Boomerang UK And Cartoonito UK November 2018 Highlights

Boomerang UK And Cartoonito UK November 2018 Highlights

Boomerang UK And Cartoonito UK November 2018 Highlights: From The Official Turner UK Press Release

Boomerang UK November 2018 Highlights

New Episodes

Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz

New episodes air from Monday 5th November, airs weekdays at 4pm.

Somewhere Over the Rainbow, there is a vast and wondrous world, where adventures with Munchkins, Witches, and Flying Monkeys are just a hop, skip, and a jump down the Yellow Brick Road. Where an eight-year-old Kansas farm girl named Dorothy, embarks on heroic quests, armed only with a pragmatic, “can-do” attitude, an iconic gingham dress, a pair of magical Ruby Slippers, and the support of some very special friends.

New Looney Tunes

New episodes air from Monday 5th November, airs weekdays at 6pm.

The famous, ‘Wascally Wabbit’ is back for brand-new episodes of New Looney Tunes on Boomerang. Bugs Bunny and the rest of your favourite Looney Tunes characters are back for more wackiness! Bugs battles against his enemies Yosemite Sam and Wile E. Coyote but thankfully he always has a little help from his friends.

The Adventures of Puss in Boots

New episodes air from Monday 19th November, airs weekdays at 5pm.

Puss in Boots must guard the previously hidden city of San Lorenzo’s famous treasure from invaders after he accidentally breaks an ancient spell which made the land invisible to outsiders. In new episode of The Adventure of Puss in Boots, Toby’s dim-bulb of a brother, Brandt, returns to San Lorenzo and begs Puss to help him reunite with his band of ninja brothers.


Boomerang UK And Cartoonito UK November 2018 Highlights

Cartoonito UK November 2018 Highlights

New Episodes

Curious George

New episodes air from Monday 5th November, airs weekdays at 5.30pm.

Curious George is a sweet and mischievous monkey who can’t help but run into trouble. George’s friend, “The Man in the Yellow Hat,” tries very hard to care for George and is always saving the day. The show’s themes are about learning, forgiveness and playful curiosity. Don’t miss new episodes of Curious George this November on Cartoonito!

Super Wings

New episodes air from Monday 5th November, airs weekdays at 6.30pm.

Brand new to Cartoonito this November is Robot Trains! In a world full of trains, Kay, Alf, Duck, Selly and Victor are special trains who can transform into robots with special powers. Join the team as they embark on exciting adventures and save the village from the evil dark forces!

Weekend Marathons

Starts from Saturday 3rd November, airs weekends from 8am.

Every weekend this November, catch back-to-back episodes of Masha and the Bear, Curious George and Fireman Sam. Also don’t miss some of your favourite films including Bob the Builder: Mega Machines, Fireman Sam: Mountain Rescue along with many more! Grab your popcorn and get cosy, we’ve got a huge line up of films this November!


Cartoon Network At MIPJunior 2018

Cartoon Network At MIPJunior 2018

Cartoon Network At MIPJunior 2018

Today is the opening day of the annual MIPJunior convention at the JW Marriott Hotel in Cannes, France. The convention is a yearly gathering of the international children’s media industry and is an opportunity to promote their programming and even to buy and sell broadcasting rights to and from other broadcasters. MIPJunior is a two day long side event (13th and 14th October) of the annual MIPCOM convention (French acronym for Marché International des Programmes de Communication, In English: International Market of Communications Programmes), which focuses on general entertainment and other genres usually aimed towards adults. MIPCOM will also take place in Cannes, France from Monday 15th to Thursday 18th October. MIPJunior is usually a major event for Cartoon Network. The event is more focused towards media industry professionals which is unlike a more public pop-culture convention like San Diego Comic-Con, New York Comic-Con or MCM Comic-Con London.

Today at MIPJunior 2018 Day One: 13th October 2018

The Creators’ Superpanel

10.10am – 10.50am JW Marriott, Conference Room 1 – Grand Theatre.

With Ben Bocquelet – Creator of The Amazing World of Gumball – Cartoon Network, Tom McGillis – Creator of 6teen, Stoked, Total Drama Island and Total DramaRama – Fresh TV, Angela Santomero – Creator of Blue’s Clues and Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, Jonathan Shiff – Creator of H2O – Just Add Water & Mako Mermaids – Jonathan M. Shiff Productions and Anna Carugati-Guise – Moderator and Group Editorial Director at WorldScreen.

