Cartoon Network Asia-Pacific Chooses Winner For Powerpuff Girls Fashion Competition In Taiwan

Cartoon Network Asia-Pacific Chooses Winner For Powerpuff Girls Fashion Competition In Taiwan

Cartoon Network Asia-Pacific Chooses Winner For Powerpuff Girls Fashion Competition In Taiwan

Cartoon Network Asia-Pacific and Taiwan-based retailer RockCoco has chosen a winner in a fashion competition which was held in Taipei, Taiwan. The special event was the finale of the Project X Fashion design competition, which was a campaign that was started by Cartoon Network in June this year. For the campaign, fans designed and submitted their ideas for clothing inspired by Cartoon Network’s The Powerpuff Girls.

The competition entries received a total of 45,000 votes, 10 finalists got to show off their designs in the Project X Fashion Show. Judges then chose the winner of the competition and Eli Lin won the competition with a cartoon-strip style design. The winning design’s vest has bright colours representing The Powerpuff Girls’ youth and vitality and the trousers were inspired by the show’s villains including Mojo Jojo. Eli’s design will be featured alongside RockCoco’s “Girl Power” collection for Autumn/Winter 2017 and will be sold as a limited-edition piece across the Greater China region.

The Powerpuff Girls Winning Design
Eli Lin’s Winning Powerpuff Girls Clothes Design

Lately, there has been a lot of Powerpuff Girls related events happening in Taiwan, a two-month Powerpuff Girls interactive exhibition was held in National Taiwan Science Education Centre in Taipei. There’s also a Powerpuff Girls themed pop-up store selling bespoke merchandise that has travelled from Taipei to Taichung, and a pop-up café has been operating at Eslite Xinyi in downtown Taipei since July this year.

From The Turner Asia-Pacific Press Release: The Powerpuff Girls Inspire Taiwan Fashion Designers: Cartoon Network and retailer RockCoco select winner in Project X event; design to be sold across Greater China.

Turner’s Cartoon Network and retailer RockCoco have selected a winner in a fashion competition staged recently in Taipei.

The event marked the finale of the Project X Fashion design competition, a Cartoon Network campaign that began back in June by asking fans to design and submit ideas and sketches for garments inspired by the global hit animation The Powerpuff Girls.

The entries received an impressive 45,000 votes with 10 finalists showing off their designs in the Project X Fashion Show. Judges then picked the winner – Eli Lin, who took a cartoon-strip approach for her design.

“The Powerpuff Girls is a cartoon I have been watching since I was very young and I’m really happy to win,” Eli said. Her design will now be unveiled alongside RockCoco’s “Girl Power” collection for Autumn/Winter 2017 and will be sold as a limited-edition piece across the Greater China region.

Clement Schwebig, Turner’s head of licensing for Asia Pacific, commented on the event saying: “The strength of The Powerpuff Girls brand has never been stronger and RockCoco’s designs for the upcoming season look awesome. The trio of Bubbles, Blossom and Buttercup – created using Chemical X – have providing amazing inspiration for this competition and the winner should be commended on her use of Cartoon Network’s colourful world of characters.”

This has been a busy summer for the Girls on the island. A two-month interactive exhibition, where fans explored the world of Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup, was held in National Taiwan Science Education Centre in Taipei. A themed pop-up store selling bespoke Powerpuff Girls merchandise has also travelled from Taipei to Taichung, and a pop-up café has been operating at Eslite Xinyi in downtown Taipei since July.

Cartoon Network Amazone Named As One Of The Top Ten Waterparks In Asia By TripAdvisor

Cartoon Network Amazone Named As One Of The Top Ten Waterparks In Asia By TripAdvisor

Cartoon Network Amazone Named As One Of The Top Ten Waterparks In Asia By TripAdvisor

Travel review and comparison website – TripAdvisor has named Cartoon Network Amazone as one of the best waterparks in Asia, as revealed in TripAdvisor’s 2017 Travelers Choice Awards. The Cartoon Network and rainforest themed waterpark located in the Bang Saray Beach district near Pattaya, Thailand was also recognised by TripAdvisor in their “Top 10 Asia’s Must See Attractions in 2017” category. Cartoon Network Amazone also won a Best Leading Edge Award from the World Waterpark Association in 2014 and the park has been featured in movies and TV advertisements and has hosted music festivals, weddings and also the Miss China Universe 2017 semi-finals.

Cartoon Network Amazone is the only Cartoon Network themed water park in the world and features a wide range of fun water-based rides and attractions, including the Ben 10 Omnitrix waterslide which is the only waterslide in the world to feature a fully-enclosed dome, the Ben 10 themed Humungaslide is the first fully monster-themed waterslide in the world and features a 51 degree vertical drop. The Adventure Time slide – Jake Jump, features a steep vertical drop and the Johnny Bravo/My Gym Partner’s a Monkey Banana Bowl slide features a “banana bowl” where riders spin round several times until they reach the drop at the bottom. Many people who visited Cartoon Network Amazone have given the waterpark positive reviews on TripAdvisor, commenting on the fun rides, helpful staff, the facilities at the surfing arena, meeting Cartoon Network characters such as The Powerpuff Girls and the high level of safety at the park.

