Cartoon Network India 2017 New Shows

Cartoon Network India 2017 New Shows

Cartoon Network India 2017 New Shows

Cartoon Network India has uploaded a promo onto their YouTube channel featuring three new shows that will air this year. In 2017, Cartoon Network India will premiere three new shows: My Knight and Me, Supernoobs and Larva.

My Knight and Me is a 3D CGI animated show set in the Dark Ages, and follows Jimmy the Squire, an unconventional apprentice knight who uses his brains and not brawn to defeat his enemies, he’s trained by his father – Henri of Orange, a clueless but good-natured chivalrous knight, both are joined with an unlikely team member – Princess Kat. Together as a team, they protect the Land of Epic from witches, dragons and giants.

Supernoobs is about four 12-year-old school kids named Kevin, Tyler, Shope, and Roach who gain special powers after using some Battle Balls (alien orbs with special and unique abilities). Together they form an intergalactic battle team named the “Supernoobs”, it’s their mission to protect Earth and the galaxy from a dangerous virus. However, when they’re not on important missions, they use their powers irresponsibly, often with comedic and chaotic consequences.

Larva is a South Korean 3D CGI animated series about two young insects (or larvae) with clashing personalities named Yellow and Red.

Cartoon Network At The Children’s Media Conference 2016

Cartoon Network At The Children's Media Conference 2016

Cartoon Network At The Children’s Media Conference 2016

Today (07/07/2016), was the final day of the annual Children’s Media Conference in Sheffield, probably the most important annual event in the year where the British children’s media industry gather and discuss their ideas, their work and their plans for the future. Yesterday (06/07/2016), Turner (Cartoon Network, Boomerang, Cartoonito) along with Viacom (Nickelodeon, Nick Jr., Nicktoons) and Disney (Disney Channel, Disney XD, Disney Junior) ran a combined content commissioner event. Turner, Viacom and Disney are the three major players in the UK children’s pay-TV industry.

During Turner’s part of the session, Cecilia Persson, VP of Programming & Content Strategy for Kids Channels at Turner EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) stated that Cartoon Network is looking for more original show ideas from outside the United States, Sarah Fell (Executive Director for Cartoon Network’s The Amazing World of Gumball) was also there to emphasise the importance of international kids programming. The Amazing World of Gumball was used as a successful example, produced by Cartoon Network but made outside the United States which is Turner’s main and home country.

At present, there is around 20% of non-US content airing on Cartoon Network UK, 40% of Boomerang’s schedule is content from outside the United States, half of which is commissioned. Nearly 100% of the programming on Cartoonito is acquired (not counting the programming from Turner’s sister company, Warner Bros.).

Micro-formatted content is also being commissioned and Mighty Magiswords produced by Cartoon Network Studios is one example, which has evolved from an interactive choose-your-ending fifteen-second animated shorts into a full-blown 11 minute per episode show.

In terms of Turner EMEA’s current operation, the situation of the UK leaving the European Union (which still might not happen) won’t affect their operations in the short-term and they’re still committed to using the UK as a creative base and to take advantage of children’s content/animation industry tax breaks.

Sean Gorman, Director of Cartoon Network UK, took part in an UK/Canada content collaboration session, two countries united by a common language, history and culture, both countries also have a large animation and kids TV production industry.

Cartoon Network Australia And Boomerang Australia July 2016 Highlights

Cartoon Network Australia And Boomerang Australia July 2016 Highlights

Cartoon Network Australia And Boomerang Australia July 2016 Highlights: From The Turner Australia Press Release

Cartoon Network Australia July 2016 Highlights

New Episodes

Lego Nexo Knights
Airs weekdays at 9am from Saturday 30th July.

Nowhere is safe as Jestro and the Book of Monsters try to conquer the entire kingdom. Can the NEXO Knights upgrade their powers to become the ultimate monster fighting team? Find out as the epic saga continues in the season two premiere.

Airs weekends at 8.25am from Saturday 23rd July.

It’s the Gobbowl match of the ages! To save Kriss Krass’s life, Yugo and his team must fight it out in an all star game. If they win, Kriss Krass will be saved. If they lose… uh oh! It all comes down to the final match when our heroes face the best player ever: The Masked Gobbowler. Get the ball rolling this July as season two of Wakfu continues!

Laughternoons Programming Block: New Episodes Of Clarence And George Of The Jungle

Airs weekdays from 4pm to 8pm from Monday 18th July.

Whether you’re a giggler or a boomer, Laughternoons is sure to have you rolling on the floor! Chow down on some gummy worms and swing into hilarious hijinks, because all new episodes of Clarence and George of the Jungle premiere every day!

Adventure Time Jakeover Takeover Marathon

Airs from Friday 15th July at 6pm to Sunday 17th July at 6pm.

It’s a non-stop, back-to-back weekend marathon of totally algebraic Adventure Time episodes! Join Jake and his daughter Charlie as they fight to restore his honour and win a super-secret underground Card Wars tourney in the premiere episode, Daddy Daughter Card Wars. Mathematical!

Special Teen Titans Go! And Powerpuff Girls Crossover Episode And Marathon

Marathon airs 10am to 3pm on Saturday 30th July and Sunday 31st July.

It’s a crime-fighting, butt-kicking battle as the Powerpuff Girls face off with the Teen Titans in an epic weekend marathon! These pint-sized superheroes sure know how to pack a pretty punch in the unmissable new crossover episode premiering this July.

Cartoon Network Australia And Boomerang Australia July 2016 Highlights

Boomerang Australia July 2016 Highlights

Brand New Shows

Airs weekdays at 4.55pm from Monday 18th July.

Bunnicula follows the paranormal adventures of a vampire rabbit with a veggie-sucking appetite for carrot juice. When he’s adopted by 13-year-old Mina, Bunnicula must protect her from all things that go bump in the night: including a ghostly alligator and sinister spiders! Being a vampire bunny sure bites!

Talking Tom
Airs Saturdays at 11am from Saturday 30th July.

The mischief-making internet sensation, Talking Tom, is getting into all sorts of adventures with his friends Angela, Hank, Ben and Ginger! With over 2.6 billion game downloads, the wisecracking, thrill-seeking cat is pouncing on to Boomerang this Autumn. Don’t miss the hijinks of this optimistic gang as they make their own show in the comfort of Tom’s garage-turned-app studio!

Horrid Henry Weekend Marathon

Airs from 11am to 3pm from Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th July.

Missed your favourite episodes of Horrid Henry? It’s not fair! Don’t worry, you can catch all his funniest adventures in this back to back marathon on Boomerang. Whether it’s tricking his brother or defying his parents, Henry isn’t afraid to cause a little chaos in his quest to get exactly what he wants. There’s only one thing to remember: kids rule!