Presenting the WorldScreen Trendsetter Awards. This panel celebrates the gifted individuals driving modern excellence in children’s television. Participants in The Creators’ Superpanel will engage in a lively discussion about the creative process, financing challenges, working with linear and OTT broadcast partners, and keeping up with fast-changing media habits.

During the session, Gumball creator – Ben Bocquelet was awarded a WorldScreen Trendsetting award, well done Ben! Also congratulations to Tom McGillis, Angela Santomero and Jonathan Shiff for winning WorldScreen Trendsetting awards too.

Matchmaking With Buyers And Commissioners

10.30am – 11.30am JW Marriott, Matchmaking Lounge.

With Joanna Rosenthal – Manager of Content Acquisitions and Co-productions for Cartoon Network USA & Boomerang USA and Zia Bales – Senior Acquisitions Manager at Turner Kids EMEA.

The industry’s top international buyers and commissioners are coming to Cannes. Don’t miss this exclusive opportunity to pitch your projects, find out what they are looking for and cement new partnerships.

Pack Your Bags For Summer Camp Island! Introducing The Magical New Cartoon Network Original

11am – 11.45am JW Marriott, Conference Room 1 – Grand Theatre.

With Julia Pott – Creator of Summer Camp Island and Rob Sorcher – Chief Content Officer at Cartoon Network.

Cartoon Network presents an exclusive European preview of Summer Camp Island, featuring an opportunity to hear from the series creator Julia Pott. The brand-new Cartoon Network Original follows two best friends at an incredible, magical sleepaway camp where things aren’t quite what they seem.

View From The Top: Gazing Into The Future Of Kids Media

3.40pm – 4.20pm JW Marriott, Conference Room 1 – Grand Theatre.

With Adina Pitt – VP, Content Acquisitions & Co-productions at Cartoon Network USA, Jules Borkent EVP, Content Management and Network Strategy at Nickelodeon, Jackie Edwards – Head of BBC Children’s Acquisitions & Independent Animation and Christophe Erbes – Moderator, Consultant and Writer at Kids (c)nsulting.

Where is the kids media business today… and where is it headed? Members of the MIP Markets Kids Advisory Board share perspectives on what we can expect, based on the current business climate and the big questions confronting the industry. Come watch as they also debate one another’s predictions!

Tomorrow at MIPJunior 2018 Day Two: 14th October 2018

How Well Do You Know Your Fans

10.30am – 11am JW Marriott, Conference Room 1 – Grand Theatre.

With Ranja Mohyieldin – Director of Fan Engagement & Insights at Turner EMEA.

Turner EMEA presents the findings of an extensive new study into kids consumption habits, segmenting the different types of consumer and the make-up of a “fan”. Hear how the company is utilising this data to inform its multiplatform, fan-focused strategy across its kids portfolio, which encompasses Cartoon Network, Boomerang, Boing, Cartoonito and Toonami.

Other Cartoon Network Related News At MIPJunior 2018

UK-based Jetpack Distribution has acquired the distribution rights to Oswaldo, an animated series co-produced by Birdo Studio and Symbiosys Entertainment for Cartoon Network Latin America. Oswaldo was the most watched Brazilian animated series on Cartoon Network Brazil in 2017 and was the top-rated Sunday show on Brazil’s TV Cultura channel in 2018.

Spin Master Entertainment is promoting the newly revived Bakugan franchise at MIPJunior – Bakugan: Battle Planet.

Cartoon Network, Boomerang And Cartoonito Free To All Virgin Media TV Customers During October 2018

Cartoon Network, Boomerang And Cartoonito Free To All Virgin Media TV Customers During October 2018

Cartoon Network, Boomerang And Cartoonito Free To All Virgin Media TV Customers During October 2018

British cable television provider – Virgin Media is having a free preview month during October 2018 for a selection of its children’s channels including Cartoon Network (channel 704), Boomerang (channel 730) and Cartoonito (channel 706). Subscribers to Virgin Media’s lowest TV package – named “Player” will get to enjoy animated shows such as Cartoon Network’s Ben 10 and The Amazing World of Gumball, or Boomerang’s Looney Tunes and Bunnicula or Cartoonito’s Curious George or Daisy and Ollie for no extra charge.

Player package subscribers will also enjoy a free preview of Nickelodeon, Nicktoons, Nick Jr, Nick Jr Too and ZooMoo HD during October.