Cartoon Network Africa Is Looking For Ghanan Talent For Its Cartoon Network Creative Lab Competition

Accra Animation Film Festival 2018

Cartoon Network Africa Is Looking For Ghanan Talent For Its Cartoon Network Creative Lab Competition

This year’s Accra Animation Festival will be held between 20th and 27th July in Accra, Ghana and Cartoon Network Africa is looking for local talent to take part in its Creative Lab competition. Sam Quartey, the President of the Animators Association of Ghana and Kadi Tay, Co-Founder/Writer/Editor of Squid Magazine will also be promoting the opportunity for aspiring animators to take part in the regional competition.

Cartoon Network Creative Lab is a new initiative that aims to find local talent that can create short-form animated content which can be shown on air or through Cartoon Network’s digital platforms, the new initiative aims to boost Africa as a potential producer of animation. One of Cartoon Network’s current top talents, creator of OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes and supervising director of Steven Universe – Ian Jones-Quartey (although born in the United States) is of Ghanan descent, which shows there’s opportunity for talented people everywhere regardless of their background.

Cartoon Network Africa And Boomerang Africa August 2018 Highlights

Cartoon Network Africa And Boomerang Africa August 2018 Highlights

Cartoon Network Africa And Boomerang Africa August 2018 Highlights: All Times CAT

Cartoon Network Africa August 2018 Highlights

Brand New Episodes

OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes!

New episodes premiere Saturday 4th August, airs weekends at 1.10pm.

This August, K.O. and his gang of superheroes at the Lakewood Plaza each gets their chance to shine in the spotlight as we get to know all about their past – awesome revelations guaranteed! New threats loom over Lakewood Plaza Turbo as Professor Venomous decides to unite forces with the evil Lord Boxman! And don’t miss out on the epic half-hour finale, where Lord Boxman puts the fate of the whole plaza in jeopardy. Tune in this month to see K.O. taking some great steps towards becoming a great superhero!

New Local Production: Mike and Rob Viral Jokes

New show premieres Monday 6th August.

Say hey to Mike & Rob, your new Cartoon Network friends (microbes!) who LOVE to make you laugh! To spice things up JUST a little bit more on the channel, they are here to entertain you in-between shows, as well as on our digital platforms – never missing the opportunity to crack you up. We are also super excited to announce that the voice of the two goofballs will be no other than the amazing South African comedian Trevor Gumbi! Give it up for Trevor, Mike & Rob!

Holiday Stunt: Woman’s Day: Girl Pow-Her!

Airs Tuesday 16th August, airs Monday to Friday at 7.30am.

We have a bunch of cool, butt-kicking, girl-power moments coming to you on Cartoon Network, just in time for Women’s Day on the 9th of August! Why waste a perfectly whimsical opportunity to celebrate our coolest girls with a BAM? Tune in to Cartoon Network to see CJ from Regular Show kicking her father’s butt, our lovely Powerpuff Girls kicking Manboy’s butt, Raven and Starfire from Teen Titans Go! kicking Robin’s butt and Unikitty just goes bananas and kicks EVERYONES butt! It’ll be fun, that we can promise!!

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Cartoon Network Africa And Boomerang Africa August 2018 Highlights

Boomerang Africa August 2018 Highlights

New Episodes

Pat The Dog

New episodes air from Monday 2nd July, airs Monday to Friday at 9.35am.

We are celebrating the school holidays on Boomerang with brand new episodes of Pat the Dog, coming to you in July! Pat is the most faithful companion you can think of when it comes to his best friend Lola, and he always tries his very best to keep her from any harm and trouble. This is however not an easy task when you have a bunch of other animals whose main intent is making his life as difficult as possible! Tune in to Boomerang in July to see him juggle being a circus assistant to Lola whilst keeping Victor, Hoodie and the Guanos from destroying her number!

Holiday Stunt: Be Cool, Scooby-Doo!

Premieres Saturday 7th July, airs Saturdays and Sundays at 7.20pm.

More Mysteries with Mystery Inc!

Scooby-Doo and his friends from the Mystery Inc. are back in all-new, thrilling adventures this month on Boomerang, and this time they need your help in solving a new mystery! In between the aired episodes, your observation skills will be put to the test to help reveal the culprit clue by clue, in the great “Who put the Monkey in the Mystery Machine” – adventure! So make sure to tune in to the special episodes on Boomerang in July, so you don’t miss out on any of the clues!

Movie Star Special: Tom and Jerry

Airs from Monday 9th July to Friday 13th July at 8.20am.

T&J are at it…AGAIN

The third reason for you to tune in to Boomerang these holidays is the all-wonderful Tom & Jerry films that we’ve put together in a special little movie bundle just for you! Grab the popcorn, sit down with your family and relax while watching Tom and Jerry in some of their most epic adventures ever, where their never-ending chase brings them perhaps a little too far from home – like Mars and Oz for example! Eek!!

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Cartoon Network Africa Launches Creative Lab To Seek New Talent And Produce New Content

Cartoon Network Africa Launches Creative Lab To Seek New Talent And Produce New Content

Cartoon Network Africa Launches Creative Lab To Seek New Talent And Produce New Content

Cartoon Network Africa has launched a new initiative called “Creative Lab”. With the new initiative, Cartoon Network Africa aims to create local short-form animated content especially for people living in Africa. In order to create the new content, Cartoon Network Africa is seeking new talent on the continent. The initiative is specifically looking for creators, writers, graphic artists and animation students to help produce the new projects. Prospective content producers can apply now up until 31st August, the initiative is open to African residents above the age of 18 or any Africa-based company.

Applicants are expected to submit a one-to-three minute short comedy project that will fit in well among Cartoon Network’s other programming. In September, Cartoon Network Africa will pick ten shortlisted projects and give each creator the opportunity to pitch in-front of CN’s team. The winner and two runners-up will be revealed at the DISCOP media convention in Johannesburg which will be held between 14th-16th November and will be given the chance to turn their project into a pilot which will premiere sometime in 2019.

Cartoon Network Africa’s Creative Lab is effectively the adult-targeted version of Cartoon Network’s Imagination Studios initiative. For Imagination Studios, children from all over Africa submitted their character drawings for the chance to see their characters made into a short episode.

The Head of Programming and Acquisition for Turner Kids Africa – Ariane Suveg, mentioned that there has been some really good and inspiring animation projects, including Punch Monkey Studios’ Cloud Life and wish to help support the African animation industry with the use of the new Creative Lab initiative.

“As sponsors of the DISCOP 2016 Animation Pitching Programme, we were exposed to some really inspiring local animation projects, We were so impressed by Cape Town-based Punch Monkey Studio’s amazing creative energy in the winning entry, Cloud Life, that the project has been traveling through the Turner group and is now in a development process with the Turner Asia Pacific production team! This just reinforces our need to invest in local content and our commitment to further mentoring talent in the African animation industry. We are honoured to be supporting local African animation talent through the Cartoon Network Africa Creative Lab. We look forward to seeing the entries and hope to see the winners flourish in their career as content creators, following the footsteps of some of Cartoon Network’s greatest talents.”

For more information about Cartoon Network Creative Lab and how to submit your project, please follow the link below: