Over The Garden Wall: Distillatoria Graphic Novel To Be Released November 2018

Over The Garden Wall: Distillatoria Graphic Novel To Be Released November 2018

Over The Garden Wall: Distillatoria Graphic Novel To Be Released November 2018

Cartoon Network’s critically acclaimed and Creative Arts Emmy Award winning miniseries – Over The Garden Wall will be returning in the form of another graphic novel this November entitled “Over The Garden Wall: Distillatoria”. The new graphic novel will be written by the Eisner Award-winning writer – Jonathan Case and will feature art from the Eisner Award-winning artist – Jim Campbell. After premiering on Cartoon Network USA in 2014, Boom Comics’ children’s imprint – kaboom! released a 20-issue comic based on the series further detailing Wirt’s and Greg’s adventures in the Unknown, the new graphic novel is the latest story from the Over the Garden Wall universe and will also be published by BOOM! Comics.

In the new graphic novel – Over The Garden Wall: Distillatoria, Greg and Wirt suddenly return home after exploring the Unknown, but they’ve accidentally brought Beatrice back home with them, both of them must help Beatrice return home before anyone finds out that she can talk. However everything is not as it seems and there’s something happening in the shadows.

While talking about the plot of the new graphic novel, Jonathan Case said:

“As a borderline-scary fan of Over the Garden Wall, I’m excited to find myself at the helm of a new adventure for Wirt, Greg, and Beatrice. Really, really excited, you guys. With Distillatoria, we’ll revisit some familiar and beloved bits: the Unknown, the Wirt-poems, the rock facts…but we’ll also explore new and (I hope) surprising territory. I dearly hope this new book is a good time for all my fellow old souls and romantic weirdos. And of course, all the lovers of Greg.”

Jim Campbell also talked about the artwork in the new graphic novel, he said:

“At this point drawing Over the Garden Wall feels like home to me. I love this world. I’m really excited about exploring a lot of the new, weird, and creepy imagery Jonathan has conjured up for this story. But it’s also got some of my favorite settings and characters from the show we haven’t seen in the comics yet. This is going to be a good one.”

Whitney Leopard, Editor, BOOM! Studios also added:

“Over The Garden Wall: Distillatoria is a fun filled adventure with Wirt and Greg having to deal with some strange twists and turns as they find themselves suddenly home after being trapped in the Unknown. Jonathan and Jim have made an insanely talented team and this is definitely going to be a story that you don’t want to miss.”


Cartoon Network At Pixelatl 2017 Overview

Cartoon Network At Pixelatl 2017 Overview

Cartoon Network At Pixelatl 2017 Overview

Today (10/09/2017) is the final day of the 2017 Pixelatl Animation Festival in Cuernavaca, Mexico, so here’s an overview of the Cartoon Network related events that has happened so far:

Phase two of Cartoon Network Latin America’s animated shorts project – Villainous, was announced at the festival, in addition to the new shorts in December and digital episodes from October, a Villainous comic has also been confirmed and a pilot episode is currently in development. A short animatic (an animated storyboard) of Villainous was also shown at the festival. Also, everyone got a free exclusive poster and they also had the opportunity to get it signed by the show’s creator – Alan Ituriel and by crew members who worked on the animated short series.

Specially made statues of Finn, Princess Bubblegum, Ice King and Marceline from Adventure Time also Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup from The Powerpuff Girls were all on display at the festival.

There was also a special We Bare Bears lecture with the show’s creator – Daniel Chong and with the show’s supervising director – Manny Hernández. During the lecture, both Daniel and Manny talked about how the show was developed from a web comic (Three Bare Bears) into a full animated series produced by Cartoon Network Studios. Some concept artwork were shown and there was an interesting fact that was shared about the show’s popularity in South Korea – the three bears, Grizzly, Panda and Ice Bear appeared as mascots during a baseball game in South Korea.

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Creator of one of Cartoon Network’s original “Cartoon Cartoons” Cow and Chicken (also spin-off series, I am Weasel) – David Feiss was also at Pixelatl to give a lecture on his thoughts on the future of animation, also he illustrated a skateboard featuring characters from his Cow and Chicken creation. During the skateboard painting session he was joined with Adventure Time comic book artist – Ian McGinty and also Mike Hollingsworth, the supervising director of Netflix’s BoJack Horseman, Alonso Ramirez Ramos – storyboard artist on Disney’s Gravity Falls and the writer and director of the animated movie – The Book of Life – Jorge Gutiérrez.

Also, the winning project of last year’s Pixelatl’s Ideatoon competition – Viking Tales has been greenlit by Cartoon Network Latin America for a series of animated shorts.




New Powerpuff Girls Comic Miniseries The Time Tie Starts In May

New Powerpuff Girls Comic Miniseries The Time Tie Starts In May

New Powerpuff Girls Comic Miniseries The Time Tie Starts In May

Animation news publication and website – Animation Magazine, has posted details about an upcoming The Powerpuff Girls comics miniseries. Starting in May this year, three issues will be released, the miniseries is written by Haley Mancini and Jake Goldman, the same main show writers for the animated series. The comic miniseries will be called “The Time Tie”, in the story Mojo Jojo realises that he can’t destroy The Powerpuff Girls, so he does the next best thing, he sending them back in time by using his Time Tie device. As a consequence, Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup end up in three different eras in history, all three must find a way to return to the present and stop Mojo Jojo before he destroys Townsville.

In the Q&A interview by Animation Magazine, both Haley and Jake said they always wanted to do a time traveling episode of The Powerpuff Girls, much like the “Speed Demon” episode in the original series. Both explained that a lengthy and more in-depth storyline would be difficult to fit into a single 11 minute episode, but instead of shelving a potential episode idea, they decided to release their time-traveling story in the form of a comic miniseries. The comic miniseries is published by IDW and features cover art by one of the TV show’s storyboard artists – Jay Hasrajani and also Phil Murphy, also known for his illustrations and cover art in the Adventure Time, Clarence and The Amazing World of Gumball comics.

Read more about the Q&A interview on the link below: