New Episodes of Inazuma Eleven Go Galaxy Now Airing On Toonami Asia

From yesterday (02/03/2015) at 6.30pm (HKT), Toonami Asia has started airing new episodes of the popular football anime, Inazuma Eleven Go Galaxy. The story continues from where they left off, after the team’s victory against the Hyper-Evolved Children.

Cartoon Network Italy March 2015 Highlights

Here are the March highlights for Cartoon Network Italy:

Adventure Time – New Episodes from Season 6 (Episodes 79-90)
From 3rd March at 8.25pm every Tuesday during the Risatoon programming block.

Mixels – New Episodes
From 13th March every Friday at 7.35pm

Regular Show – New Episodes from Season 6 (Episodes 81-88)
From 9th March at 8.25pm every Monday during the Risatoon programming block.

Pazzi Papa/Crazy Dad – Special
19th March from 6pm

Featuring episodes of where the father of the main characters play a major role, the special event will feature episodes of The Amazing World of Gumball (Richard as a main character), Steven Universe (Greg) and Clarence (Chad). Also at 9.15pm is the live action movie, Ben 10: Race Against Time, which also features Ben Tennyson’s dad (Carl).

Adventure Time Movie Currently In Development And To Be Released In Cinemas

Adventure Time

On Friday (27/02/2015), Cartoon Network released information to announcing that an Adventure Time movie is now in production and will be released in cinemas, the movie will be made by Cartoon Network Studios and distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures, Cartoon Network’s sister company. Pendleton Ward, the show’s creator, will have involvement in the writing and producing of the movie even after concerns that his role on the show has been reduced. The animated film will be produced by Chris McKay and Roy Lee, Chris McKay is known for his role as executive producer for The Lego Movie and is presently directing the Lego Batman movie, while Roy Lee, who also worked with Chris McKay on The Lego Movie, is also currently producing the new Lego Batman movie.

Adventure Time is often regarded as Cartoon Network’s most popular current series and has been a ratings phenomenon worldwide, so successful that other TV channels worldwide have brought broadcasting rights to air the show and also the wide range of merchandise available. The reason behind its success is the limitless amount of stories that could be produced and the different personalities of all the characters on the show which maximizes the show’s potential. The shows premise is about a 12-year-old boy named Finn and his best friend/brother dog named Jake who go on adventures to protect the Land of Ooo or just go on adventures for the fun of it.