Cartoon Network USA February 2017 Highlights

Cartoon Network USA February 2017 Highlights

Cartoon Network USA February 2017 Highlights

Please Note: The following information is preliminary and is subject to change, this blog post might be updated when new scheduling information is announced. To keep yourself updated I recommend reading the Cartoon Network February 2017 Premiere Info thread on the ToonZone forums or use Screener’s Zap2It TV guide.

In February, Cartoon Network USA will be airing the season two finale of Clarence (Pizza Hero) which will air on Friday 3rd February at 6.30pm ET/PT, season three will begin the following week from Friday 10th February at 6.30pm ET/PT, with a new episode of Clarence airing every Friday. New episodes of Justice League Action will continue throughout February, airing every Saturday at 7.30am ET/PT.

A special sneak peek for the upcoming animated series – Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs: The Series will air on Cartoon Network USA on Monday 20th February at 6.30pm ET/PT. New episodes of My Knight and Me are airing until Thursday 16th February at 12pm ET/PT, two more new episodes will air on Monday 27th February and Tuesday 28th February.

The season four premiere of Lego Nexo Knights (The Cloud), will premiere on Saturday 4th February at 7.45am ET/PT, with new episodes airing every Saturday at the same time. New episodes of Mighty Magiswords will continue in February. Over on Boomerang, new episodes of Sonic Boom will air every Saturday at 6pm ET.

New episodes of Steven Universe will air from Friday 10th February, airing every Friday at 7pm ET/PT. New episodes of Teen Titans Go! will air on Friday 3rd February and Friday 10th February at 6pm ET/PT. The Teen Titans Go! half-hour special (BBRAE) will premiere on Monday 20th February at 6pm ET/PT.

New episodes of The Amazing World of Gumball will air daily (with exception to Fridays) from Monday 6th February, airing at 5pm ET/PT. Finally, the movie Happy Feet Two will air on Saturday 4th February at 6pm ET/PT.


Friday 3rd February: 6.30pm ET/PT – Pizza Hero (Season Finale)

Friday 10th February: 6.30pm ET/PT – Valentimes/Sumo Goes West (Season Premiere)

Friday 24th February: 6.30pm ET/PT – Clarence For President/Rock Show

Friday 3rd March: 6.30pm ET/PT – Clarence Loves Shoopy

Justice League Action

Saturday 4th February: 7.30am ET/PT – Zombie King

Saturday 11th February: 7.30am ET/PT – Galaxy JET

Saturday 18th February: 7.30am ET/PT – Time Share

Saturday 25th February: 7.30am ET/PT – Under a Red Sun

Saturday 4th March: 7.30am ET/PT – Play Date

Lego Nexo Knights

Saturday 4th February: 7.45am ET/PT – The Cloud (Season Premiere)

Saturday 11th February: 7.45am ET/PT – A Little Rusty

Saturday 18th February: 7.45am ET/PT – Mount Thunderstox

Saturday 25th February: 7.45am ET/PT – Rotten Luck

Saturday 4th March: 7.45am ET/PT – Storm Over Rock Wood

Mighty Magiswords

Friday 3rd February: 6.15pm ET/PT – Share and Share Dislike

Friday 17th February: 6.15pm ET/PT – Grup Jam

My Knight and Me

Monday 13th February: 12pm ET/PT – Caught on Tape

Tuesday 14th February: 12pm ET/PT – Red Dawn

Wednesday 15th February: 12pm ET/PT – No So Fast

Thursday 16th February: 12pm ET/PT – Princess Jimmy

Monday 27th February: 12pm ET/PT – Kurt the Shining Squire

Tuesday 28th February: 12pm ET/PT – Old Man

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs: The Series

Monday 20th February: 6.30pm ET/PT – the Winter Is… (Sneak Peek)

Monday 6th March: Who Are You Calling Garbage? (Show Premiere)

Sonic Boom (Boomerang New Episodes Premieres)

Saturday 4th February: 6pm ET – Mech Suits Me

Saturday 11th February: 6pm ET – FiendBots

Saturday 18th February: 6pm ET – Og Man Out

Saturday 25th February: 6pm ET – Knine-to-Five Knuckles

Saturday 4th March: 6pm ET – Blackout

Steven Universe

Friday 10th February: 7pm ET/PT – The New Crystal Gems

Friday 17th February: 7pm ET/PT – Storm In The Room

Friday 24th February: 7pm ET/PT – Rocknaldo

Friday 3rd March: 7pm ET/PT – Tiger Philanthropist

Teen Titans Go!

