The Amazing World Of Gumball Wins Three 2018 British Animation Awards

The Amazing World Of Gumball Wins Three 2018 British Animation Awards

The Amazing World Of Gumball Wins Three 2018 British Animation Awards

Last night (15th March) was the 2018 British Animation Awards (BAAs) at BFI (British Film Institute) Southbank in London and Cartoon Network’s animated comedy show – The Amazing World of Gumball won three awards, including “Best Children’s Series”, “Best Voice Performance” and also the “Children’s Choice” award. The British Animation Awards celebrates the very best of the British animation industry. The Amazing World of Gumball has won a total of 32 awards since premiering on Cartoon Network in 2011, the show is now in its sixth season and was Cartoon Network Development Studio Europe’s debut series. The show is produced at CN’s studio in London’s Shoreditch district.

The Amazing World of Gumball won the award for “Best Children’s Series” for the episode – “The Copycats”, in the episode, The Wattersons encounter a family that’s (almost) identical to theirs and they annoyingly mimic everything they do, the show also won the “Children’s Choice” award for the same episode.

The voice of Nicole Watterson – Teresa Gallagher has won the award for “Best Voice Performance” for her voice acting in The Amazing World of Gumball episode “The Choices”, in the episode, Nicole has a flashback to when she was younger and reflects on the decisions she has made in life, such as having a family with Richard, after looking at the other possible outcomes, she realises that she made the right decision after all.

Congratulations to show creator – Ben Bocquelet, series director – Mic Graves, voice actress – Teresa Gallagher and to the whole crew at Cartoon Network’s animation studio in London.

From The Turner UK Press Release: The Amazing World of Gumball Scoops Three British Animation Awards

Cartoon Network’s comedy show, The Amazing World of Gumball, picked up three awards last night at the British Animation Awards (BAAs), taking home ‘Best Children’s Series’, ‘Best Voice Performance’ for Teresa Gallagher’s work voicing the mother Nicole Watterson in the hit animation and the ‘Children’s Choice’ award.

The three BAA wins take the show’s tally up to a whopping 32 international awards since launch on Cartoon Network in 2011. The popular cartoon follows the misadventures of twelve-year-old Gumball and his unconventional family in the wonderful town of Elmore.

Pierre Branco, SVP Turner Northern Europe, says: “It is a great honour to see Cartoon Network’s The Amazing World of Gumball recognised by the British Animation Awards. The show is homegrown in London and these awards are a huge testament to the creativity and passion of the team behind it, who make it the success it is today.”

Now in its sixth season, The Amazing World of Gumball is the debut series from the EMEA development studio based in London. The show is unique mixed media format; combining 2D and 3D animation with live action, creating a visually distinctive appeal.

Catch The Amazing World of Gumball every day at 8am and 5pm on Cartoon Network.

A list of all the winners at this year’s British Animation Awards, can be viewed on Skwigly’s website on the link below:

Skwigly Lightbox Interview With The Talent Behind The Gumball Episode The Puppets And Waiting For Gumball Animated Shorts

Skwigly Lightbox Interview With The Talent Behind The Gumball Episode The Puppets And Waiting For Gumball Animated Shorts

Skwigly Lightbox Interview With The Talent Behind The Gumball Episode The Puppets And Waiting For Gumball Animated Shorts

British online animation magazine – Skwigly met up with the talent behind the special The Amazing World of Gumball episode – “The Puppets” and the animated short puppet web-series “Waiting For Gumball” after their presentation with Cartoon Network at last year’s Annecy International Animated Film Festival. Cartoon Network collaborated with London, UK based Blink Industries to produce both the special episode and web series. Blink Industries are known for producing the surreal horror comedy puppet webseries – Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared, created by both Becky Solan and Joseph Pelling. Both Becky and Joseph worked on the special Gumball episode and were interviewed by Skwigly for an new episode of their Lightbox interview series.

Skwigly also interviewed Blink’s Simon Cartwight, who has worked as the director for “Waiting For Gumball”, Simon’s previous work includes the award-winning National Film & Television School short film “Manoman”. The Founder and Creative Director of Blink Industries – James Stevenson Bretton and Tom Stuart – Executive Producer at Blink Industries were also interviewed.

Also, featured in the latest episode of Lightbox are Ben Bocquelet, the creator of The Amazing World of Gumball and series director – Mic Graves, who talk about their experience collaborating with Blink Industries. Previous Gumball collaborative works with external studios include Studio 4°C (Japanese anime style fight scene in the episode “The Fury”), Simon Landrein and Passion Paris (Skateboarding scene in “The Ollie”) and the CRCR Collective (“Make The Most Of It” song scene in the episode “The Kids”).

Cartoon Network MENA (Middle East and North Africa) has uploaded five episodes from the Waiting For Gumball series onto their official YouTube channel, which can be viewed in a playlist below.

