Lasso And Comet Pilot From Cartoon Network Asia-Pacific Now On YouTube

Lasso And Comet Pilot From Cartoon Network Asia-Pacific Now On YouTube

Lasso And Comet Pilot From Cartoon Network Asia-Pacific Now On YouTube

Cartoon Network Southeast Asia has uploaded the pilot episode of Lasso And Comet, the pilot was developed as part of Cartoon Network’s original Australian animation programme for 2016, which was announced in November 2015. The show is about an energetic, rebellious 13-year-old boy named Lasso who wields a magical rope that can be used to catch almost anything and his flying friend named Comet, who’s a blue ball of rock and ice from outer-space who can fly faster than a jet. Together they protect their tropical island home from mysterious gigantic monsters roaming the sea.

In the pilot, Lasso and Comet help to save an island and a fruit seed spreading bird from a giant dinosaur-like sea monster. The pilot reminds me of three Cartoon Network shows both past and present: Mike, Lu and Og for its desert island theme, Steven Universe because of the main character’s special powers and Adventure Time because of the main duo pairing with potential for an expansive environment for future episodes. The same with other recent pilots such as Victor and Valentino and Infinity Train, it’s Cartoon Network decision if they wish to greenlight the show.

Lasso And Comet was written and directed by Ivan Dixon and Greg Sharp and was animated by Australian animation studio – Rubber House, known for their animation work for Cartoon Network’s Check It 3.0 rebrand collaboration project in 2013.

Another Australian animated pilot that was developed for Cartoon Network this year was The Sketchy Show. The Sketchy Show is an animated comedy series that takes real kid’s drawings and turns them into hilarious animated shorts, both Boing Spain (Cartoon Network Spain) and Cartoon Network Portugal uploaded a compilation of mini-episodes in October for their local versions of Cartoon Network’s Imagination Studios initiative.

Cartoon Network Asia-Pacific Greenlights Monster Beach: The Series Pilot

Cartoon Network Asia-Pacific Greenlights Monster Beach: The Series

Cartoon Network Asia-Pacific Greenlights Monster Beach: The Series Pilot

Today (18/11/2015), it was announced that Cartoon Network Asia-Pacific have greenlighted production for a pilot episode of Monster Beach: The Series. The pilot was greenlighted after the success of the animated television movie of the same name. The Monster Beach movie was commissioned by Cartoon Network and aired on Hallowe’en on Cartoon Network Australia and Cartoon Network Southeast Asia last year. The movie also won an Astra Award this year in the Most Outstanding Children’s Programme category and is nominated for a Best 2D Animated Programme award at the Asian Television Awards.

Monster Beach follows two siblings who visit their uncle on a secluded island for the summer, only to find the island in danger and the locals are surf-crazed monsters. Bogan Entertainment and Top Draw Animation, the two companies behind Monster Beach are also involved in the production of another Cartoon Network Asia-Pacific success, Exchange Student Zero. Just like Monster Beach, Exchange Student Zero started off as a TV movie and now has its very own animated series.

Mark Eyers, chief content officer for Turner’s kids’ channels in Asia Pacific made a statement about using their virtual studio model approach to develop new shows:

“We’re looking to build on our success with Exchange Student Zero and Monster Beach, and develop even more Australia-made content using our ‘virtual studio model’ approach. The level of professionalism of the creators, the creative culture and understanding of comedy animation that can be exported around the world are all reasons for tapping into this impressive talent pool.”

A Monster Beach animated series pilot episode isn’t the only new animated production commissioned and/or made by Turner Asia-Pacific, two new Australian short-form animated shows, Bill & Tony and The Sketchy Show will debut on the Cartoon Network Anything app in Australia. A brand new animated short called Lasso and Comet has been approved by Cartoon Network’s International Shorts programme which will soon go into production.

More information about new pilots/short-form series’ commissioned by Cartoon Network Asia-Pacific

Bill & Tony made by Flying Gherkin (Based in Sydney, Australia)

Actions speak louder than words in the entirely non-verbal claymation comedy adventure series Bill & Tony. They are brothers from another mother with hearts of gold, but are dumber than a bag of hammers. From exploring alternate universes to wreaking havoc in minimum wage jobs, see Bill and Tony celebrate friendship and absurdity in grand slapstick style.

The Sketchy Show / Ludo Studio (Based in Brisbane, Australia)

The Sketchy Show is an animated comedy series that takes real kid’s drawings and turns them into hilarious animated shorts featuring a cast of coloured-in characters surrounded by insanity.

Monster Beach: The Series (pilot) / Bogan Entertainment Solutions (Based in Melbourne, Australia)

A story about surfing, scary locals and two kids battling to save their new home. Jan and her brother Dean are packed off to stay in what should be paradise. But why is this place so deserted? And what are those strange noises coming from the beach?

Lasso & Comet / Rubber House Studios (Based in Melbourne, Australia)

Lasso & Comet is an action-adventure-comedy about a 13-year-old boy with a magic rope and his best friend a talking comet from outer space who live in a pre-historic world filled with giant monsters.