Cartoon Network Amazone Water Park Wins World Waterpark Association’s Leading Edge Award 2014

The Cartoon Network Amazone Water Park in Thailand has been awarded the Leading Edge Award 2014 at the World Waterpark Association’s Trade Show Awards at Las Vegas on 27th-30th October, only just a month after the official opening. The water park officially opened on 3rd October. The waterpark is the first ever Cartoon Network-themed waterpark and is located in Bang Saray near Pattaya in Thailand.

The park was awarded for its many design styles and themes, including the interactivity of rides as well as unique attractions not seen before in the waterpark industry.

Mrs Kobkarn Wattanavrangkul, minister of tourism and sports in Thailand made this statement regarding the Cartoon Network Amazone Water Park and how it has contributed towards Thailand’s tourism industry.

“This is a great opportunity to regain trust for the tourism industry in Thailand. It also coincides with the strategic plan to promote Thai tourism in 2015, which will emphasise transparency, spreading revenue, lessening social inequalities and inspiring love for their homeland among younger generations. These strategies are designed to build a new image for Thailand to help it become a high quality tourist destination. Thanks you Cartoon Network Amazone and associates for believing in the Kingdom and choosing to invest in the first themed waterpark in Thailand.”

Ricky Ow, president of Turner Broadcasting System Asia Pacific also stated:

“Turner Broadcasting is very proud that the world’s first Cartoon Network-themed waterpark has opened in Thailand and is already winning prestigious awards. My congratulations go to the Amazone Falls management team and everyone at Turner who has made this unique project come to life.”

Cartoon Network India At Walk For Health Max BUPA Event

Cartoon Network India and Pogo will be attending the “Walk for Health” event in Mumbai and Delhi on 9th November and Ben from Ben 10 and Kris from Roll No. 21 will be attending!. Walk for Health is an initiative aimed at encouraging people to walk more to improve their personal health, the event is organised by Max Bupa and has been running every year since 2012.

You can find out more and register to attend the walking event by clicking on the link below:

Boomerang Australia Rebranded Today (03/11/2014)

As already mentioned in the Boomerang worldwide rebrand press release, Boomerang Australia rebranded today as originally planned. The Boomerang minisite on now has the new graphics and a flash animated background featuring classic characters such as Bugs Bunny, Tom and Jerry and Tweety Pie. This is the first rebrand outside the Latin American market so far, as this was where the new branding and programming format for Boomerang was introduced. Europe, Middle East and Africa feeds are due to rebrand in early 2015 and the USA feed is due to rebrand in late autumn.

Cartoon Network Australia also posted an ident of the new look Boomerang on their Facebook page, the ident features Bugs Bunny and Wile E. Coyote ice skating, Daffy Duck running and Tom chasing Jerry around a crazy pathway, the new idents emphasises the colourfulness, wackiness and playfulness of the shows of which Boomerang airs.

You can read more about the Boomerang worldwide rebrand press release here: