Cartoon Network Germany: Channel Trailer

Cartoon Network Germany have uploaded a trailer showcasing their programmes on the channel. I find this rather odd, I would understand it if CN Germany was a new channel or if this is used on a pay-TV operator’s preview channel, I’m pretty sure that the people who watch videos on CN Germany’s YouTube channel know what shows they broadcast.

Cartoon Network Portugal Viewing Ratings: July 2014

Cartoon Network Portugal

Cartoon Network Portugal’s ratings are continuing to grow. In late July, CN Portugal was third place among all channels that are aimed at children (4-14 years), achieving a 4.5% audience share among children and is the second most popular channel for boys. CN Portugal has an overall pay-TV audience share of 0.89%, a 53% increase compared to June. The channel officially launched in Portugal on 3rd December 2013 and was soft-launched in Angola and Mozambique on 1st October 2013.

The Cartoon Network/Sky Pacific Situation: Update

The Consumer Council of Fiji are meeting Fiji Television representatives today regarding Sky Pacific replacing channels such as Cartoon Network and is trying to resolve the situation for Sky Pacific’s 20,000+ customers.

Statement from the CEO of the Consumer Council of Fiji, Premila Kumar. Quote from The Fiji Times:

“Going by the number of subscribers, Sky Pacific is receiving around $1million every month from its subscribers, the council will meet with the Fiji Television representatives tomorrow (today) to discuss the issues with the hope to find a solution in favour of the thousands of the Sky Pacific subscribers. There is certainly no substitute to the world renowned channels like BBC, Nat Geo Wild, Star Plus, Cartoon Network and others which were once enjoyed by both the young as well as the adult viewers.”

Fiji Television Ltd, the company that owns Sky Pacific, will make a statement after the meeting.

On Sky Pacific, Cartoon Network was replaced by its sister channel, Toonami Asia, last Sunday.