Cartoon Network Central Eastern Europe December 2016 Highlights

Cartoon Network Central Eastern Europe December 2016 Highlights

Cartoon Network Central Eastern Europe December 2016 Highlights: All Times CET

International Ninja Day: Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu Marathon

Marathon airs on Monday 5th December, back to back Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu will air from 12.30pm to 2.25pm, the marathon also includes the Day of the Departed special.

Winter Marathons

Winter Marathons of Cartoon Network’s most popular shows will run at the following dates and times.

Monday 19th December to Friday 30th December (With exception to Saturday 24th, Sunday 25th and Monday 26th December): Airs at 6am to 10.40am

Monday 26th December: 6am to 9pm

Saturday 24th December: 6am to 9pm

All Sundays including Christmas Day (25th December): 6am to 9am

December 2016 Marathons includes:

Teen Titans Go! (Sunday 4th December and Friday 23rd December)

Angelo Rules (Sunday 11th December)

Steven Universe (Sunday 18th and Monday 26th December)

Adventure Time (Monday 19th December)

The Powerpuff Girls reboot (Tuesday 20th December)

Regular Show (Wednesday 21st December)

We Bare Bears (Thursday 22nd December)

The Amazing World of Gumball (Saturday 24th and Friday 30th December)

Clarence (Sunday 25th December)

Ben 10 reboot (Tuesday 27th December)

Uncle Grandpa (Wednesday 28th December)

Supernoobs (Thursday 29th December)

Best of 2016 Special Marathons

Airs from 27th December until 30th December from 6.05pm to 9pm.

Tuesday 27th December: The Amazing World of Gumball: The Origins Marathon

Wednesday 28th December: Supercool Superpowers! Marathon

Thursday 29th December: Steven Universe/Uncle Grandpa “Say Uncle” Marathon

Friday 30th December: Adventure Time: Stakes Marathon

Cartoon Network Cinema

Cartoon Network Cinema airs on Saturdays at 9am and 4pm, from 3rd December to 17th December.

Saturday 3rd December: Scooby-Doo! WrestleMania Mystery (Movie Premiere)

Saturday 10th December: The Tom And Jerry Movie

Saturday 17th December: Scooby-Doo and the Witch’s Ghost

Cartoon Network UK Mega Mondays November 2016

Cartoon Network UK Mega Mondays November 2016

Cartoon Network UK Mega Mondays November 2016

During November 2016, Cartoon Network UK’s Mega Mondays programming block is airing new episodes of Clarence, Uncle Grandpa, Supernoobs and The Amazing World of Gumball. The Mega Mondays block airs every Monday afternoon from 4pm.

Cartoon Network UK’s Mega Mondays November 2016 New Episodes Schedule

4pm: Clarence
4.30pm: Uncle Grandpa:
5pm: Supernoobs
5.30pm: The Amazing World of Gumball

Other New Episodes Airing On Weekdays

New episodes of Clarence will start from Monday 14th November, airing weekdays at 4pm.

New episodes of Teen Titans Go! are currently airing weekdays at 6.30pm.
New episodes of The Powerpuff Girls are also currently airing weekdays at 6.45pm.

New episodes of The Amazing World of Gumball are airing every weekday at 5.30pm as part of Cartoon Network UK’s month-long The Amazing Month of Gumball special event.

Cartoon Network USA Scaresday Thursday Night Halloween Premieres

Cartoon Network USA Scaresday Thursday Night Halloween Premieres

Cartoon Network USA Scaresday Thursday Night Halloween Premieres: Thursday 27th October

Thursday 27th October is the final Thursday in October before Halloween which means Cartoon Network USA will be airing terrifying new episodes of Teen Titans Go!, Mighty Magiswords, Regular Show: In Space and the Season four finale of The Amazing World of Gumball from 6pm ET/PT. Before the main event at 6pm ET/PT, there will be a new Halloween special of Supernoobs at 5.15pm ET/PT and a new Halloween special of The Powerpuff Girls at 5.30pm ET/PT. Can’t handle the horror of Halloween? There will be a new unscary episode of We Bare Bears at 7pm ET/PT. The frightening fun begins at 6pm ET/PT on Cartoon Network USA.

Happy Noob-o-ween
5.15pm ET/PT

Mem and Zen try to grasp Halloween while the noobs try to stop infected people at the Halloween fair.

The Powerpuff Girls
The Squashening
5.30pm ET/PT

In order to escape a monster, the girls must tell him a scary story.

Teen Titans Go!
Halloween vs. Christmas
6pm ET/PT

When Santa tries to take over Halloween, it’s up to the Titans and a few ghouls to stop him.

Mighty Magiswords
Flirty Phantom
6.30pm ET/PT

The Warriors come upon a haunted house inhabited by a phantom who seems to have taken a liking to Prohyas…!

We Bare Bears
Everyone’s Tube
7pm ET/PT

The bears post a variety of videos online.

The Amazing World of Gumball
The Scam
7.30pm ET/PT

Carrie backs up Gumball’s story about a monster, and the students want to hire them as ghost exterminators for Halloween candy.

Regular Show: In Space
Terror Tales of the Park VI (Half Hour Halloween Special)
8pm ET/PT

The gang tells scary stories with a science fiction twist.

Cartoon Network USA November 2016 News: Subject To Change

New episodes of Clarence from Tuesday 1st November, new episodes will air daily at 5.30pm until Friday 4th November, there will also be a full week of new Clarence episodes airing daily between Monday 21st November and Friday 25th November at 5.30pm ET/PT.

New episodes of Regular Show: In Space continue to air on Thursdays at 8pm.

The Gem Harvest half hour special of Steven Universe will air sometime in November.

The Adventure Time Season 7 finale will air on Saturday 26th November.

New episodes of Transformers: Robots In Disguise will air every Saturday at 6.30am.

Justice League Action could premiere in November on Cartoon Network USA, the show will premiere on Cartoon Network UK on 27th November.

A list of Cartoon Network USA’s November 2016 premieres can be seen on the link below, the list is updated as soon as new scheduling information is released: