Cartoon Network Latin America Greenlights The Legend of Zeta And Ozz Animated Shorts Series

Cartoon Network Latin America Greenlights The Legend of Zeta And Ozz Animated Shorts Series

Cartoon Network Latin America Greenlights The Legend of Zeta And Ozz Animated Shorts Series

After the events of MIPJunior from over the weekend (14/10/2017 – 15/10/2017) and on the first day of MIPCOM which is today (16/10/2017), Cartoon Network Latin America has announced that they’ve greenlit another animated shorts series called – “The Legend of Zeta & Ozz”. The series will be produced by a combined effort of three different Chile-based animation studios – Punk Robot, Niño Viejo and Typpo. The addition of The Legend of Zeta & Ozz follows other recent animated projects by Cartoon Network Latin America including Oswaldo, Jorel’s Brother, Viking Tales and Villainous.

The new series tells the story of a friendship between a fox with an egotistical attitude and an enthusiastic but childish bear. Both Zeta and Ozz want to be immortalised as legends by attempting ridiculous challenges, but they always fall short of their dreams. Despite not being up to the mark, they still have fun during their surreal adventures while traveling in their van across the continent of “Golden Moon”.

The Legend of Zeta & Ozz was the Winner of the “Best TV Series Project” Disney Award at the MIFA Pitching Sessions, Annecy Animation Festival and Market in 2015. There will be episodes with various lengths of runtime, there will be 39 episodes that will be 7 minutes long, 10 episodes that will be 3 minutes long and ten episodes that will be 15 seconds long, the new show is already in production and will air on Cartoon Network feeds in the Latin American region and digital shorts will also appear on Cartoon Network’s multiscreen services in the region, for example – Cartoon Network Anything.

Punk Robot became the first ever Latin American animation company to win an Oscar, the studio won an Oscar for the short animated film “Bear Story” at last year’s Oscars ceremony. Niño Viejo (literally means “Old Child” in Spanish), is a Santiago based animation studio and has worked on many TV shows and short films, the director of Niño Viejo’s “Sing with Meaning: A Violeta Parra Biography” – Leo Beltrán will be working as the project director for The Legend of Zeta & Ozz.

According to Leo Beltrán, the show is aimed for boys and girls and it will be fast-paced, the show’s storyline isn’t predictable and it’s influenced by comic-book style storytelling and the show’s artwork will feature a palette of highly-defined colours.

While Punk Robot and Niño Viejo will be specialising in animation, Typpo Creative Lab will be working on the show’s script, the company has worked with several studios and projects, including a few productions of their own.

The scriptwriter for the new series – Bambü Orellana said “The Legend of Zeta & Ozz seeks to tell a story that, while superficially about competitiveness, ego-centrism and giving out nicknames, deep down it’s about two best friends who do whatever it takes to have fun together”

In an statement from Pato Escala, executive producer at Punkrobot Studio he added: “This project is a great challenge for us and we are happy to have Cartoon Network Latin America’s creative support. We want to develop a project that will make Latin American animation proud around the world.”

Hernán La Greca, the senior director of original production for Cartoon Network, Boomerang and Tooncast Latin America also commented: “We are thrilled to work on this new project with talented people that put so much love in the product. This new co-production in Chile confirms our ongoing commitment to foster local animation in Latin America.”

Description of The Legend of Zeta & Ozz from Typpo’s Website:

Zeta and Ozz are the bestest of best friends, a couple of party dudes and extreme showoffs trying to show the world how awesome they are at everything. Zeta is a super egocentric fox and Ozz a totally childish bear. Together they travel in their van all over the fantastic mega continent of “Golden Moon”, having fun and turning every little thing into a challenge they must win.


“The Legend of Zeta & Ozz” has 7-minute long episodes for TV, in each of them they’ll stop their traveling and find a new ridiculous self-imposed challenge to overcome; they might try to prove they have the best handshake in the world and accidentally discover an ultra-secret greeting that opens a portal to another dimension and have to face the god of all greetings; or maybe they’ll find a mug in the desert labeled “Best Boss Ever” and fight over who of them deserves it; or even just find out you can’t sneeze with your eyes open and being determined to be the first ones to make it.


These little stories come in two lengths, 3 minutes and 15 seconds.

The first ones focus on Zeta and Ozz’s never ending road trip; we’ll see things like how they take turns driving, stop to go to the bathroom, fight over who gets to play his music on the radio or start a forest fire trying to cook some hotdogs.

The shortest ones are just little gags focusing on their kind of mean but super loving relationship.×7-10×3-10×15/

Toontorials Winner Of Cartoon Network Latin America’s And Pixelatl’s Pitch Me Evolution Competition

Toontorials Winner Of Cartoon Network Latin America's And Pixelatl's Pitch Me Evolution Competition

Toontorials Winner Of Cartoon Network Latin America’s And Pixelatl’s Pitch Me Evolution Competition

Cartoon Network Latin America and the Pixelatl Animation Festival has announced the winning project of their Pitch Me Evolution competition – Toontorials. This year, there were nine finalists, with Toontorials chosen as the winner. Toontorials was a pitch idea put forward by Mexican comic book artist – Axur Eneas and Mexico City based animation studio – Cinema Fantasma. Toontorials features animated tutorials for simple everyday tasks but made ridiculously over-complicated and unnecessary, an given example is finding a cyclops to open a can of beans. Axur Eneas and Cinema Fantasma have won $10,000 USD towards the production costs for a pilot episode, with an opportunity for the pilot to be publicly displayed on Cartoon Network Latin America’s digital platforms. Cinema Fantasma has previously worked with Cartoon Network Latin America to produce animated bumpers for the channel.

Regarding the winning project, Hernán La Greca, Senior Creative Director of Original Production at Cartoon Network said (translated):

“We are very happy to continue collaborating with Pixelatl and to once again give the opportunity to new talent in Latin America to display their creativity and have a place on our screens. The winning project was selected for its originality, humour and versatility, keeping in with what our fans expect from Cartoon Network’s entertainment experience on our YouTube channels.”

José Iñesta, Director of Pixelatl also added (translated):

“Pixelatl has established itself as the talent launching platform in the region, where the different disciplines, visions and proposals of artists come together and mix. Proof of the above is the trust that Cartoon Network has placed in the festival”.

Cartoon Network Latin America Officially Announces More Villainous Shorts

Cartoon Network Latin America Officially Announces More Villainous Shorts

Cartoon Network Latin America Officially Announces More Villainous Shorts

During the 2017 Pixelatl Animation Festival in Cuernavaca, Mexico this week (05/09/2017 – 10/09/2017), Cartoon Network Latin America has announced that new short episodes of Alan Ituriel’s creation – Villainous will be returning in two “waves”. One wave of special digital episodes starting from next month (October) which will be available on Cartoon Network Latin America’s and Cartoon Network Brazil’s digital platforms and also a wave of brand new shorts in December, which will air on Cartoon Network Latin America and Brazil and will be uploaded onto YouTube.

Also from October, Cartoon Network Latin America’s social media accounts will also be filled with additional Villainous animated content to complement the new episodes. More specifically, the digital episodes from October (with one new episode per month) will feature the evil mastermind – Black Hat reviewing the villains from other Cartoon Network shows and explains why they never succeed.

Hernán La Greca, Senior Director of Original Production for Cartoon Network, Boomerang and Tooncast Latin America made this statement regarding the new episodes:

“We’re very excited to bring fans this new stage of Villainous. At Cartoon Network Latin America we sustain our commitment to continue supporting the local animation industry”.