Adult Swim UK’s New Website

Adult Swim UK's New Website

Adult Swim UK’s New Website

Adult Swim UK has relaunched their website, at the moment it’s somewhat limited but it has a very good purpose as it lists the schedules for the Adult Swim on FOX and TruTV. The website has links to Adult Swim UK’s social media pages and a featured video. For a limited time only, Adult Swim takes over TruTV on Friday nights from 11pm, at present Adult Swim on TruTV is airing episodes from season two of Rick and Morty, season seven episodes of Robot Chicken, season two episodes of The Eric Andre Show, season two episodes of Mr. Pickles and season eight episodes of Squidbillies. TruTV is avaliable on Freeview channel 68, Sky channel 198, Freesat channel 154 and Virgin Media channel 212.

The Adult Swim block is currently airing a new show – Dream Corp LLC, season three episodes of Your Pretty Face Is Going To Hell, season two episodes of Mr. Pickles and season four episodes of The Eric Andre Show. FOX is the permanent home for Adult Swim in the UK, FOX is a pay-tv channel but FOX airs new episodes either a few weeks or a couple of months after their premiere in the United States, FOX is also available in high definition. Adult Swim on FOX airs on Thursdays from midnight (technically Friday morning) on Sky channel 124, Virgin Media channel 157 and TalkTalk TV channel 422.

Adult Swim on TruTV has its very own presentation and is treated separately from the rest of the channel, the block has unique next/now bumpers, video clip bumpers and promos.

Continuity of Adult Swim on TruTV (Recorded 18th November 2016):

The content on Adult Swim is not appropriate for children and airs way past the 9pm watershed on FOX and TruTV (both general entertainment channels). Unlike the United States, the UK doesn’t have an age rating system and channels aimed for children can’t air adult content; for these reasons Adult Swim UK does not air on Cartoon Network.

The Simpsons New Couch Gag Parodies Adventure Time

The Simpsons New Couch Gag Parodies Adventure Time

The Simpsons New Couch Gag Parodies Adventure Time

Cartoon Network’s Emmy award winning Adventure Time has been parodied by The Simpsons in one of their Couch Gag intros for an upcoming episode. Each episode of The Simpsons has a slightly different joke at the end of the opening credits of each episode in The Simpsons’ living room, or in later seasons, the whole intro has been reworked with a different theme.

In the intro, we see Springfield re-imagined as the Land Of Ooo (flying across the land just like Adventure Time’s intro), we see main characters – Bart and Homer as Finn (Bart the Boy) and Jake (Dog named Homer), Mr. Burns as the Ice King repairing the cracks on the cooling towers and Maggie as Princess Bubblegum. Created by Matt Groening and made by Gracie Films, 20th Century Fox and Film Roman, The Simpsons is the longest-running scripted series and longest-running animated series in television history, now in its 28th season. The show has won a total of 31 Emmy Awards and has aired on several channels across the world, including at one point, Cartoon Network in the Philippines.

Springfield and the Land of Ooo are both afflicted by radiation, a common theme in both shows. During the intro, multiple references to previous episodes of The Simpsons are referenced, instead of Finn and Jake travelling past some mountains, we see Bart and Homer walking past piles of discarded objects, including the Monorail, Funzo and Homer’s concept car “The Homer”.

This isn’t the first time Adventure Time has been referenced in a Matt Groening creation, both Finn and Jake made a cameo appearance in an episode of Futurama called “Leela and the Genestalk”, John DiMaggio is both the voice of Futurama’s Bender and Adventure Time’s Jake.

The Simpsons episode with the Adventure Time intro is called “Monty Burns’ Fleeing Circus” (a reference to Monty Python’s Flying Circus), the episode will air on FOX in the United States this Sunday (25/09/2016) at 8pm ET.

In a slightly related note, Comedy Central’s South Park made a reference to Cartoon Network in its season 20 premiere called “Member Berries” last week, listing “Lil’ Supercraig” as a potential animated series as part of Cartman’s Coon and Friends superhero franchise, this is probably a joke relating to Teen Titans Go! or other DC Comics animated shows that usually airs on the channel.

Adult Swim Returns To The UK On Fox On 10th September

Adult Swim Returns To The UK On Fox On 10th September

Adult Swim Returns To The UK On Fox On 10th September: America’s Most Popular Channel For Young Adults Returns To The UK As A Programming Block

Adult Swim, Turner’s adult animation and live action channel in the United States will be returning to the UK as a programming block on general entertainment channel, FOX on Thursday 10th September. The Adult Swim block will air from 11pm every Thursday and will feature UK premieres such as Rick and Morty and Mr. Pickles. Also returning to the UK will be Robot Chicken, Aqua Teen Hunger Force and The Venture Bros. and other new shows such as Black Jesus and Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell. Adult Swim made its UK debut in 2006 on Bravo, followed by FX (Fox UK’s predecessor channel) and Turner Classic Movies 2.

Jeff Ford, the managing director for Fox International Channels UK made this statement about the Adult Swim deal with Turner:

“The acquisition of these satirical, riotous new series cements FOX as the home of adult animated and live-action comedy on Thursday nights in the U.K. Fans of Family Guy and American Dad! will be sure to love these irreverent comedies, already cult classics in the U.S.”

Humphrey Black, the VP of media distribution at Turner Broadcasting System EMEA also made this statement about the Adult Swim and there is potential to rollout Adult Swim on other platforms in other European markets.

“Adult Swim is the top-performing cable channel among U.S. Millennials and we’re delighted to be partnering with FOX to bring this hugely popular brand and its abundance of hilarious entertainment to audiences here in the U.K. This is a key part of our broader strategy for bringing Adult Swim to audiences in Europe across multiple platforms.”

Adult Swim timeshares with Cartoon Network in the USA at night, but is treated as a separate channel for Nielsen ratings purposes, as Adult Swim serves an older demographic.

Note: It is important to note that this content is not appropriate for children. The content is aired post-watershed and on a general entertainment channel that also airs other adult content and is not airing on a children’s channel. This complies with the Ofcom (The UK’s broadcasting regulator) broadcasting code.