Daisy & Ollie A New Animated Series Coming To Cartoonito UK This October

Daisy & Ollie New Animated Series On Cartoonito UK This October

Daisy & Ollie New Animated Series On Cartoonito UK This October

This October, Turner’s pre-school channel in the UK – Cartoonito will be premiering a brand new show from CHF Entertainment called Daisy & Ollie. The new animated pre-school series encourages children to ask their parents questions about everyday life and the world in general. Young children are extremely curious and ask loads of random (and often insightful, strange and humorous) questions as they’re trying to familiarise themselves with the world around them.

In the new animated series, two young children named Daisy and Ollie, along with their incredible toys, Boo the Monkey and Whizzy the Robot, discover all the answers to their questions. The new series is also full of music and songs as Daisy’s dad is a musician, he also has a dry sense of humour and often gets involved in Daisy’s and Ollie’s adventures. The show is based on an original idea by Helen Brown, her idea for the show was inspired by her daughter – Daisy. Comedian Jason Manford has helped to develop the new series serving as the show’s executive producer and along with the show’s creator Helen Brown, he has been writing many scripts for episodes, he also voices Daddy and Whizzy the Robot.

An initial 52 episodes (with 7 minutes runtime each) has been produced at CHF Studios in Wilmslow, Cheshire near Manchester, England, UK. The show is made using Toon Boom animation software technology and features a talent voice cast of Jason Manford, Sarah Hadland (voice of Daisy) and Claire Morgan (Ollie and Boo the Monkey). The brand new show is exclusive to Cartoonito.

CHF Studios has also produced another show that has aired on Cartoonito – Pip Ahoy!, CHF Studios has its origins in the original Cosgrove-Hall Films animation studio which produced animated hits including the original Danger Mouse series, Count Duckula and Fifi and the Flowertots.

From The CHF Entertainment Press Release Via Turner UK: CHF Entertainment Adds New Animated TV Series Daisy & Ollie Featuring Jason Manford To Its Production Slate

CHF Entertainment is welcoming new characters and content to its family with the launch of, “Daisy & Ollie”, an animated series for the pre-school audience, premiering exclusively on Cartoonito this October.

Based on an original idea by Helen Brown and developed by CHF Entertainment with Executive Producer Jason Manford; Daisy & Ollie is a pre-school series encouraging young children to be curious and question the world around them. Given the average four-year old asks over 400 questions a day, these questions can range from the sublime to the ridiculous, from the serious to the silly… and everything in between. “Why don’t ducks wear rain coats?”, “Why do cats have whiskers?”, and “Whhhyyy do we have to go to bed?!”

Daisy & Ollie, along with their out of the ordinary toys, Boo the Monkey and Whizzy the Robot, discover the answers to their questions! Daisy’s Daddy is a musician filling every episode with music and songs. He’s a bit of a joker with a dry sense of humour and often gets caught up in the children’s adventures!

Jason Manford has been instrumental in the development of the show as Executive Producer alongside Helen Brown and writing many of the scripts, as well as being the voice of both ‘Daddy’ and ‘Whizzy the Robot’.

Jason Manford said “It’s an absolute joy to work on ‘Daisy & Ollie’, and I was so eager to get involved knowing that I could finally make a show that my own kids could watch and enjoy. I spend so much time watching kid’s TV that I know what it’s like for adults to have to sit through shows that aren’t aimed at us. This show has something for everyone and you can all enjoy it together, like I will with my children.”

Helen Brown added: “Creating and developing ‘Daisy & Ollie’ with the immensely talented team at CHF has been such a pleasure and I’m thrilled to be managing the project through the studio pipeline; it’s a dream come true! The show was inspired by my daughter Daisy, who asks me hundreds of varied and entertaining questions every day, which I think all parents will relate to. Whilst having educational value, it’s also fun and engaging with great scripting, beautiful designs and wonderful animation, all of which are key to making it an entertaining show. It’s been a fantastic privilege to see ‘Daisy & Ollie’ coming to life and the end result has exceeded all of my expectations!”

Sean Gorman, Programming Director of Kids’ Channels UK, Turner, says “We’re happy to be launching the UK-produced ‘Daisy & Ollie’ on Cartoonito. Kids are so inquisitive and we think anyone who has spent any time at all with kids will be able to relate to the way this show conveys their funny and sometimes difficult questions. We think it’s important to encourage this curiosity when they’re growing up and ‘Daisy & Ollie’ is a great example of how a show can make every day learning into a great adventure.”

The 52 x 7’ minute 2D episodes for the Pre-school audience is produced using Toon Boom technology at the CHF Studios in Wilmslow. Not only does the show have a very talented team behind it at CHF, but has attracted world class voice artists consisting of Jason Manford, Sarah Hadland and Claire Morgan who between them bring the characters to life.

“It’s great fun behaving like a child in the studio, I love it! Daisy’s a great little character, inquisitive and lively like most little girls really. She’s got a really special relationship with her Daddy, often turning the joke on him! We’ve got a great cast, it’s a joy to do, there’s lots of laughs!” said Sarah Hadland, who voices Daisy.

Launching exclusively on Cartoonito this October, Daisy & Ollie promises to answer all of those difficult questions that children ask their parents!

Claire Morgan added: “Children ask a lot of awkward questions…and often in public! I think Daisy & Ollie will help a lot of parents out with the answers. I play Ollie and also Boo the cheeky monkey. Ollie is a kind, thoughtful and smart little boy who asks lots of questions and Boo is an excitable monkey! Both characters are a lot of fun to play, in fact it’s possibly the most fun you can have in a studio!”



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Fireman Sam Special: The Return Of Norman-Man
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