Cartoon Network At MIPJunior 2017 Overview

Cartoon Network MIPJunior 25th Anniversary

Cartoon Network At MIPJunior 2017 Overview

This weekend (14/10/2017 – 15/10/2017) was this year’s MIPJunior convention in Cannes, France. MIPJunior is an annual gathering of the international children’s media industry of which Cartoon Network also participates in. Here’s an overview of the events at the convention over the weekend.

More info about MIPJunior 2017 via the link below:

Pre-MIPJunior news, Cartoon Network Asia-Pacific greenlights Monster Beach animated series, follow the link below for more information:

The weekend’s events started off with a panel and awards ceremony called “View From The Top: World Screen Kids Trendsetter Awards”, which was a gathering of four programming experts from around the world discussing acquisition trends and how to spot the next big kids show and how to offer multiplatform content to a younger audience. Attending the panel was Patricia Hidalgo – Chief Content & Creative Officer EMEA and International Kids Strategy for Turner and her predecessor, Michael Carrington – Former Chief Content Officer for Cartoon Network EMEA (now in-charge of kids content for ABC in Australia).

During the panel, Patricia Hidalgo mentioned that only animation content is universally accepted as a cross-border form of children’s entertainment and live-action show won’t appeal to audiences in countries like India or China. Michael Carrington mentioned that high-quality show imports drives standards and expectations for locally produced content, he also mentioned that there’s been a viewing shift towards video-on-demand services and binge-watching also applies to children as much as adults.

Later on Saturday there was a special celebratory event for Cartoon Network’s 25th Anniversary with Rob Sorcher – Chief Content Officer of Cartoon Network and Michael Ouweleen – Chief Marketing Officer of Cartoon Network, Adult Swim and Boomerang. Both Rob and Michael talked about the channel’s past, present and future. Cartoon Network is aware about the decline of linear television. Linear TV ratings isn’t much of concern, as the channel has incorporated a TV anywhere multi-screen strategy, which means viewers can enjoy their cartoons “anywhere and everywhere” and watch what they want when they want. Cartoon Network is also investing in VR (Virtual Reality) as a form of story-telling, but the technology has yet to be used properly to offer a full and proper entertainment experience on a consistent basis. Turner has opened a VR Lab in London supported by Google and Oculus (owned by Facebook) and is currently attempting to make Cartoon Network’s creative teams adapt to the new technology. Cartoon Network EMEA has already released an Adventure Time “I See Ooo” VR app for mobile devices which features a set of minigames.

Earlier today (15th October), there was a Content Strategy informal chat session with the vice president of content acquisitions and co-productions for Cartoon Network – Adina Pitt. This session was to put forward Cartoon Network’s expectations for a show acquisition or co-production deal, for instance the time-frame of when a show is ready to broadcast, which currently has a 18-month to two year time window. Also, other matters will be put into consideration during a deal, such as the potential of the show and how and will it appeal to audiences in other countries. Although, the industry has changed and the way the viewer watches content has also changed, the quality of the content will always be the same.

Later on today, Lesley Bailey – the Vice President of Channel Marketing & Brand Management for Turner EMEA Kids took part in a session called “Preparing Kids For Social Media Teenhood”, which was a discussion about social media, more specifically online bullying and the spread of false information, this session was about the transition from childhood into adolescence and helping kids be aware about the dangers of social media before they get older. During this session, Cartoon Network talked about its anti-bullying Buddy Network campaign which has spread across the EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) region after successful launches in the United States and Latin America.

Steven Universe Soundtrack Volume 1 Now Available For Preorder

Steven Universe Soundtrack Volume 1 Now Available For Preorder

Steven Universe Soundtrack Volume 1 Now Available For Preorder

Yesterday (18/05/2017), Cartoon Network USA announced on their Twitter account and Facebook page that Steven Universe Soundtrack Volume 1 will be released worldwide on Friday 2nd June and is now available for preorder. The show’s composers – Aivi & Surasshu revealed the full soundtrack list in a Facebook Live session yesterday on Cartoon Network USA’s Facebook page. The soundtrack will be available to purchase from all major online music stores (including iTunes) and major online music streaming services.

The album features a collection of songs picked by Rebecca Sugar, the show’s creator, with songs written by the Crewniverse (the nickname for Steven Universe’s production team) and composed and remastered by the music duo – Aivi & Surasshu. Just like the show, the songs on the album are performed by the show’s voice acting cast, Zach Callison (Steven), Estelle (Garnet), Deedee Magno Hall (Pearl), Michaela Dietz (Amethyst) and Tom Scharpling (Greg) as well as performances by special guests and by Rebecca Sugar herself.

More information about Steven Universe Soundtrack Volume 1 on the link below:

Steven Universe Soundtrack Volume 1 Track List

– “We Are the Crystal Gems (Main Title)”
– “Let Me Drive My Van (into Your Heart)”
– “Cookie Cat”
– “Giant Woman”
– “Strong in the Real Way”
– “Steven and the Stevens”
– “Big Fat Zucchini”
– “Steven and the Crystal Gems”
– “Dear Old Dad”
– “Be Wherever You Are”
– “On the Run”
– “Comet”
– “Destiny”
– “Lapis Lazuli”
– “Wailing Stone”
– “Stronger Than You”
– “Full Disclosure”
– “We Are the Crystal Gems (Full Theme Song)”
– “The Jam Song”
– “Do It for Her”
– “What Can I Do (For You)”
– “Tower of Mistakes”
– “Haven’t You Noticed (I’m a Star) (Olivia Olson version)”
– “Something Entirely New”
– “Peace and Love on the Planet Earth”
– “Don’t Cost Nothing”
– “Empire City”
– “Mr. Greg”
– “It’s Over, Isn’t It?”
– “Both of You”
– “Don’t Cost Nothing (Reprise)”
– “I Think I Need a Little (Change)”
– “Here Comes a Thought”
– “Still Not Giving Up”
– “I Could Never Be (Ready)”
– “What’s the Use of Feeling (Blue)?”
– “Love Like You (End Credits)”

Boomerang USA’s New Social Media Accounts

Boomerang USA's New Social Media Accounts

Boomerang USA’s New Social Media Accounts: Follow These Social Media Accounts To Keep Yourself Updated

Relating to the news of Boomerang USA launching their very own SVOD (Subscription Video On Demand) service yesterday (07/03/2017), Boomerang USA has also announced the launch of two new official Twitter accounts, @BoomerangToons and @BoomToonsPR. The @BoomerangToons account will mostly used for promoting the new streaming service and for posting news updates, such as new shows, new episodes and new features added to the service. The @BoomToonsPR account is the public relations Twitter account, this is usually where news articles from reputable third-party news outlets regarding the Boomerang streaming service are posted and any other additional news that Boomerang wants to release to the public and the press.

Boomerang’s Twitter Account:
Boomerang’s Public Relations Twitter Account:

Boomerang USA also has a YouTube channel, at the moment, the YouTube channel has video clips from Wabbit: A Looney Tunes Production and a couple of Boomerang streaming service promotional videos.

Boomerang USA also now has an official Facebook page, it has a similar purpose to the @BoomerangToons Twitter account.

Also check out the official Boomerang Instagram account, featuring photos of classic cartoon characters and short video clips:

For more information about the new Boomerang cartoon streaming service which is due to launch this Spring, please visit