The Amazing World of Gumball To End After Season Six

The Amazing World of Gumball To End After Season Six

The Amazing World of Gumball To End After Season Six: My Opinion and Thoughts

Note: This is my opinion, suggestions and possibilities are not facts.

Yesterday (07/09/2016), The creator of The Amazing World of Gumball – Ben Bocquelet, announced that he will be leaving the show’s production team after Season Six to pursue other projects. The departure of Ben Bocquelet at the end of season six casts a shadow of doubt about the future of the show. The show will end at the end of season six, but there is still a chance that it can continue or be revived at a later date. Gumball will always be remembered for its wide array of art styles, imaginative cast of characters and the cheeky mischievous antics of a blue cat named Gumball Watterson and his unusual (but at times normal) dysfunctional family.

A total of six seasons is an excellent run for an animated series, with most Cartoon Network classics in the late 1990’s to early 2000’s such as Dexter’s Laboratory and Cow and Chicken only had four seasons. In all fairness, I’d rather finish the show with a high note and be remembered as a classic rather than let it carry on without the original creator’s intentions and input. I’d like to know about Great Marlborough Studios’ future in London though, will it be used for Apple and Onion (or another show) if it becomes an animated show?

The news follows the announcement of Regular Show ending, which also had another excellent run of eight seasons (only one other Cartoon Network show has reached this milestone and that’s Adventure Time), Mark Hamill (voice of Skips) announced the news last month. Regular Show was the one show (apart from Gumball) that made the most impact on me and was the reason I started watching Cartoon Network again, the show appealed to older audiences and had an Adult Swim (but kid friendly) edge to it, Mordecai and Rigby are in their 20’s, in a weird age gap that’s not teenaged or mature adults, they’re trying to become independent adults and also because of the retro cultural references, so that’s why the show related to me.

Obviously, Regular Show is where the name of this blog originated from, I won’t rename the blog after the show ends. In a lighter note, I’m looking forward to the Regular Show in Space story arc which will start on Monday 26th September on Cartoon Network USA.

The other show that will end is Uncle Grandpa, this show had four seasons, but I believe this show was very underrated. I really liked the surreal, nonsensical and unexpected humour in the show, shame that it didn’t reach the same level of interest as Adventure Time or Regular Show.

In conclusion, there isn’t anything to worry about shows ending, everything has to end, I want animated shows to be remembered as creative forms of entertainment and not renewed for the sake of it or to force the production team against their own will to produce something that has been exhausted from any new ideas. I’m very sure Cartoon Network Studios have lots of ideas for the future, a whole list of shows have come and gone within the channel’s 24 year history and it continues to win Emmys and BAFTAs for producing excellent shows; it’s certain that the trend will continue.

These shows will be gone but they won’t be forgotten.

Apple And Onion Creator And Bottom’s Butte Creator Interviews

Apple And Onion Creator And Bottom's Butte Creator Interviews

Apple And Onion Creator And Bottom’s Butte Creator Interviews

Cartoon Network USA have uploaded three interview videos for two of their most recently produced animated shorts, one featuring George Gendi, (also including an additional video in the recording booth) the creator of Apple and Onion and two videos featuring Minty Lewis (creator of Bottom’s Butte and voice of “Peanette”).

Interview with George Gendi, creator of Apple and Onion:

George Gendi in the recording booth as the voice of “Apple” in Apple and Onion:

Interview with Bottom’s Butte creator and voice actor (voice of “Peanette”) Minty Lewis with Busy Phillips, the voice of “Beverly”:

Interview with Minty Lewis as creator of Bottom’s Butte:

Cartoon Network USA Apple And Onion And Bottom’s Butte Pilots

Cartoon Network USA Apple And Onion And Bottom's Butte Pilots

Cartoon Network USA Apple And Onion And Bottom’s Butte Pilots

Cartoon Network USA have uploaded two animated pilots from their Studios’ Artist Programme on to their website. One of the animated pilots is called Apple and Onion created by George Gendi, known for his storyboard artist work on Great Marlborough Productions’ The Amazing World of Gumball. Apple and Onion tells the story of two friends in the big city, in a world inhabited by anthropomorphic food. In this pilot, Apple and Onion get invited to Hotdog’s party, but they find they’ve still got some growing up to do.

The other animated short is called Bottom’s Butte which was created by Minty Lewis, known for her work as a storyboard artist and the voice of Eileen on Cartoon Network Studios’ Regular Show. Bottom’s Butte is about an impulsive alpaca named Beverly who breaks everyone’s favorite pool entertainment system during a botched waterslide maneuver. Beverly and her super-chill best friend, Peanette, will go to any lengths to get it up and running again.

Note: The following linked page may be geoblocked, as these shorts are on the United States version of the Cartoon Network website.