Cartoon Network Amazone officially opened on 3rd October 2014, with a soft-opening on 31st July 2014. The first ever post on this blog (1st August 2014) was about the Cartoon Network Amazone water park.

From The Turner Asia-Pacific Press Release: TripAdvisor Names Cartoon Network Amazone One Of The Top Waterparks In Asia: Also Named In Asia’s Top-10, Must-See Attraction List

Cartoon Network Amazone has been named one of the top waterparks in Asia, as revealed by the TripAdvisor Travelers Choice Awards 2017.

The awards were given out based on millions of traveler reviews with Cartoon Network Amazone’s report exposing the impressive volume of photos and videos taken and uploaded by its guests over the last year.

Mr. Liakat Dhanji, Chairman & CEO of Cartoon Network Amazone, said: “We are all so very proud that this excellent ranking by TripAdvisor showcases our park’s Asia standing and we especially thank all our hundreds of thousands of guests that we have welcomed since we opened. Being recognized by TripAdvisor confirms that our fans love sharing their experiences and the information we learn from guest reviews just drives us to keep on improving and deliver the best experience for them.”

The park already has the distinction as the only waterpark in TripAdvisor’s “Top 10 Asia’s Must See Attractions in 2017” category. It also won the 2014 Best Leading Edge Award from the World Waterpark Association and has been featured in movies, TV commercials, music festivals, weddings and was most recently chosen to host the Miss China Universe 2017 semi-finals. It is the first park of its kind anywhere in the world that uses the iconic characters from Turner’s Cartoon Network.

Clement Schwebig, Turner Asia Pacific’s CFO and SVP of Business Development, Licensing and China, added: “The Cartoon Network Amazone team fully deserves this award. This waterpark is truly one of the best in Asia and it’s fantastic that TripAdvisor, a trusted source for the best travel destinations with its fun-loving community of travelers, agrees.”

Located in the beautiful Bang Saray Beach district and only 20 minutes from Pattaya City, Cartoon Network Amazone has iconic, one-of-a-kind attractions paying homage to its toon heroes such as Ben 10’s Humungaslide, Jake’s Jump, Johnny Bravo’s Banana Bowl Spin, Alien Attack Super speed water slide and the world’s largest spherical family raft ride inspired by Ben 10’s Omnitrix.

Cartoon Network Amazone has a rapidly growing international fanbase on social media with over 400,000 Facebook fans, with some guests’ YouTube videos reaching over 8 million views.

Examples of Cartoon Network Amazone Feedback on TripAdvisor;

Below are the top reasons that TripAdvisor guests love their experience at Cartoon Network Amazone:

1. Cartoon Network Amazone is home to the most beloved toon heroes. They get to meet their on air cartoons up close and personal – the only place in the world they can do this 365 days a year

“This fantastic theme park has state-of-the-art facilities, fully equipped with world class water sliders and other fun stations, very friendly and professional staffs with warm welcome, surrounded with Cartoon Networks’ characters which my kids fallen in love with, very cute parades and shows. As for me, the most important is the safety of the park since I come with 2 kids, I found out that everything here meet global standard and beyond, every stations have staffs and lifeguards to look after all of the customers, that made me feel very safe for my family. So this is the must see and the most amazing place to visit in Pattaya and in Thailand and I will definitely bring my family back again.” – TripAdvisor Reviewer.

2. One-of-a-kind attraction. The park has over 20 different attractions, live shows fun filled activities and has sweeping views of the ocean

“We visited Cartoon Network Amazone on the first week of June 2017, and my husband and I had a lot of fun! It was a good mix of simple slides and dare-devil ones, you can choose depending on your appetite for adventure. 🙂 A lot of photo opportunities too at the park itself and with the appearance of cartoon network celebrities. . Would definitely recommend this to anyone as it definitely has something for everyone – young and young at heart!” – TripAdvisor Reviewer

3. Cartoon Network Amazone’s friendly staff

I love Cartoon Network since I was a kid and now I can express myself and have fun at the waterpark!
The place is big, clean and so colorful! The slides are extremely exciting and I tried most of the slides at least 2 times. My favorites is the Riptide Rapids and Cartoonival. The food at Foodville has a good variety with good Thai food choices…”

“…The service there was good, especially from the lifeguards. I was a bit lost once and they was a lifeguard came to me and offer to help. The highlight of the day I was there were the mascot! The shows they put there are very fun and energetic, I really like the flashmob dance where the dancers or lifeguards? dancing and interactive with visitors! Thumbs-up and I will be back again! “- TripAdvisor Reviewer

