The Powerpuff Girls Popup Emporium Opens In London 1st June

The Powerpuff Girls Popup Emporium Opens In London 1st June

The Powerpuff Girls Popup Emporium Opens In London 1st June

Cartoon Network UK will be opening up their own Powerpuff Girls pop-up Emporium in London on Thursday 1st June. Celebrating Cartoon Network’s infamous superheroines, Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup, the emporium will be filled with loads of Powerpuff Girls themed activities. At the emporium, kids (and adults) will be able to “Powerpuff themselves” by using the Powerpuff Yourself avatar generator and learn superhero skills.

There will be a make-up and nail bar, a punching bag area, a Powerpuff Yourself zone with its own colouring wall, a rabbit and snake petting area and a power science café where visitors can carry out their own experiments just like Professor Utonium. The pop-up shop is based on the Powfactor pop-up store in New York which was open for three days last November.

The Powerpuff Girls pop-up emporium will be open from Thursday 1st June until Sunday 3rd June between 11am and 5pm and will be located at 15 Bateman Street, Soho, Central London, W1D 3AQ, entry is free.

Cartoon Network Australia April 2017 Highlights

Cartoon Network Australia April 2017 Highlights

Cartoon Network Australia April 2017 Highlights: From The Official Turner Asia-Pacific Press Release

School Holiday Special

Powerpuff Girls “Powfactor” Fridays

Airs every Friday from 8.45am from Friday 7th April.

Celebrate the school holidays with back-to-back episodes of the Powerpuff Girls with each episode focusing on the POWFACTOR that makes each Powerpuff Girl unique and special. Blossom’s leadership is front and centre on Friday 7th April, followed by the endless kindness of Bubbles on Friday 14th April and the boundless strength of Buttercup on Friday 21st April.

Easter Monday Marathon

Mighty Magiswords: Power Up Your Magiswords On Easter Monday

Airs from 8am on Monday 17th April.

Prohyas and Vambre are siblings who are “Warriors for Hire!”. Watch as the duo embark on hilarious adventures and crazy quests across their world to collect magical swords – if you have the MagiMobile app, you can collect them too! Swords featured in new episodes include the Floppy Pancake Magisword, the Zombie Pumpkin Magisword and the Carnivorous Plant Magisword! If that’s not enough, on Monday 17th April, there are 15 episodes back-to-back!

Daily Morning Special With New Episodes

Teen Titans Go! Mornings

Airs daily at 7.25am from Monday 3rd April to Friday 28th April.

The greatest teen heroes of all time in the best Teen Titans Go! episodes ever, with a brand new episode to start it all! If that’s not enough, there will be a special Easter episode on Sunday 16th April called “Easter Holiday Classic!” The Easter Bunny is missing, and it’s up to the Titans to find him before Easter is ruined.

April Fools Day Special Programming Event

The best Cartoon Network episodes with the funniest pranks, includes an all-new Teen Titans Go! April Fools’ Special Episode

Saturday 1st April at 9.25am.

It’s two and a half hours of the biggest and best pranks from many of Cartoon Network’s shows. It all kicks off with the all-new Teen Titans Go! April Fools’ special. Robin hides whoopee cushions all over the house, Beast Boy uses his shake shock device, and Starfire uses her water-squirting flower to devastating effect!

Cartoon Network Africa The Powerpuff Girls Special Weekend 28th And 29th January

Cartoon Network Africa The Powerpuff Girls Special Weekend 28th And 29th January

Cartoon Network Africa The Powerpuff Girls Special Weekend 28th And 29th January

Cartoon Network Africa will be having a special Powerpuff Girls weekend, airing from 10.40am CAT on Saturday 28th January and 4.30pm CAT on Sunday 29th January on DStv channel 301. The two day stunt that’s filled with Sugar, Spice and everything nice will feature brand new episodes highlighting the special abilities of the three Powerpuff Girls – Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup. The special weekend follows on from the launch of Cartoon Network’s Powfactor campaign which has gone global since its launch last year.

Cartoon Network updated the Powerpuff Yourself avatar maker last November to include a Powfactor personality quiz along with additional avatar customisation features. People who complete the Powfactor quiz can find out their “secret ingredient” which makes them heroic and unique. Since its launch last April, the Powerpuff Yourself avatar maker has been a success on social media with a total of over 12 million Powerpuff-style avatars created.

Cartoon Network has also launched a brand new Powerpuff Girls YouTube channel which features video clips, comedy moments, music, games and exclusive content. The Powerpuff Girls YouTube channel can be accessed via the link below.

The Powerpuff Girls are back just in time to save the weekend! Cartoon Network brings you a Powerpuff Girls weekend special from Saturday 28th to Sunday 29th of January: From The Official Turner Africa/Burson-Marsteller Press Release

Cartoon Network is excited to announce that they are adding lots of sugar, spice and all things nice to DStv this weekend with a Powerpuff Girls weekend special. Following the global launch of the #POWFACTOR campaign at the end of 2016, which celebrates the “special ingredient” inside everyone, Cartoon Network will be jam-packed with a two-day special stunt starring our favourite little girls in special The Powerpuff Girl episodes. The all-new episodes will showcase their inner power and special abilities.

“Just like Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup, all kids have their own #POWFACTOR, a special ingredient which makes them heroes,” says Pierre Branco, Vice President and General Manager of Southern Europe and Africa for Turner Africa. “The weekend special episodes embody a message of positivity, individuality and confidence and we hope that this encourages kids across Africa to embrace their unique power as an individual to have a positive impact on the world around them.”

So what is your special #POWFACTOR ingredient? Here is your opportunity to find out by PPG’ing Yourself. Cartoon Network’s updated Powerpuff Yourself app allows you to create your very own personalised avatar and then take a personality quiz to find out what your #POWFACTOR power is! Click here to start your transformation now and reveal your unique #POWFACTOR, for free!

The original Powerpuff Yourself web game debuted in April last year during the premiere of the reimagined The Powerpuff Girls animated series on Cartoon Network. It quickly hit the pop culture scene dominating social media with over 12 million fans globally creating Powerpuff avatars in their likeness.

In-between fighting crime and finding your special #POWFACTOR ingredient, if you happen to miss the weekend special, don’t worry because Powerpuff Girls fans have the opportunity to get online exclusive content by visiting the PPG YouTube channel. Recently launched, the PPG YouTube channel is packed with PPG’s favourite video clips, hilarious comedy moments, music, games and air-play. It’s the perfect place to be for everything Powerpuff.

Click to find out more.

The Powerpuff Girls special weekend episodes air on Cartoon Network, DStv channel 301, on Saturday 28 January @ 10h40 and Sunday 29 January @ 16h30 CAT.