Adventure Time Finale Come Along With Me Soundtrack And Adventure Time: The Final Seasons DVD To Be Released 4th September

Adventure Time Finale Come Along With Me Soundtrack And Adventure Time: The Final Seasons DVD To Be Released 4th September

Adventure Time Finale Come Along With Me Soundtrack And Adventure Time: The Final Seasons DVD To Be Released 4th September

Cartoon Network USA has announced that they will be releasing the soundtrack for the four-part finale of Adventure Time – Come Along With Me. The “Adventure Time: Come Along With Me Soundtrack” which will be available for digital download and streaming services the day after the show’s finale airs on the Cartoon Network USA television channel (4th September). The soundtrack will also be available for pre-order from Saturday 1st September.

The soundtrack release will feature over 20 tracks from the show’s finale, which includes original music by composer Tim Kiefer, a new song by Rebecca Sugar and the full-length version of Ashley Eriksson’s “Island Song” (aka Come Along With Me). The soundtrack also features artwork by Candice House and JJ Harrison. In addition to the soundtrack’s digital release, there will be a special edition vinyl LP release by Mondo which will be released this Autumn, the LP will cost $25 USD.

Yesterday (27th August) Entertainment Weekly has published four new images from the show’s finale on their website, which can be viewed on the link below, from the images, we can see Princess Bubblegum in a heroic pose, Ice King fighting Finn, Jake hiding in Finn’s hat and Finn riding Jake in the shape of a horse.

According to entertainment news site – Entertainment Tonight – singer-actress (and daughter of actor – Will Smith) Willow Smith will be guest voicing in the show’s finale. Willow will be voicing a character named Beth, which is the tall yellow character (with a striking resemblance to Jake) in the image below:

Adventure Time Finale Willow Smith

Last night (27th August) was the screening of Adventure Time’s finale in Los Angeles, there was also a Q&A session with special guests including Olivia Olson (voice of Marceline), Jeremy Shada (voice of Finn) and Adam Muto (Adventure Time’s showrunner and executive producer), the Q&A session was moderated by Dan Casey from digital entertainment news website – Nerdist. Fans attended the special farewell event wearing Adventure Time costumes and clothes.

Ahead of the Adventure Time: The Final Seasons U.S. DVD release, which will also be released on the day after the finale’s premiere (4th September), media news website – IndieWire has released an exclusive clip from the DVD’s special features, the clip is an animatic from the Elements miniseries episode – “Winter Light”. The Adventure Time: The Final Seasons DVD will have every episode from seasons 8, 9 and 10.

The show’s finale – Adventure Time: The Ultimate Adventure (aka Come Along With Me) will air on Cartoon Network USA on Monday 3rd September at 6pm ET/PT.

Goodbye Adventure Time Panel At San Diego Comic Con 2018

Goodbye Adventure Time Panel At San Diego Comic Con 2018

Goodbye Adventure Time Panel At San Diego Comic Con 2018

Today (20/07/2018) was the last ever panel for Adventure Time at San Diego Comic Con, it was announced today that the final episode of Adventure Time will air on the Cartoon Network USA television channel on 3rd September, with the DVD release coming out in the United States the following day (4th September). Adventure Time first premiered on Cartoon Network in 2010, it became the channel’s longest running and arguably one of its most successful shows to date.

The final panel was joined by Jeremy Shada (voice of Finn), John DiMaggio (voice of Jake), Hynden Walch (voice of Princess Bubblegum), Olivia Olson (voice of Marceline The Vampire Queen), Adam Muto (executive producer and showrunner of Adventure Time) and Tom Kenny (voice of Ice King). At the panel, Olivia and Tom sang a duet as their characters – Marceline and Ice King with the song “I Remember You” from the episode of the same name. John DiMaggio (as Jake) performs the Bacon Pancakes song for one final time at San Diego Comic Con and lets the audience join in. Rebecca Sugar, better known as the creator of Steven Universe, also worked on Adventure Time as a storyboard revisionist and storyboard artist; also joined in as a panel special guest and performed a song called “Time Adventure”, she dedicated the song to Adam Muto.

Tonight, make sure to watch the Adventure Time Minecraft special – Diamonds and Lemons at 7pm ET/PT.

Full video of Adventure Time’s final panel at San Diego Comic Con:

Also, Cartoon Network USA uploaded a full trailer for Adventure Time’s finale, entitled – “Adventure Time: The Ultimate Adventure”, where the Land of Ooo is at war against Gumbald and his powerful army. Will Finn and Jake save the day in the adventure to end all adventures?

In addition to the trailer, Cartoon Network USA has also uploaded a sneak peek clip from the show’s finale, in the sneak peek, Finn and Jake see Normal Man (formally Magic Man), Betty and Maja the Sky Witch floating in the air and then suddenly disappear. Finn and Jake then go to Princess Bubblegum’s War Room (or tent) to hear the latest battle strategy.

Cartoon Network Creative Arts Emmys 2018 Nominations

Cartoon Network Creative Arts Emmy Awards 2018 Nominations

Cartoon Network Creative Arts Emmys 2018 Nominations

The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (ATAS) released their nominations list for the 2018 Creative Arts Emmy Awards this morning (12/07/2018) at their headquarters in Hollywood, Los Angeles, USA. This year, Cartoon Network and Adult Swim have completely dominated the “Outstanding Short Form Animated Program” category with nominations for Cartoon Network Studios’ Adventure Time, Steven Universe and We Bare Bears, Warner Bros. Animation’s Teen Titans Go! (produced for Cartoon Network) and Stoopid Buddy Stoodios’ Robot Chicken (produced for Adult Swim).

Adventure Time has been nominated specifically for the episode “Ring of Fire”, Steven Universe has been nominated for the episode “Jungle Moon” and We Bare Bears has been nominated for the episode “Hurricane Hal”. Teen Titans Go! has been nominated for the “The Self-Indulgent 200th Episode Spectacular! special episode (Parts 1 and 2)” and finally Adult Swim’s Robot Chicken has been nominated for the “Freshly Baked: The Robot Chicken Santa Claus Pot Cookie Freakout” Christmas special.

Best of luck to the cast and production crews for Adventure Time, Steven Universe, We Bare Bears, Teen Titans Go! and Robot Chicken, and also to creators and show developers – Pendleton Ward, Adam Muto, Rebecca Sugar, Daniel Chong, Aaron Horvath, Michael Jelenic, Seth Green and Matthew Senreich.

Adult Swim’s Rick and Morty has been nominated in the “Outstanding Animated Program Category”, specifically for the episode – “Pickle Rick”, best wishes to the cast, production crew and to show creators – Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon. In the same category, Rick and Morty will compete against Disney XD’s Big Hero 6: The Series, FOX’s Bob’s Burgers, FOX’s The Simpsons and Comedy Central’s South Park. Rick and Morty has also been nominated in the “Outstanding Creative Achievement In Interactive Media Within A Scripted
Program” category for the virtual reality game – “Virtual Rick-ality” by Owlchemy Labs and Adult Swim Games.

This year’s Creative Arts Emmy Awards ceremony will take place at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles on Saturday 8th September and Sunday 9th September and will air on Saturday 15th September at 8pm on FXX in the United States.

A list of all the nominations for the 2018 Emmy Awards can be accessed via the link below: