Ram Pam Dam A New Animated Short Now Airing On Cartoon Network Latin America

Ram Pam Dam A New Animated Short Now Airing On Cartoon Network Latin America

Ram Pam Dam A New Animated Short Now Airing On Cartoon Network Latin America

Cartoon Network Latin America is currently airing an animated short that has potential to become a full animated series. The new pilot is called “Ram Pam Dam” and is now airing twice a day on Cartoon Network at random times; at the end of February, the three-minute pilot will be uploaded onto YouTube. Created by Gino Baldeón and Gustavo Castellanos from Ecuador, Ram Pam Dam follows the intrepid adventures of the three titular characters. Ram, Pam and Dan are Bioh-2, a race of beings that live inside raindrops, they move from raindrop to raindrop before each raindrop hits the ground, in order to survive they avoid obstacles including electricity and cars. The pilot was produced by Anima Estudios in Mexico, in association with Cartoon Network Mexico. Ram Pam Dam also have a Facebook page (with some info in English), on the page, there’s more information about the show and its three main characters.

Character Descriptions of Ram, Pam and Dam

Ram: Ram was born in one of the oldest raindrops in his universe. They have been free-falling for a long time, this has allowed their civilization to generate great inventions and be futuristic. Unfortunately for the same reason it is the one that is closest to hit the ground. He must find the way to escape as soon as possible to the next droplet. He will find a better world there … Or at least that’s what he expects.

Pam: She seems very cute and tender, however she should not be judged by her looks. Risky, courageous and tireless, she has come to break all stereotypes. She was the first to escape her Natal Drop! Later she convinced Ram and Dam to let her join their crazy mission through the rain.

Dam: Dam is Ram’s Best Friend, Their friendship is so strong that they are like brothers. Both were born in the same drop, a futuristic one, full of robots and high technology. He’s one of the most outstanding inventors of his habitat. He’s the creator of the most crazy inventions, including his belt with artificial intelligence called ROB-32, which helps them make decisions in combat and which is full of surprising and handy gadgets.



Cartoon Network At Pixelatl 2017 Overview

Cartoon Network At Pixelatl 2017 Overview

Cartoon Network At Pixelatl 2017 Overview

Today (10/09/2017) is the final day of the 2017 Pixelatl Animation Festival in Cuernavaca, Mexico, so here’s an overview of the Cartoon Network related events that has happened so far:

Phase two of Cartoon Network Latin America’s animated shorts project – Villainous, was announced at the festival, in addition to the new shorts in December and digital episodes from October, a Villainous comic has also been confirmed and a pilot episode is currently in development. A short animatic (an animated storyboard) of Villainous was also shown at the festival. Also, everyone got a free exclusive poster and they also had the opportunity to get it signed by the show’s creator – Alan Ituriel and by crew members who worked on the animated short series.

Specially made statues of Finn, Princess Bubblegum, Ice King and Marceline from Adventure Time also Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup from The Powerpuff Girls were all on display at the festival.

There was also a special We Bare Bears lecture with the show’s creator – Daniel Chong and with the show’s supervising director – Manny Hernández. During the lecture, both Daniel and Manny talked about how the show was developed from a web comic (Three Bare Bears) into a full animated series produced by Cartoon Network Studios. Some concept artwork were shown and there was an interesting fact that was shared about the show’s popularity in South Korea – the three bears, Grizzly, Panda and Ice Bear appeared as mascots during a baseball game in South Korea.

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Creator of one of Cartoon Network’s original “Cartoon Cartoons” Cow and Chicken (also spin-off series, I am Weasel) – David Feiss was also at Pixelatl to give a lecture on his thoughts on the future of animation, also he illustrated a skateboard featuring characters from his Cow and Chicken creation. During the skateboard painting session he was joined with Adventure Time comic book artist – Ian McGinty and also Mike Hollingsworth, the supervising director of Netflix’s BoJack Horseman, Alonso Ramirez Ramos – storyboard artist on Disney’s Gravity Falls and the writer and director of the animated movie – The Book of Life – Jorge Gutiérrez.

Also, the winning project of last year’s Pixelatl’s Ideatoon competition – Viking Tales has been greenlit by Cartoon Network Latin America for a series of animated shorts.




Cartoon Network Latin America Greenlights Viking Tales Animated Shorts Series

Cartoon Network Latin America Greenlights Viking Tales Animated Shorts Series

Cartoon Network Latin America Greenlights Viking Tales Animated Shorts Series

This week (05/09/2017 – 10/09/2017) is the 2017 Pixelatl Animation Festival in Cuernavaca, Mexico and at the festival, Cartoon Network Latin America has announced that they’ve greenlit a new animated series of shorts based on Ivanobich Verduzco’s creation – Viking Tales (Latin American Spanish title – Vikingos). The new series will be produced by Mighty Animation in Mexico and it also won the grand prize for Pixelatl’s Ideatoon competition in 2016. Ivanobich along with Luis Patricio Salmón, the producer of visual content at Mighty Animation, were also present at the Cartoon Network: New IP’s panel yesterday afternoon at the Pixelatl festival.

Viking Tales tells the story of Reidar and his fellow Vikings, together they traverse through the great Land of Midgard finding treasure, fighting giant monsters and above all having a lot of fun. The new series can be defined as an action comedy. At present, it’s not known when Viking Tales will air on Cartoon Network Latin America or on its YouTube channel in a similar manner to its other recent short-form animated success – Villainous.