Boomerang Launches In Taiwan 14th November

Boomerang Launches In Taiwan 14th November

Boomerang Launches In Taiwan 14th November

Cartoon Network’s classic and family friendly animation sister channel – Boomerang will be launching in Taiwan for the first time on Monday 14th November. The pan-Asia-Pacific Boomerang feed is already available in 32 million homes across the region, the Taiwanese launch will expand the channel’s distribution and add an extra 1.6 million Kbro and Taiwan Mobile subscribers to its potential viewership.

From Boomerang’s debut on 14th November, viewers will be able to enjoy classic animation from the likes of Tom and Jerry, Scooby-Doo and Looney Tunes and also contemporary shows from Warner Bros. Animation and other independent studios such as Bunnicula, Talking Tom and Friends and also Grizzy and the Lemmings; which has been an kids media industry hit at the MIP Junior convention at Cannes this year.

Viewers in Taiwan will also be able to enjoy episodes of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and watch animated movies on Sundays. Shows will be available in Mandarin Chinese audio and traditional Chinese subtitles. Cartoon Network is already the most popular international kids channel in Taiwan, its logical that Boomerang should follow in Cartoon Network’s footsteps and launch in the country, as Boomerang is Turner’s second most distributed animation channel.

The Boomerang Asia pan-feed originally launched on 1st September 2005, closed in 2012 and was revived on 1st January 2015 replacing Cartoonito Asia. The channel also has an companion mobile app called “Boomerang Watch and Play”, while using the app, people can watch Boomerang shows while playing a series of mini-games.

Boomerang Southeast Asia currently airs a programming block called “Caturdays” as the name suggests, it’s a block of shows featuring Boomerang’s resident cat characters airing on Saturdays: the block features episodes of Tom and Jerry, Silvester and Tweety, Pink Panther and Pals and The Garfield Show. Turner Asia-Pacific promoted “Caturdays” as a programming feature for the channel’s launch in Taiwan.

From The Turner Asia-Pacific Press Release

Boomerang, Turner’s global kids’ brand and companion channel to Cartoon Network, is now available in Taiwan for the first time.

With an additional 1.6 million subscribers across Kbro and Taiwan Mobile platforms, the agreement increases the channel’s distribution in Asia Pacific to 32 million households since the channel’s relaunch in late 2014.

From November 14, the all-animation network will have both Mandarin audio and traditional Chinese subtitles, boasting an impressive line-up of new series and movies programmed for both kids and their families.

In addition to the ever-popular Tom and Jerry, Scooby-Doo and Looney Tunes, new shows include Bunnicula, Talking Tom and the hilarious Grizzy and the Lemmings – the most-talked-about animated series at MIP Junior in Cannes last month. Other channel highlights in November feature new episodes of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and Sunday movies with Barbie and Tom and Jerry.

Phil Nelson, Turner’s Managing Director for North and Southeast Asia Pacific, said:

“To see Boomerang’s country count and regional distribution maintain this kind of momentum is fantastic. Cartoon Network is already the No. 1 international Kids channel in Taiwan and Boomerang will complement it perfectly – providing viewers with the ultimate family-friendly destination for iconic cartoon franchises.”

Boomerang is created for kids aged 4-9, as well as their families and caregivers. In addition to new and exclusive content from Warner Bros. Animation, international premium acquisitions include: The Garfield Show, Pink Panther and Pals, Strawberry Shortcake, Mr. Bean: The Animated Series and Inspector Gadget.

To complement the on-air offering regionally, Boomerang Watch and Play hosts both video and gaming content in a safe and fun app designed for tablets.

More Information Regarding Cartoon Network MENA

More Information Regarding Cartoon Network MENA

More Information Regarding Cartoon Network MENA

Turner has released official information regarding the new Cartoon Network MENA (Cartoon Network Middle East And North Africa) and Boomerang MENA feeds which launched on 1st July, confirming that both channels have dual-audio (English and Arabic) and are in High Definition. Children in the region will be able to watch their favourite Cartoon Network originals such as Adventure Time, We Bare Bears and The Amazing World of Gumball both in their native language and in the show’s original language in high quality. The new channel is a premium version of the free-to-air Cartoon Network Arabia feed and is a replacement of the English audio Cartoon Network Africa and Boomerang Africa pan-feeds in the Middle East and North African region. Both channels are only available on DTH satellite TV provider beIN and will be available on other IPTV providers.

Tarek Mounir, Turner VP and general manager for Middle East, Africa, Turkey, Greece and Cyprus said that the two new channels which were created to meet increasing standards expected from their viewers:

“We are thrilled to provide exceptional cartoon viewing options and quality entertainment to our viewers. The standards in entertainment requirements are ever-increasing and we are making sure to stay ahead of the curve whilst also offering viewers the choice to watch their favourite channels in their preferred language”

Cartoon Network MENA’s English language website has also launched: which complements Cartoon Network Arabic’s website.

Toonami India Launched Today (26/02/2015)

Some surprising news was released today (26/02/2015), Turner International India has launched their third localised children’s channel in India, the new channel known as Toonami, focuses on animated action-adventure programming, featuring superheroes and anime. At present, other existing feeds are the Toonami pan-Asia feed (available in Singapore, the Philippines, Hong Kong, Indonesia and Sri Lanka) and a localised feed in Thailand which launched on 14th January 2015. The other two existing children’s channels owned by Turner in India, are Cartoon Network India and Pogo.

The channel is based upon on the programming block of the same name that was available on Cartoon Network in the United States. The channel will air shows such as Batman, Superman, Transformers: Robots in Disguise, Justice League, Inazuma Eleven Go and Dragon Ball Z.

Turner International India MD, Siddharth Jain, made this statement in regards of Toonami India’s launch:

“It is a real proud moment for Turner to bring in a channel like Toonami to our young Indian audiences – we now offer a robust entertainment experience for all ages and interests. A highly successful international brand, it will meet the growing demand for premium quality action-adventure and superhero content.”

Currently, Toonami India is available on the following TV providers:

Siticable (Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Madhya Pradesh)
Indusind Media (Incable) (Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata)
ICNCL (Kolkata)
7Home Cable (Mumbai)
JPR Cable Network (Mumbai)