Cartoon Network News In Brief Late August 2017

Cartoon Network News In Brief Late August 2017

Cartoon Network News In Brief Late August 2017

Nigel Clarke Named As Presenter For Ben 10 Challenge (UK Version)

Cartoon Network UK’s upcoming game show based on Ben 10 – Ben 10 Challenge is well into production in Madrid, Spain and will air on the Cartoon Network UK TV channel sometime in the Autumn. Television presenter – Nigel Clarke has been named as the presenter of the UK version of the gameshow. Nigel has a wealth of experience on television and has done presenting work for CBBC, Disney Channel and Nickelodeon and has recently presented some BAFTA Kids events in London too, including the Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu – Hands of Time UK premiere screening and a special screening for The Amazing World of Gumball with Ben Bocquelet, Mic Graves and Sarah Fell.

More information about Ben 10 Challenge on the link below:

New Cartoon Network Russia and Southeastern Europe Dimensional Toon Toon Promo

Cartoon Network Russia and Southeastern Europe (the version of Cartoon Network that broadcasts to Russia, Bulgaria, the Baltics and the Balkans) is now airing a brand new promo for its multi-show Toon Toon programming block, the promo features 3D CGI with some elements from the Dimensional rebrand package and features Bugs Bunny, Lola Bunny, Dr Dimensionpants, Scooby and Shaggy and Dexter. The use of Dimensional in the promo could mean the channel will rebrand (or partly rebrand) soon.

Boomerang Central Eastern Europe To Be Ad-Supported In Hungary From October

Following news of the projected launch of the Czech soundtrack and Czech Republic ad opt-out on Cartoon Network CEE on 1st September, Boomerang in Hungary will also be ad-supported from October. Ad sales will be handled by Turner’s ad sales partner in Hungary – Atmedia.

Cartoon Network Russia And Southeastern Europe Vlog Competition

Cartoon Network Russia And Southeastern Europe Vlog Competition

Cartoon Network Russia And Southeastern Europe Vlog Competition

Cartoon Network Russia and Southeastern Europe are running Vlog competitions in both Russia and Bulgaria. A Vlog is a blog in video form, in a Vlog, people can talk about their life, thoughts, opinions, and interests. Each week, Cartoon Network RSEE will give competition entrants a different challenge, the first challenge is to talk about their favourite shows on Cartoon Network.

The competition is open to children aged between 6 and 16 years old and each video must have a duration of up to five minutes and entrants must have parental consent. All entrants videos are moderated by Cartoon Network before being made public on and Also, entrants that reach the final stage of the competition could have the opportunity of working with Cartoon Network on future projects and there’s other prizes are up for grabs too.

More information can be found on the competition microsite on and

Update: There’s a Vlog competition for the Netherlands too, follow the link below for more information and to access Cartoon Network Benelux’s Vlog competition microsite:

Dorothy And The Wizard of Oz And Wacky Races To Air On Boomerang’s International Channels From June 2017

Dorothy And The Wizard of Oz And Wacky Races To Air On Boomerang's International Channels From June 2017

Dorothy And The Wizard of Oz And Wacky Races To Air On Boomerang’s International Channels From June 2017

Today (11/05/2017), Turner International has announced that Dorothy And The Wizard of Oz and the new Wacky Racers reboot will premiere on Boomerang’s international channels starting from June this year. In the United States, both shows are exclusive to the brand new Boomerang streaming service which launched this April.

Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz is an animated series by Warner Bros. Animation, the show is a fantasy-comedy series based on the literary works of L. Frank Baum, one of his children’s novels – The Wonderful Wizard of Oz was adapted into a movie – The Wizard Of Oz, the film became an all-time classic. The events in the new series takes place after Dorothy and her friends defeated the Wicked Witch of the West. In the show, Queen Ozma appoints Dorothy as the Princess of Emerald City, a role with a lot of responsibility especially as there are witches, wizards, munchkins, flying monkeys and a plethora of mythical creatures to deal with, also magic falling into the wrong hands is a disaster waiting to happen. For Dorothy, life in the Kansas countryside was a lot simpler, but make a mistake in Oz, you’ll end up with evil witches tracking you down.