Friday 3rd February: 6pm ET/PT – Inner Beauty of a Cactus

Friday 10th February: 6pm ET/PT – Movie Night

Monday 20th February: 6pm ET/PT – BBRAE (Half-Hour Special)

Friday 3rd March: 6pm ET/PT – Permanent Record

The Amazing World of Gumball

Monday 6th February: 5pm ET/PT – The Copycats

Tuesday 7th February: 5pm ET/PT – The Potato

Wednesday 8th February: 5pm ET/PT – The Fuss

Thursday 9th February: 5pm ET/PT – The Outside

Monday 13th February: 5pm ET/PT – The Vase

Tuesday 14th February: 5pm ET/PT – The Matchmaker

Wednesday 15th February: 5pm ET/PT – The Box

Thursday 16th February: 5pm ET/PT – The Console

Monday 20th February: 5pm ET/PT – The Ollie

Tuesday 21st February: 5pm ET/PT – The Catfish

Wednesday 22nd February: 5pm ET/PT – The Cycle

Thursday 23rd February: 5pm ET/PT – The Stars

Monday 27th February: 5pm ET/PT – The Grades

Tuesday 28th February: 5pm ET/PT – The Diet

Wednesday 1st March: 5pm ET/PT – The Ex

Thursday 2nd March: 5pm ET/PT – The Sorcerer

Movies and Specials

Saturday 4th February: 6pm ET/PT – Happy Feet 2

Regularly updated information regarding Cartoon Network USA’s premieres during February 2017 can be accessed by clicking the link below:

Cartoon Network USA December 2016 New Episodes

Cartoon Network USA December 2016 New Episodes

Cartoon Network USA December 2016 New Episodes

From today (05/12/2016) Cartoon Network USA will be airing brand new episodes of Supernoobs (4pm ET/PT) and Uncle Grandpa (4.30pm ET/PT) every weekday. The long-waited animated action series – Justice League Action will premiere on Friday 16th December at 6pm. New episodes of Sonic Boom will also continue airing on Saturday mornings throughout December, with new episodes premiering on Boomerang first (6pm ET) and then on Cartoon Network (6am ET/PT) a week later. Cartoon Network USA will continue airing new episodes of Pokémon the Series: XYZ during December. December is usually a quiet month in terms of scheduling, but these new episodes will at least give people something new to watch just before Christmas.

Cartoon Network USA’s December (from Monday 5th December) New Episode Premieres (Subject To Change)


Mon 5th December: 4pm ET/PT – 141/142 – To Noob or Not to Noob/Noob Cave
Tue 6th December: 4pm ET/PT – 143 – Noobie Mama
Wed 7th December: 4pm ET/PT – 144 – Noobs of the Round Table
Thu 8th December: 4pm ET/PT – 145 – Super Noob Super Cup Redux
Fri 9th December: 4pm ET/PT – 146 – Noobs vs. Sour Persimmons
Mon 12th December: 4pm ET/PT – 147/148 – Noobs vs. Venamus 12!/Noobs Go Viral
Tue 13th December: 4pm ET/PT – 149 – Eyewitness Noobs
Wed 14th December: 4pm ET/PT – 150 – A Noob World Order
Thu 15th December: 4pm ET/PT – 151 – Nooby Friday
Fri 16th December: 4pm ET/PT – 152 – The Noobs-i-nators 2: Save the Earth

