Ben 10 Challenge New Show Premieres On Cartoon Network UK This Friday 13th October

Ben 10 Challenge New Show Premieres On Cartoon Network UK This Friday 13th October

Ben 10 Challenge New Show Premieres On Cartoon Network UK This Friday 13th October

This Friday (13th October) at 4pm, Cartoon Network UK will be premiering a brand new live-action game show based on Cartoon Network’s most popular action animation show – Ben 10. In each episode of the game show, contestants will face a series of challenges that will test their physical and mental abilities, including speed, strength and strategic skills similar to a scenario in an episode of the series.

Each team, consisting of two children and one adult, emulating the main trio of the TV show (Ben, Gwen and Grandpa Max) will put their skills to the test, this includes anything from collecting aliens, Ben 10 trivia, battling against of Ben Tennyson’s infamous villains from the series, a task that involves transforming into XLR8 and racing across boiling hot lava or even flying around like Stinkfly. Contestants will also take the role of other aliens from the Omnitrix, such as Heatblast and Diamondhead. The team with the highest score will face a final “high-octane” challenge. Each action-packed fun-filled episode makes use of modern technology such as augmented reality and special effects and also obstacle courses, mechanical props, ropes and harnesses, Zorb balls, themed sets, ball pits, one giant dome and of course, one amazing neon-green stage.

Ben 10 Challenge airs every Friday afternoon at 4pm, only on Cartoon Network in the UK and Ireland.

Behind The Scenes Video of Ben 10 Challenge introducing the show’s host – Nigel Clarke and three teams – Team Armobrillbros, Team Tennyson and Team Fireballs:

Promo for Ben 10 Challenge as seen on the Cartoon Network UK TV channel:

Cartoon Network UK has also released a “Ben 10 Challenge” mobile app now available for iOS, Android and Amazon Fire tablets, the new app makes use of digital camera and augmented reality technology, so viewers at home can also experience what its like to be an alien transforming hero!.

iTunes (iOS):

Google Play (Android):

Amazon App Store (Android and Amazon Fire):

For more information about Ben 10 Challenge, follow the link below:

From The Turner UK Press Release: It’s Hero Time! Gear Up For Ten Out Of Ten Action With Ben 10 Challenge

It’s officially “Hero Time” as Cartoon Network brings to you Ben 10 Challenge – a brand-new and exhilarating live-action gameshow giving British kids a once-in-a-lifetime chance to become their favourite boy hero, Ben 10! Ben 10 Challenge launches on Friday 13th October at 4pm on Cartoon Network and rolls out every Friday onwards.

Hosted by Nigel Clarke, the live-action gameshow features a range of physical and mental challenges – testing your speed, strength and other Ben 10 villain-conquering skills. From collecting aliens and testing your knowledge of the series, to transforming into XLR8 and racing across hot lava, this show is filled with fast-paced action and excitement from start to finish.

Commenting on his role as the host of the show, Nigel Clarke said:

“I was so excited when Cartoon Network asked me to be the host of the Ben 10 Challenge. The set for this game show is absolutely incredible and we’ve got loads of fun interactive games that will test both the contestants’ physical strengths and knowledge of Ben 10. My ultimate favourite game is when a member from each team gets transformed into the Ben 10 alien Stink Fly and they must fly through the air to collect points for their team – it’s so much fun to watch! I think that both new and existing fans of the Ben 10 animation are going to love Ben 10 Challenge and will get behind the teams and want them to succeed.”

In Ben 10 Challenge watch teams of two kid fans together with an adult complete three action-packed contests, before the team with the highest score goes into a final high-octane challenge against the clock. Utilising modern technologies like augmented reality, tons of thrilling special effects and of course the iconic Ben 10 aliens and villains, Ben 10 Challenge is the ultimate live-action Ben 10 adventure for fans of Cartoon Network’s popular series.

Cartoon Network UK And Boomerang UK October 2017 Highlights

Cartoon Network UK And Boomerang UK October 2017 Highlights

Cartoon Network UK And Boomerang UK October 2017 Highlights

Cartoon Network UK October 2017 Highlights

New Shows

OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes

Premieres Monday 9th October at 6.30pm.

OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes is an action-comedy cartoon and follows the titular character – a young boy named K.O. who has the aspiration to become the world’s greatest hero.

