Cartoon Network USA Thursday Night Premieres (25/09/2014)

Teen Titans Go!
Episode 66
Sandwich Thief
Tonight 6pm (EST)
Synopsis: Robin hunts for the person who stole his “perfect” sandwich.

Steven Universe
Episode 25 & 26
Mirror Gem & Ocean Gem
Tonight 6:30pm (EST)
Synopsis: (Mirror Gem) Steven befriends a magical mirror that can mysteriously communicate with him. (Ocean Gem) The ocean disappears on the first day of summer and Beach City is in a panic.

The Amazing World of Gumball
Episode 94
The Password
Tonight 7pm (EST)
Synopsis: After learning that Anais is Richard’s favorite child, Gumball and Darwin are determined to take the title from her.

Uncle Grandpa
Episode 33
Tonight 7:30pm (EST)
Synopsis: Uncle Grandpa goes on vacation only to discover that being Uncle Grandpa is a full time job.

Cartoon Network France Breaks Guinness World Record For Largest Whoopee Cushion

Cartoon Network France and CanalSat broke the world record for the world’s largest whoopie cushion at La Journée Mondiale du Prout (World Fart’s Day) event on Saturday 20th September, the whoopie cushion is a massive 25m² and has the face of Jake from Adventure Time on it. Kids could also jump on the whoopie cushion like a bouncy castle.

Also at the event was fun-filled activities with Cartoon Network themes, such as an Uncle Grandpa zip line and Steven Universe’s Big Donut bar, there was also episode screenings and workshops for kids.

Cartoon Network Books Imprint By Penguin

Adventure Time Mad Libs

Cartoon Network is launching a book imprint (or sub-brand) with Penguin Young Readers Group in summer 2015.

Under the brand of Cartoon Network Books, the imprint will publish Mad Libs, novels and chapter books, activity and doodle formats, nonfiction handbooks, gift sets and kits. The 2015 launch will also feature books based on Uncle Grandpa, Steven Universe and Clarence, the upcoming We Bare Bears, and the return of The Powerpuff Girls in 2016. Penguin has already published books for Cartoon Network for Adventure Time, Regular Show and The Amazing World of Gumball.

Francesco Sedita, the president and publisher of Grosset and Dunlap, an imprint of Penguin Young Readers Group made this statement:

“We’ve seen tremendous success and growth with our Cartoon Network publishing program, so it was a natural next step to truly hold hands with Cartoon Network on a dedicated imprint. There’s just so much creativity and fun that happens when we all sit down together. And our mission is clear: To make awesome books for every child—every type of reader. That is most important to the both of us.”

Pete Yoder, the VP of consumer products for North America at Cartoon Network Enterprises made this statement regarding the deal:

“Publishing plays a vitally important role in the success of our consumer products programs, and Penguin has been a valuable partner in creating engaging books that capture the fun and humor of our characters and shows,” said . “This dedicated imprint and expanded partnership will allow us to continue to tell great stories with our brands within the pages of our books.”