Cartoon Network USA OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes First Ten Episodes Info

Cartoon Network USA OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes First Ten Episodes Info

Cartoon Network USA OK K.O.! Lets Be Heroes First Ten Episodes Info

Next Tuesday (01/08/2017) at 6.30pm ET/PT, Cartoon Network USA will premiere their newest animated show – OK K.O.!: Let’s Be Heroes. On the 1st August, Cartoon Network USA will dedicate a whole hour to the new show by airing the first four episodes. New episodes will be airing on weeknights until Thursday 24th August. The series already debuted in June on the Cartoon Network App and on video-on-demand services, giving viewers the opportunity to watch the first six episodes before the official series premiere.

Comics, Toys and TV show info website – The Fanboy Factor has posted the synopses for the first ten episodes, plus information for other premieres on Cartoon Network USA in August, including the Teen Titans Go! The Night Begins To Shine miniseries airing from 1st August and a We Bare Bears new episodes week from 7th August, check out the link below for more information:

OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes Episode Descriptions For The First Ten Episodes, Tuesday 1st August – Friday 4th August

Tuesday 1st August

Let’s Be Heroes – When KO tags along with his mom to work, he discovers the convenience store next door is his key to becoming a great hero.

Let’s Be Friends – KO wants to become friends with Enid and Rad and get hired at Lakewood Plaza Turbo.

You’re Everybody’s Sidekick – KO sets out to prove to Enid that being helpful is rewarding by helping people all around the Lakewood Plaza Turbo.

We Messed Up – KO, Rad and Enid accidentally break one of Mr. Gar’s prized possessions!

Wednesday 2nd August

Jethro’s All Yours – K.O. gets his first solo mission!

You’re Level 100 – When K.O. finally gets a Pow Card, he finds out he’s level 100, instantly making him a celebrity and the idol of everyone.

Thursday 3rd August

Sibling Rivalry – When a new robot, Raymond, defeats the three heroes to steal the sign to Gar’s, KO teams up with Darrell and Shannon to get it back.

I Am Dendy ­– K.O. helps a strange girl from school, Dendy, get the parts she needs to repair her high tech backpack.

Friday 4th August

Do You Have Any More in the Back? – Rad is put to the test when a customer needs something from the mysterious back room.

My Dad Can Beat Up Your Dad – When a bully says his dad can beat up KO’s mom, KO gladly accepts the challenge on Carol’s behalf.

Cartoon Network USA Adventure Time New Episode Week From 17th July Previews

Cartoon Network USA Adventure Time New Episode Week From 17th July Previews

Cartoon Network USA Adventure Time New Episode Week From 17th July Previews

As reported last Saturday (08/07/2017) on the blog, Cartoon Network USA will be having an episode bomb of new Adventure Time episodes starting from Monday 17th July. A new episode of Adventure Time will air every day at 7.45pm ET/PT until Friday 21st July. The episode bomb will feature five episodes – “Abstract”, “Ketchup”, the fifth episode of the Fionna and Cake saga – “Fionna and Cake and Fionna”, “Whispers” and “Three Buckets”. Alternatively, you can watch all five episodes on the Cartoon Network app right now.

As explained by the show’s executive producer – Adam Muto, these are the final batch of episodes in season eight. These episodes are also a continuation of the events that happened in the Adventure Time: Elements miniseries as Jake is still (well in the episode “Abstract” at least) in his new giant, blue-skinned, five-eyed monster-like form. Below are some previews and episode descriptions for the upcoming new episodes.

Episode Previews and Descriptions:

Abstract Episode Preview (Airs Monday 17th July):

As Jake goes through some personal changes, he’s haunted by a sinister dream encounter with his brother Jermaine.

Ketchup Episode Preview (Airs Tuesday 18th July):

BMO and Marceline swap stories about their recent adventures.

Fionna and Cake and Fionna Episode Preview (Airs Wednesday 19th July):

An unexpected critic shows up at Ice King’s latest Fionna and Cake book reading.

Whispers Episode Preview (Airs Thursday 20th July):

While safeguarding a frightened Sweet P, Finn is led into a confrontation with an old foe.

Three Buckets Episode Preview (Airs Friday 21st July):

Finn and Fern’s carefree visit to some old ruins turns disastrous.

Cartoon Network At E3 2017 OK K.O. And Steven Universe

Cartoon Network At E3 2017 OK K.O. And Steven Universe

Cartoon Network At E3 2017 OK K.O. And Steven Universe

This week (13/06/2017 – 15/06/2017) was E3 2017 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) in Los Angeles, the most anticipated annual event for gamers everywhere, the event is an opportunity for the video games industry to promote their new lineup of games and hardware for the next twelve months or so, also Cartoon Network Games were there to promote their two new games coming soon to consoles – OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes and Steven Universe: Save The Light.

OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes is an action brawler game with RPG elements and is based on Cartoon Network’s newest show of the same name created by Ian Jones-Quartey. OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes is set in a fictional world populated by video game and manga-like characters, K.O. is the main protagonist of the OK K.O. franchise, his ambition is to become the world’s greatest hero.

At E3, the voice of K.O. – Courtenay Taylor and voice of Shannon – Kari Wahlgren got to play a demo of the upcoming game which is due to launch later this year, the game will be released for game consoles and for the PC. The show will officially premiere on Cartoon Network USA this August, but viewers can get an early sneak peek as six episodes are already available to stream on the Cartoon Network app and on pay-tv video on-demand services in the United States.

At E3, Cartoon Network hosted a Let’s Play livestream of the new OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes game on their YouTube channel, the Let’s Play was presented by Andre Meadows from the Black Nerd Comedy YouTube channel and Dan from Capybara Games. At 1.45pm PT today (15/06/2017), show creator Ian Jones-Quartey and co-executive producer Toby Jones will be talking about the new game on’s E3 livestream.

More info about the new OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes game can be read via the link below:

Steven Universe: Save The Light, is developed by Grumpyface Studios and is a new console game featuring an original story written by Steven Universe series creator Rebecca Sugar. The RPG console game is a sequel to the popular mobile game Attack the Light which was released in 2015 and is expected to be released this summer. In Steven Universe: Save The Light, Steven and his Crystal Gems teammates go on a quest to retrieve a powerful and magical weapon that has gone missing from Beach City, in order to get the weapon and to stop the no-good Prism-snatcher, they must fight for it back.

Cartoon Network also did another Let’s Play livestream but this time for Steven Universe: Save The Light, the Let’s Play was also presented by Andre from Black Nerd Comedy.

More info about Steven Universe: Save The Light can be read via the link below: