Foster’s Home For Imaginary Friends 10th Anniversary

It was the 10th anniversary of the first airing of Foster’s Home For Imaginary Friends on Cartoon Network USA this Wednesday, I’ve been looking through the archives on Vimeo and came across this fantastic promo that was produced for Cartoon Network UK.

Supernoobs To Air On Cartoon Network USA


Canadian kids channel Teletoon has commissioned a new animated series called Supernoobs and Cartoon Network USA has brought the rights to air the show.

Supernoobs will be made by DHX Media, It follows a pair of geeky best friends having a difficult time at school and battling enemies who are attempting to destroy the earth.

The show was created by Scott Fellows, who also created Johnny Test. DHX Media will distribute the series internationally outside North America, and like Johnny Test, it will probably air on Cartoon Network’s international feeds, but nothing has been confirmed yet.

Steven DeNure, president and COO of DHX Media said:

“We are very happy to be collaborating on a new Scott Fellows project on our animated slate, following the success of Johnny Test. The commitment of Teletoon and Cartoon Network US is testament to his creative talent.”

Cartoon Network USA Thursday Night Premieres (14/08/2014)

Teen Titans Go!
Episode 60
Salty Codgers
Tonight 6pm (EST)
Synopsis: Mad Mod steals the youth from Cyborg, Beast Boy, Starfire, and Robin, turning them into Raven’s favorite type of people: salty codgers. Instead of helping the Titans get their youth back, Raven teaches them how cool old people are.

The Amazing World of Gumball
Episode 88
The Void
Tonight 6:30pm (EST)
Synopsis: When Gumball and Darwin investigate a missing classmate, they discover a far greater mystery…about Elmore.

Episode 17
Nature Clarence
Tonight 6:45pm (EST)
Synopsis: Clarence goes camping in the nature.

Adventure Time
Episode 172
Joshua and Margaret Investigations
Tonight 7pm (EST)
Synopsis: Finn and Jake’s parents hunt an unearthly menace in the woods.

Regular Show
Episode 153
Real Date
Tonight 7:30pm (EST)
Synopsis: Mordecai and CJ want to go on a romantic date.