Cartoon Network Australia April 2019 Highlights

Cartoon Network Australia April 2019 Highlights

Cartoon Network Australia April 2019 Highlights: From Sky New Zealand’s Website

New Show

Bakugan: Battle Planet

Airs from Saturday 6th April, airs weekends at 5.30pm (NZ).

Anime fans rejoice! Brand New Bakugan Battle Planet is now on Cartoon Network!

New Episodes

OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes

New episodes air from Saturday 13th April, airs weekends at 6pm (NZ).

Our heroes are back this April with brand new episodes full of action and adventure. The fun starts when our heroes return from some time off and are surprised to discover that things have changed. Everyone is forced to deal with some major alterations and not everyone is happy with it.

This month, Lakewood Plaza hosts its very own film festival. K.O., Enid and Rad are determined to make their entry the winner and set off on a film making journey. The crew also discover that the Boxmore security camera feed is the most entertaining thing ever and become hooked on people watching.
Catch all the brand new super hero fun this April.

New Episodes Programming Block

Friyay 5,6,7,8

Airs from Friday 5th April, airs Fridays between 5pm and 9pm (NZ).

Cartoon Network is set to become the perfect Friday night destination with a selection of premiere
episodes showcasing on the hour from 5pm-9pm.

Friyay 5,6,7,8 includes brand new episodes of some of the biggest Cartoon Network shows including
The Amazing World of Gumball, Craig of the Creek, Teen Titans Go! and We Bare Bears.

Kick off your shoes, settle in to the couch and enjoy all the fun Friyay has to offer!

Gumball VIP Interactive Programming Stunt

Airs from Monday 1st April, airs weekdays at 5pm (NZ) and weekends at 7.30pm (NZ).

Viewers can play along with Gumball and Darwin in this amazing Gumball VIP experience! Simply download the free App to unlock secret videos as well as play quizzes and games whilst watching the interactive episodes.

Cartoon Network UK New Show Bakugan: Battle Planet Premieres Tomorrow 23rd March

Cartoon Network UK New Show Bakugan: Battle Planet Premieres Tomorrow 23rd March

Cartoon Network UK New Show Bakugan: Battle Planet Premieres Tomorrow 23rd March

Tomorrow (Saturday 23rd March) at 7am, Cartoon Network UK will be premiering a brand new show – Bakugan: Battle Planet, based on the revived children’s toy, card game and anime franchise – “Bakugan”, the franchise’s original series made its debut on Cartoon Network UK a decade ago, and now it’s back to celebrate its 10th anniversary with a brand new series. The original Bakugan animated series – Bakugan: Battle Brawlers had a run of four seasons, which aired on Cartoon Network in several countries worldwide (between 2008 and 2012), the series also had an internationally successful toy range. New episodes of Bakugan: Battle Planet will air every Saturday and Sunday at 7am.

The new series will feature a Japanese anime art style combined with CGI animation. The new series follows a boy named Dan and his group of friends as they forge relationships with mysterious alien creatures known as Bakugan. Bakugan Battle Planet is also expected to air on Cartoon Network feeds in Europe, Middle East & Africa and Latin America. Bakugan: Battle Planet will premiere on Cartoon Network Australia (and New Zealand) on Saturday 6th April, airing weekends at 3.30pm (Sydney, Australia) and 5.30pm (New Zealand).

To help promote Bakugan: Battle Planet, Cartoon Network UK has also been airing a promo for the new show:

Also check out the official Bakugan website ( and YouTube channel ( for additional content.

Cartoon Network Africa’s New Website

Cartoon Network Africa's New Website

Cartoon Network Africa’s New Website

Note: This is a blog post I should of wrote about in December 2018, but I didn’t due to illness, but at least there’s some additional info that’s relevant today. It might be worthwhile to write about it today, as Cartoon Network Latin America also has a new website.

Cartoon Network Africa’s website ( is now using the brand new website design that will be eventually rolled out to the other versions of Cartoon Network in the EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) region. The new website is lot more easier to navigate and is responsive to the user’s screen size, which means the website is adaptable for desktop computers, laptops, tablets and mobile devices.

Each section of the website (Games, Videos, Apps etc), has a top section showcasing new content followed by a grid of relating content, the website’s main page features the most popular games and videos and content relating to Cartoon Network Africa’s current promotions including the new pop-up channel – Superhero HQ and a sponsorship section, at the moment CN Africa is running a promotion for the 3D CGI animated movie – Wonder Park. The new website design made its debut late last year on Cartoon Network’s Czech language website, the version of Cartoon Network that’s received in the Czech Republic is Cartoon Network Central Eastern Europe.

Also on Cartoon Network Africa’s website is a promo for a brand new show – Oswaldo which will premiere on 25th March.