame, Elmo’s World, Bert and Ernie’s Great Adventures, Sesame Tree, The Furchester Hotel as well as some episodes on Virgin Media Video On Demand. It’s about time Sesame Street had a proper home in the UK again.

Pogo Is Now Airing A New Pre-School Show, Chamki ki Duniya, Developed By Turner Asia, Inspidea And Sesame Workshop

Chamki ki Duniya

Pogo India is now airing a brand new pre-school show called Chamki ki Duniya. Chamki ki Duniya is about the adventures of a schoolgirl who wants to find out more about the world she lives in. The show is targeted for young children between the ages of 2 and 6 years old, features many educational topics such as reading, creativity, family and community, being reasonable to each other, living a healthy life, being tolerant to different cultures and more. The new show is currently airing on POGO every weekday at 8.30 am and is developed by Sesame Workshop (famous for the internationally successful pre-school show, Sesame Street, known as Galli Galli Sim Sim in India), Pogo’s owners, Turner India and is animated by Malaysian animation studio, Inspidea.

Mark Eyers, chief content officer for Kids Networks at Turner International Asia Pacific made this statement about the new pre-school show:

“Chamki ki Duniya is a unique show that not only will be the first completely animated series by Sesame Street, but will also encourage social and emotional development of children in a narrative that is fun and entertaining. Turner has always believed in setting benchmarks for creating innovative and engaging content. With the largest portfolio of local content in the kids’ genre, we strive to create content and characters that resonate with children.

Sashwati Banerjee, the managing director of Sesame Workshop in India made this statement about the new show:

“It’s wonderful to work with Turner and Inspidea to bring the beloved Chamki Muppet to kids and families in this beautiful new animation. Being smart means knowing so much more than letters and numbers. Chamki ki Duniya’s curriculum is designed to engage the whole child and seeks to help kids grow smarter, stronger and kinder.”

Andrew Ooi, the managing director of Inspidea, the animation studio that animated Chamki ki Duniya also made this statement:

“We are delighted to have partnered with Turner and Sesame Workshop in producing this path-breaking series that aims to subtly and humorously educate children. After detailed research and development with Turner and Sesame Street, we created a visual style for Chamki ki Duniya which is charming yet playful that can resonate with Indian audiences and be culturally relevant.”