Uncle Grandpa

Mon 5th December: 4.30pm ET/PT – 409/410 – The Bike Ride/Mr. Gus Moves Out
Tue 6th December: 4.30pm ET/PT – 411/412 – Hiccup Havok/MacGuffin
Wed 7th December: 4.30pm ET/PT – 413/414 – Gone to His Head/Pony Tale
Thu 8th December: 4.30pm ET/PT – 415/416 – You Can’t Handle the Tooth/A Gift for Gus
Fri 9th December: 4.30pm ET/PT – 417/418 – Robo-UG/Lil’ Mac
Mon 12th December: 4.30pm ET/PT – 419/420 – Disappearing Act/Tongue Tied
Tue 13th December: 4.30pm ET/PT – 421/422 – Uncle Dummy/Face Fix
Wed 14th December: 4.30pm ET/PT – 423/424 – The Phone Call/Uncle Cupid
Thu 15th December: 4.30pm ET/PT – 425/426 – Doctor Visit/The Cake Mistake (Season 4 Finale)
Fri 16th December: 4.30pm ET/PT – 501/502 – Sheep Deprivation/Trash Cat (Season 5 Premiere)

Sonic Boom

Sat 10th December: 6am ET/PT – 204 – Alone Again, Unnaturally (Cartoon Network)
Sat 10th December: 6pm ET – 205 – The Biggest Fan (Boomerang)
Sat 17th December: 6am ET/PT – 205 – The Biggest Fan (Cartoon Network)
Sat 17th December: 6pm ET – 206 – Anything I Can Do, I Can Do Worse-er (Boomerang)
Sat 24th December: 6am ET/PT – 206 – Anything I Can Do, I Can Do Worse-er (Cartoon Network)
Sat 24th December: 6pm ET – 207 – I Can Sea Sonic’s Fear from Here (Boomerang)
Sat 31st December: 6am ET/PT – 207 – I Can Sea Sonic’s Fear from Here (Cartoon Network)
Sat 31st December: 6pm ET – 208 – In the Midnight Hour (Boomerang)

Pokémon the Series: XYZ

Sat 10th December: 7am ET/PT – 1942 – Rocking Kalos Defenses!
Sat 17th December: 7am ET/PT – 1943 – Forming A More Perfect Union!
Sat 24th December: 7am ET/PT – 1944 – Battling With A Clean Slate!
Sat 31st December: 7am ET/PT – 1945 – The First Day of the Rest of Your Life!

Justice League Action: Brand New Show!

Fri 16th December: 6pm ET/PT – 101 – Shazam Slam

Cartoon Network News In Brief Mid November 2016

Cartoon Network News In Brief Mid November 2016

Cartoon Network News In Brief Mid November 2016

Worldscreen Interviews Cartoon Network President Christina Miller

This week, media industry news website Worldscreen interviewed Christina Miller, the president and general manager of Cartoon Network, Adult Swim and Boomerang regarding the current generation of kids and young people watching Cartoon Network known as the “Plurials”, a generation that want interactive forms of entertainment alongside their favourite television shows. Since becoming the president of Cartoon Network in 2014, Christina Miller has been transforming Cartoon Network from a linear channel into a multiscreen and interactive experience which includes games for mobile devices and TV Anywhere apps.

Turner’s New Offices In Chile

Turner Latin America has opened their new offices at Avenida Pedro Montt in Santiago, Chile. The new offices will share occupancy with free-to-air Chilean national broadcaster, Chilevision which is also owned by Turner. CNN Chile will soon move their operations to the new location. Turner Chile will be responsible for local advertising for its portfolio of pay-TV channels including Cartoon Network.

Live Drawing On Cartoon Network USA Facebook Live

Creators and artists from Steven Universe, Clarence, We Bare Bears, and Regular Show participated in a live drawing session yesterday (14/11/2016) on Facebook Live (Facebook’s live streaming service). Fans got to see Rebecca Sugar (Creator of Steven Universe), Alen Esmaelian (Background Designer for Clarence), Lauren Sassen and Louie Zong (Storyboard artists for We Bare Bears) and JG Quintel (creator of Regular Show) draw pictures of their favourite cartoon characters. Fans also had an opportunity to make drawing suggestions.

Rebecca Sugar Drawing Session

Lauren Sassen and Louie Zong Drawing Session

JG Quintel Drawing Session

Powerpuff Girls Pop-Up Store In New York This Weekend (18/11/2016 to 20/11/2016)

For one weekend only from Friday 18th November to Sunday 20th November, Cartoon Network will be opening a special Powerpuff Girls themed pop-up shop in Downtown New York City, where you can “Powerpuff Yourself” by creating your very own Powerpuff Girls avatar and have it printed on a T-shirt or Tote Bag. The pop-up store will be located at 168 Bowery in Manhattan.