Cartoon Network Backlot Party: Coming Soon To Wii & 3DS

Cartoon Network Backlot Party

Game publisher Little Orbit is currently in the process of publishing a party game for Nintendo Wii and 3DS called Cartoon Network Backlot Party. The game will feature popular characters from the channel and will be distributed by Namco Bandai Games in Europe.

Little Orbit has also published Cartoon Network: Punch Time Explosion XL and Adventure Time: The Secret of the Nameless Kingdom is also coming out in November 2014.
At present, there is no further information regarding Cartoon Network Backlot Party.

Cartoon Network UK Viewing Ratings: June 2014 Top 10

1. ADVENTURE TIME (Tue 10 Jun 2014) 124,000 Viewers
2. AMAZING WORLD OF GUMBALL, THE (Tue 03 Jun 2014) 122,000 Viewers
3. ADVENTURE TIME (Wed 25 Jun 2014) 110,000 Viewers
4. AMAZING WORLD OF GUMBALL, THE (Tue 10 Jun 2014) 109,000 Viewers
5. AMAZING WORLD OF GUMBALL, THE (Wed 25 Jun 2014) 108,000 Viewers
6. ADVENTURE TIME (Tue 10 Jun 2014) 105,000 Viewers
7. AMAZING WORLD OF GUMBALL, THE (Sun 15 Jun 2014) 102,000 Viewers
8. AMAZING WORLD OF GUMBALL, THE (Thu 26 Jun 2014) 100,000 Viewers
9. BEN 10: OMNIVERSE (Sat 07 Jun 2014, 1000) 99,000 Viewers
10. ADVENTURE TIME (Wed 04 Jun 2014, 1701) 99,000 Viewers

Overall Viewing Share: 0.2%
Source: BARB

Prospect: Adult Swim On TruTV UK?

TruTV Logo

Adult Swim Logo

TruTV will launch in the UK tomorrow (4th August 2014) on Freeview (Digital Terrestrial Television) and Sky, it is Turner Broadcasting System’s thirdĀ attempt of launching a general entertainment channel in the UK after Nuts TV closed in 2009 and when the short-lived general entertainment version of TNT closed in 2000. TruTV will feature reality TV shows such as Hardcore Pawn Chicago, Fear Factor and the jewel of its programming crown, the talk show Conan with Conan O’Brien.

As TruTV is a Turner property and is for general entertainment purposes, a suitable question to ask would be “Is there is a possibility of Adult Swim shows airing on TruTV?”. At the moment the answer seems to be no. Adult Swim shows first broadcast in the UK on CNX, which was a channel operated by Cartoon Network and targeted towards older teens and adults, after CNX closed and became Toonami, Adult Swim shows eventually moved to Bravo, then FX, then finally TCM 2, which sadly closed last year.

The other question that could also be asked is “Why can’t Cartoon Network UK air Adult Swim?”, the answer is that they can’t, they would get fined or have their Ofcom licence revoked, the Ofcom Broadcasting Code states that programmes aimed at adults can not be aired on a channel when there is likelihood of a child watching, which means unlike general entertainment channels, there is no 9pm watershed for channels aimed at children.

I would love to see Robot Chicken, Aqua Teen Hunger Force back on UK TV screens again alongside new shows such as Rick and Morty, and as TruTV is on Freeview, Adult Swim could potentially be a national success, a lot of people I know watched Robot Chicken: Star Wars and are aware of Robot Chicken through cultural references in Family Guy. It’s such a shame that Cartoon Network USA invested time and money into these shows and they don’t get international distribution.

I’m not saying that Adult Swim should takeover the whole night schedule of TruTV UK, a couple of nights a week would be a nice feature and Conan could also join the programming block.