Personal Overview Of 2017 And Plans For The Future

Personal Overview Of 2017 And Plans For The Future

Personal Overview Of 2017 And Plans For The Future

2017 was a great year for the RegularCapital blog, the blog is now three years old and this year was the blog’s most successful year yet. As of writing and according to Google Analytics, this blog has had a total of 306,304 page views so far this year with six days to go, in the same period last year, the blog had 231,079 page views, thank you all for reading as every view makes this blog worthwhile. I hope I’ve been a reliable source for news relating to Cartoon Network (although I do the odd clumsy mistake), as I had a lot of positive feedback.

I prefer blogging rather than doing actual YouTube videos for numerous reasons, first of all I’m not exactly an outgoing person and not a great speaker, if I did present YouTube videos with the news posted on the blog, I reckon I’ll reach a lot more people. In my opinion, blogging is better, for users, it’s easier to find information because search engines such as Google index text-based content a lot better than video (I could write video transcripts but that kind of defeats the purpose), it’s significantly faster to write a blog post than record a video as I am able to explain things in more detail. I will continue to upload Cartoon Network UK/Boomerang UK/Cartoonito UK promos on to my YouTube channel as long as Turner UK is still fine with it.

There’s a lot of improvements I could make, for instance, I could cover Adult Swim a lot more, but the problem is a lack of time and I run the site all by myself, with the help of some friends for sources. This year, I went to the UK premiere of Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu: Hands of Time, met Ben Bocquelet and Mic Graves at a special The Amazing World of Gumball screening and also met Daniel Chong at a special We Bare Bears screening in London at BAFTA in London, all those were memorable moments I’ll never forget and thanks to Cartoon Network UK for inviting me to write about those events.

In 2018, there will be some changes, I will no longer support anyone on Patreon, up until yesterday, I supported animation YouTubers – RebelTaxi and Saberspark, the reason why I’ve stopped supporting is because of a conflict of opinion regarding Cartoon Network USA’s current business practices (most particularly scheduling) and as a result I don’t want this blog to be associated with the content discussed in their YouTube channels. This isn’t because I have a problem with Pan Pizza (RebelTaxi) or Saberspark, they’re really good YouTubers and probably the best in terms of animation YouTube channels, especially RebelTaxi. I can see the uproar caused by the schedule by airing Teen Titans Go! so much, but there’s an app now, people can watch their favourite shows anytime they like, even new episodes before they air on television, this is progress, but people just ain’t used to change. As “cord-cutting” is a lot more prevalent in the United States, I can see Cartoon Network having a standalone subscription streaming service and possibly merge it with their existing Boomerang streaming service but as a separate package or alternatively, Warner Bros., Turner and HBO could run a combined streaming service or fully-integrate with DirecTV’s NOW service if the AT&T merger is approved.

Also a lot of channels on YouTube covering animation news tend to be very “cookie-cutter” (again – this year’s scheduling controversy), they’re often have videos with clickbait titles or offer a vague opinion or their opinion is wholly based on popularity of said opinion in the “animation community”, though, RebelTaxi and Saberspark don’t necessarily fall into this category of YouTubers.

Instead, the money will be reinvested into the website, in April 2018, my current web hosting contract with PickAWeb will end, I hope to stay with PickAWeb as they’ve been very reliable and their support has been really good, the extra money will be funded towards better a hosting package, hopefully SSD (Solid State Drive) hosting, this will make the website load even faster. SSD’s are also more reliable and environmentally friendly because of no moving parts and have lower electricity consumption.

PickAWeb are a little bit on the pricey end of hosting, but they’re UK based, use enterprise grade hardware, have better server software (CloudLinux, Litespeed etc.) than most hosts which often comes with a premium and have a high reliability rate, also the site is running surprisingly well on shared hosting, rather than dedicated hosting. The website is 100% funded by myself as I class this as a hobby rather than a job. I did have adverts on the site a few times as an experiment, but this was mostly to see if the site can support itself financially, but the ads had no relevance to the content, are of low quality or provided a service which are quite frankly, a rip-off, I don’t want to be associated with these companies. I also don’t expect anyone to pay me for running the blog, I do the blog purely on choice.

In 2017, I’ve been optimising the site, the site now uses Cloudflare’s CDN (Content Delivery Network), I have attempted to use Cloudflare back when the site was hosted on Heart Internet but I ran into a few problems, PickAWeb’s integration with Cloudflare has helped me to alleviate these issues. The use of Cloudflare on the site makes the site faster and protects the site when there’s a web traffic overload, Cloudflare will fetch a copy of the site from the user’s nearest Cloudflare server rather than the web host’s server in London, which is useful as I have a lot of readers in other parts of the world. The blog is now using the WPRocket plugin, this makes the site load faster by caching and minifying the HTML, JavaScript and CSS used on the site. Earlier this year, I’ve made the move to HTTPS by buying a SSL certificate, Google now considers HTTPS to be a ranking signal for search engine results, so such a move was advantageous. Images are also optimised for the web by using the Imagify WordPress plugin.

Once again, thanks for reading my blog and for supporting for what I do. 2018 is going to be a great year for Cartoon Network, much better than 2017, a brand new show – Unikitty! will premiere worldwide as well as the new Cartoon Network original series’ – Craig of the Creek and Summer Camp Island, along with the new Megaman animated series, a brand new Boomerang original – Taffy and much much more.

I wish you a Merry Christmas and have a great 2018.