More information here:

Ben 10 Challenge

Premieres Friday 13th October at 4pm.

A brand new game show with Ben 10 themed physical and mental challenges.

More information here:

New Episodes

Ben 10

New episodes from Monday 2nd October, starting off with the 4-part “Omnitricked” special, airs weekdays at 4pm. The Omnitricked special is also repeated at 7.30am on Saturday 7th October.

Transformers: Robots In Disguise

New episodes air on Saturdays at 7am.

New Special: Teen Titans Go! The Night Begins To Shine

Airs Monday 9th October at 6pm (Parts One and Two), Tuesday 10th October at 6pm (Parts Three and Four)

In a brand new Teen Titans Go! special, Cyborg gets trapped in a 1980’s action animation styled alternate dimension called the “Night Begins to Shine” a whole dimension associated with the catchy song (as seen in the episode “40%, 40%, 20%”). An evil dragon wants to steal the song for his own evil purposes, ultimately, this is will lead to a showdown between the Teen Titans and the dragon. As usual, this is Teen Titans Go!, where nothing has to make any sense. Special musician celebrity appearances include CeeLo Green and Fall Out Boy.

Boomerang UK October 2017 Highlights

New Show

Dorothy and the Wizard Of Oz

Premieres Monday 2nd October, airs weekdays at 4.30pm.

In the brand new show, Queen Ozma has appointed Dorothy as the Princess of Emerald City. Dorothy takes on her new role with enthusiasm and bravery but she’s still in touch with her Kansas farm-girl origins and has Tinman, Scarecrow and Lion and her dog – Toto by her side.

More information here:

New Episodes

The Tom and Jerry Show

Airs from Monday 2nd October, airs weekdays at 4pm.

More manic chases and traps with the world famous cat and mouse frenemy duo – Tom and Jerry.

Information for November 2017:

According to the channel manager of Cartoon Network/Boomerang/Cartoonito UK – Sean Gorman, the new Wacky Races reboot will premiere on Boomerang UK on Wednesday 1st November.

Ben 10 Achieves Highest Global Reach Also Premiered On Super RTL In Germany Today 4th September

Ben 10 Achieves Highest Global Reach Also Premiered On Super RTL In Germany Today 4th September

Ben 10 Achieves Highest Global Reach Also Premiered On Super RTL In Germany Today 4th September

Cartoon Network Studios’ Ben 10 (2016 version) premiered on German free-to-air channel – Super RTL (Owned by RTL and Disney) today (04/09/2017). Ben 10 already airs on Cartoon Network Germany which is pay-TV and has done so since last October, but the addition of a third-party free-to-air broadcaster such as Super RTL has expanded the show’s reach in Germany. Earlier this year in May, Cartoon Network renewed the show for a second season.

According to Turner, Ben 10 had a global reach of 178 million people in the 2nd quarter of 2017, with free-to-air children’s channels in Europe such as CITV (UK), Gulli (France) and Boing (Italy) airing the show. The show’s popularity has also lead to new toys including action figures and the Rustbucket playset from Playmates Toys and new mobile games including the Ben 10 Alien Experience augmented reality app and a live-action game show spin-off – Ben 10 Challenge, which is planned to air on EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) versions of Cartoon Network this autumn.

While talking about Ben 10’s impressive global reach, Patricia Hidalgo, the chief content officer of Turner EMEA & International Kids Strategy, said:

“Ben 10 is reaching more fans around the world than ever before and we’re excited that the show will be propelled even further with its imminent launch on Super RTL. Alongside the show’s growing number of free-to-air channel homes, we’re excited to be bringing a host of new Ben 10 content to fans – including the first wave of toys, new apps and games and our EMEA local production Ben 10 Challenge, which will be launching in key markets including Germany from October.”

Johanne Broadfield, vice president of Cartoon Network Enterprises EMEA (Cartoon Network’s product licensing division), added:

“Momentum around Ben is already extraordinary and our partners are as excited as we are about his arrival on Super RTL. We’re planning a full Ben 10 merchandise roll-out in Germany throughout 2018, and, with our master global toy partner Playmates already exceeding expectations at retail in the US and in the European countries where the product has just launched, we expect great things from this extremely important market.”

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