4. Cartoon Network Amazone’s Surf Arena

“We visited with our 12 and 10 year old children and had the best day of our holiday. There are a variety of slides each more thrilling than the other, especially Goop Loop … I had to do it twice! My children loved Alien Attack and went on it repeatedly. The staff are very friendly and we liked their attention to safety for all rides, e.g. they had systems in place to make sure each person was off the slide before the next went on. The surf ride (Surf Arena) was really impressive and something we have never seen before in a water park. The food court had a lot of variety and tasty food. My children enjoyed seeing The Powerpuff Girls, Dexter and Johnny Bravo. It’s an easy place to spend the day with lots of seating around. Even though the park has a children’s theme (Cartoon Network) the rides are exciting for adults too. There is a separate area with more gentle slides for younger children. My daughter and I had a great massage there … We want to come back to Pattaya on holiday just for the water park!” – TripAdvisor Reviewer

5. Cartoon Network’s Live Shows and Guests Activities

“Went to this place with a friend with his son and expecting this is a kids playground but I was wrong. This theme waterpark is for adults too. Great rides and slides entertained by Cartoon Network shows and performance. Lifeguards everywhere, safety is priority. Food are great with so many choices but I like the Thai cuisine. Love the store with many merchandising and oh, the spa! Had a relaxing foot and back massage after took a free surfing lesson! This place opens till 7 and they have fire show and cool lights at late afternoon.” – TripAdvisor Reviewer

About Cartoon Network Amazone

Cartoon Network Amazone is Cartoon Network’s first and only fully-branded waterpark. Located in Bang Saray, 15 kilometres south of Pattaya on the Thailand’s Eastern Seaboard, the development comprises 10 themed entertainment zones each one offering an array of exhilarating water coasters and attractions. The waterpark also features captivating live and multimedia entertainment that incorporates the latest in interactive technology – bringing fans of Cartoon Network closer to their favorite characters than ever before. Cartoon Network Amazone takes its theme from the lush Amazon Rainforest while infusing the world’s most popular animated series and cartoon heroes including Ben 10, Adventure Time, The Powerpuff Girls, Johnny Bravo and The Amazing World of Gumball. Cartoon Network Amazone is developed by Thailand-based attractions developer Amazon Falls Co. Ltd. under license from Turner Broadcasting System Asia Pacific, Inc.

Cartoon Network News In Brief Mid September 2016

Cartoon Network News In Brief Mid September 2016

Cartoon Network News In Brief Mid September 2016

Oggy And The Cockroaches Season 5 Premiere On Cartoon Network Asia Update

According to Kidscreen, Oggy and the Cockroaches Season Five will premiere on Cartoon Network’s feeds in Asia-Pacific in Autumn 2017, the new series will see Oggy and the Cockroaches time travelling to the past and to the future, similar to Tom and Jerry, the show features slapstick comedy with no dialogue. Oggy and the Cockroaches’ animation studio – Xilam have also made a licencing agreement with Dream Theatre to represent the show’s brand in India. Furthermore, Season 6 and 7 of Oggy and the Cockroaches will premiere in 2018. News about Oggy of the Cockroaches season five were known back in December last year.

Special thanks to the Daily Nick for the update:

Turner’s Emoticon Tuzki Character To Get Animated Film

According to Cartoon Brew and Animation Digital Digest, Turner Asia Pacific has partnered up with Shanghai-based Tencent Pictures to develop a full-length feature starring Tuzki, the iconic rabbit emoticon that is used throughout Asia on social platforms including Wechat. The film, which will be a mixture of CGI and live-action is expected to begin production in 2017, and will be released in cinemas in China in 2018.

Clément Schwebig, Turner Asia-Pacific’s SVP of business development and licensing, made this statement in regards to the new Tuzki movie:

“This announcement is a huge milestone as we look to grow the Tuzki franchise and reinforces Turner’s commitment to its growing business in China, Through WeChat, Tencent is obviously very familiar with Tuzki, and everyone is excited to see him appear on the big screen. This irrepressible rabbit has already made a strong emotional connection with a generation of young Chinese, and this film will take engagement to the next level.”

Cartoon Network Central Eastern Europe Half Rebrand

Over the weekend (17/09/2016 and 18/09/2016) Cartoon Network Central Eastern Europe have started to air Next/Later bumpers stylised from the Check It 4.0 graphics package, it’s not known when a full rebrand will happen.

Cartoon Network MENA (Middle East and North Africa) Now In Cyprus

According to the TV guide on Primetel’s website, the newly launched Cartoon Network MENA (English) and Boomerang MENA (English) has replaced Cartoon Network Africa and Boomerang Africa respectively in Cyprus, also the Boomerang MENA feed is now available in Greece also replacing Boomerang Africa. The move ends Cartoon Network Africa/HQ’s role as a trans-regional pan-feed in Europe and the Middle East.

The present day Cartoon Network Africa channel originated from a pan-European/African/Middle East feed which was spun off from Cartoon Network UK in 1999 (which was the original pan-feed that launched in 1993 with several language audio tracks). As more countries and regions such as Netherlands, Portugal and Russia (with Bulgaria) started to launch their own versions of Cartoon Network, the pan-feed started to focus more on Africa, most particularly Nigeria and South Africa.