Skwigly’s Interview With We Bare Bears Creator, Daniel Chong

Skwigly's Interview With We Bare Bears Creator, Daniel Chong

Skwigly’s Interview With We Bare Bears Creator, Daniel Chong

While at the Annecy Animation Festival this year (15/06/2015 – 20/06/2015), British animation news website Skwigly interviewed Daniel Chong, the creator of We Bare Bears, for their Lightbox video series to find out more about the development behind the animated show. You can watch the whole interview below.

We Bare Bears is now airing on Cartoon Network in the United States, United Kingdom and Ireland, Scandinavia, the Arab world, Canada, Brazil and Latin America. We Bare Bears will be rolled out to other versions of Cartoon Network in Europe, Middle East and Africa and Asia-Pacific regions starting from the beginning of November.

There will be a special We Bare Bears presentation (including a Questions and Answers session with Daniel via live connection) at this week’s KLIK! Amsterdam Animation Festival on Friday 30th October at 6.45pm, the presentation will also feature episode screenings and a Cartoon Network goodie bag give-away for visitors. We Bare Bears had its world premiere at KLIK! Amsterdam Animation Festival 2014 last year.

We Bare Bears Premieres Tonight On Cartoon Network USA

We Bare Bears Premieres Tonight

We Bare Bears Premieres Tonight: Don’t Miss It!

After weeks of promoting the new show on Twitter though the hashtag #bearstack and posting Vine videos of the three bears walking in a stack visiting the towns of popular Cartoon Network shows, it is now time to premiere We Bare Bears. We Bare Bears will premiere tonight at 6.30pm (EST and PST) on Cartoon Network USA, created by Daniel Chong, the show follows three bears named Grizzly, Panda and Ice Bear (respectively voiced by Eric Edelstein, Bobby Moynihan, and Demetri Martin) who try to integrate into human society in the San Francisco area. The three bears realise that it isn’t easy and makes friends with Chloe, a 12-year-old child prodigy who gives them advice. The pilot episode made its world premiere at the KLIK! Amsterdam Animation Festival last November. This is the first Cartoon Network original to be based on a comic.

The show will start rolling out across Cartoon Network Europe, Middle East and Africa feeds starting from September and will premiere on Cartoon Network Latin America and Brazil on 24th August.