Boomerang Brazil To Premiere The Adventures of Hello Kitty and Friends In January 2015

The Adventures Of Hello Kitty and Friends

Boomerang Brazil will have a new show starting from 1st January every day at 8.30am and 8.30pm, The Adventures of Hello Kitty and Friends, the show is based on the popular Japanese franchise and features CGI 3D animation made by Sanrio Digital in partnership with the studio Dream Cortex. The series first started in 2008 and has 52 episodes lasting 12 minutes. The episodes deal with various themes such as happiness, family and friendship. The show is intended for children between the ages of 3 to 10 to watch with their family and friends.

The show was produced in collaboration with production teams in Mexico, Japan and Hong Kong, making it a truly international show.

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New Inspector Gadget CGI Series To Air On Boomerang Worldwide

Inspector Gadget

Today it was announced that DHX Media and Turner Broadcasting System made an international broadcasting rights deal for the new 3D CGI Inspector Gadget 26 episode series which will air on Boomerang feeds in Europe, Middle East and Africa, Asia-Pacific and Latin America areas. Boomerang will continue revamping their international feeds next year and the new Inspector Gadget series has been included as part of the network’s programming lineup in 2015.

The new series was originally commissioned by Canadian network Teletoon and all of the main original characters such as Penny, Brain and Dr Claw will be returning in the new series. The new series will be a continuation and not a reboot, Dr Claw has reestablished his MAD crime organisation and as a result Inspector Gadget has returned from retirement.

Josh Scherba, DHX Media’s Senior Vice-President of Distribution made this statement regarding the new Inspector Gadget series:

“Inspector Gadget is one of those classic properties that’s perfect for a contemporary version. It combines humour, mystery and zany accessories that audiences the world over will wish they had. This series has been updated for the next generation of gadget-savvy kids and our deals with these new broadcast partners will ensure Inspector Gadget will ‘go-go’ to new fans.”

Clarence To Premiere On Cartoon Network Portugal Tomorrow

Clarence will premiere on Cartoon Network Portugal tomorrow (29/11/2014) at 10:30am!