Wacky Racers is a reboot of the late 1960’s Hanna-Barbara animated classic series of the same name, everyone favourite racers have returned to the track to race again. A Wacky Racers race isn’t any ordinary race, every car has unique race-winning abilities, it’s not necessary the fastest racer who wins. Returning to the reboot include Penelope Pitstop in the Compact Pussycat, the girl with Southern charm and always willing to help out the other racers. Penelope’s best friend is Peter Perfect he has a big heart (and not forgetting a big ego), but he’s always positive and determined to do his best. Everyone’s favourite racing villains – Dick Dastardy and Muttley are back yet to scheme again; they always attempt to sabotage the race, but their dastardly plans always backfire on them. The Gruesome Twosome are racing once again in the Doombuggy, practically a small haunted house on wheels, it can literally be referred to as a “Monster” truck. The new series will also feature new racers, new vehicles and different race locations from all over the world. The new series will have the same slapstick humour and high-octane craziness of the original series.

From The Turner EMEA Press Release: Dorothy and The Wizard of Oz and Wacky Racers headed for Boomerang International: Latest original content from Warner Bros. Animation – Dorothy & the Wizard of Oz and all-new Wacky Races – to make international debut on Boomerang linear channel from June 2017

Following the recent announcement of a stand-alone US Boomerang premium subscription streaming service, Turner International has today revealed details of two highly-anticipated WB Animation original new series, Dorothy & the Wizard of Oz and Wacky Races. The two series will join the line-up of classic and contemporary animation for the company’s second flagship international kids channel Boomerang from June 2017. In the US, they will exclusively be shown on the US streaming subscription service.

Dorothy & the Wizard of Oz is an uplifting comedic fantasy series based on the classic L. Frank Baum book series, and set soon after Dorothy and her friends have defeated the Wicked Witch of the West. Following the original story, Queen Ozma has appointed Dorothy the Princess of Emerald City and, practically born for the role, Dorothy tackles her royal duties with enthusiasm, bravery and farm girl feistiness.

But it’s also a whole lot of responsibility because Oz is pretty chaotic. There are Witches, Wizards, Munchkins, Flying Monkeys and a whole menagerie of mystical creatures. More often than not, magic falls into the wrong hands and that’s where Dorothy comes in! As Princess of Emerald City, Dorothy feels responsible for reining in the chaos. She loves to track down whichever magical person, place, or thing is causing mischief in Oz and put a stop to it. But it’s not always easy: make a mistake in Kansas and it’s usually not a big deal; make a mistake in Oz and a Wicked Witch or two come after you.

Then, calling all racers back to the track, Wacky Races a full-engine overhaul of the Hanna-Barbera classic series that will see the return of everyone’s favourite racers and, of course, their wacky cars! Penelope Pitstop in the Compact Pussycat is the sassy Southern belle whose charm and intelligence make her a formidable racer, but most of the time she’s taking a detour to save the other racers. Penelope’s best friend, Peter Perfect in the Turbo Terrific, has a big heart and an even bigger ego, which fuels his super positive “can-do” attitude. Meanwhile, in the Mean Machine, Dick Dastardly and his accomplice, Muttley, continue to stop at nothing to win the race by any means necessary. And if it’s bizarre, creepy, slimy or just plain weird, The Gruesome Twosome — Tiny and Bella — are either related to it or keep it in their “monster” truck, the Doombuggy.

Joining these familiar faces will be a whole new roster of racers ready to take to the track and race to strange and exotic locales around the world — and beyond! With new racers, new vehicles and spectacular new locations, Wacky Races is not just a tune-up, it’s a full-engine overhaul filled with fast-paced slapstick comedy, high-octane thrills and pure zany fun from start to finish.

Patricia Hidalgo, Chief Content Officer, EMEA Kids & International Kids Strategy, Turner commented: “The introduction of these iconic shows and stories is very well timed, as we continue to build Boomerang as our second flagship to Cartoon Network and a strong kids and family brand across international markets. Dorothy and Wacky both perfectly capture the inherent values of Boomerang and we’re confident that new and existing fans of the channel will love this latest offering from our sister-company.”