Mega Mondays On Cartoon Network UK (February 2015)

Mega Mondays February 201

Mega Mondays has returned after the January break, this month, the Mega Mondays block features new episodes of Uncle Grandpa, Steven Universe and Clarence.

Will Clarence try to get along with the girls? Will Uncle Grandpa continue to solve unusual situations with his unorthodox solutions that amazingly work? There’s only way to find out and that is to watch Mega Mondays, every Monday afternoon from 4pm.

Teen Titans Go! Season 2 Premiered On Cartoon Network Africa Today (02/02/2015)

Today at 3:55pm CAT, Teen Titans Go! season 2 premiered on Cartoon Network Africa, so go ahead and enjoy some superhero silliness!

Cartoon Network Chile And Cartoon Network Colombia Feed Split Planned In 2015

Cartoon Network Latin America

According to Paul Zuccarino VP and general manager of Cartoon Network Latin America and, Cartoon Network Chile and Cartoon Network Colombia is planned to launch in 2015, splitting off from the pan-regional feed. Also in the second half of 2015 will be the introduction of the Cartoon Network Anything app in Latin America, which is an app filled with random Cartoon Network related video clips and mini games and is currently available in the United States.

Thanks to Mariana from the ToonZone forums for the information.