Cartoon Network Still Has Future Plans For Adventure Time

Cartoon Network Still Has Future Plans For Adventure Time

Cartoon Network Still Has Future Plans For Adventure Time

Cartoon Network still has future plans for its Adventure Time property despite the fact the show has ended this year, at least in terms of product and service licensing. According to an interview with Cartoon Network Enterprises EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) vice-president – Johanne Broadfield on licensing news website –, the show remains to be one of Cartoon Network’s priority franchises. Adventure Time was a genre defining series and attracted a diverse fanbase of kids, adults and celebrities and for many of its license holders, it was their most successful IP license ever. The interview was published on’s website on the final day of the Brand Licensing Europe 2018 event in London (9th to 11th October).

In the interview, Johanne Broadfield said: “The brand is now making the natural transition into the evergreen space and whilst the future will be different, it will be no less exciting. We fully intend to take all those hugely enthusiastic fans, licensees and retailers on the journey with us and pick up more along the way.”

Although the show has ended, the show has an everlasting popularity due to the sustained level of success throughout its eight year run as an animated series, many kids literally grew up with Finn and Jake, as both characters matured during the series.

Adventure Time was the first IP utilised by Cartoon Network for its first VR app – “I See Ooo” which launched in 2016, a Jake the Dog themed VR viewer was also released. Adventure Time already has loads of games available for mobile devices and games consoles, including the recently launched Adventure Time: Pirates Of The Enchiridion which was released in July this year as well as Bloons Adventure Time TD. Adventure Time will continue to be present in the form of physical installations at theme parks in the Middle East such as IMG Worlds of Adventure and also the Cartoon Network Wave cruise liner which will set sail on its maiden voyage in Asia very soon.

Adventure Time won’t be leaving television screens any time soon as it will continue to air on Cartoon Network (at least in the EMEA region) and on free-to-air children’s channels across Europe. The show will continue to live on in Cartoon Network’s extensive back catalogue of episodes and specials and there still be new Adventure Time merchandise coming soon to retailers.

Johanne Broadfield concludes – “There is so much more to come, and as any fan knows well, the fun will never end for Adventure Time.”

Read the full interview on the link below:

Cartoon Network Enterprises Announces New Product Licensees, New Powerpuff Girls, Ben 10, Steven Universe And We Bare Bears Merchandise Coming Soon

Cartoon Network Enterprises Announces New Product Licensees, New Powerpuff Girls, Ben 10, Steven Universe And We Bare Bears Merchandise Coming Soon

During this week (Tuesday 22nd to Thursday 24th May) was the 2018 Licensing Expo in Las Vegas and Cartoon Network Enterprises has been busy making deals and have added some new product licensees for some of its most popular properties such as the The Powerpuff Girls, We Bare Bears and Adventure Time.

The Powerpuff Girls is celebrating its 20th anniversary as a full series this year, with the promise of new episodes, events and products that will continue into next year. In terms of new product licensing partnerships for Cartoon Network’s The Powerpuff Girls property, Champion has made a deal to launch a limited-edition collection in fleece and heritage silhouettes which will be released in Autumn 2018. Mondo Tees will introduces a range of Powerpuff Girls themed pins and high-end print and Mattel will launch a Powerpuff Girls Barbie fashions range which will be available worldwide ready for Christmas 2018.

In Latin America, Brazilian flip-flop sandals brand – Havaianas will be releasing Powerpuff Girls themed products for kids and adults from July this year. During this month, personal-care products company – Cremer will launch a range of Powerpuff Girls products. Personalised book company – Dentro da Historia will be launching personalised Powerpuff Girls children’s books this month. Coconut water brand – Amazonia will be launching a Powerpuff Girls themed drink very soon.

Over in EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa), there will be more Powerpuff Girls themed clothing. Cartoon Network Enterprises has made deals with Sabrina Pilewicz (women’s handbags in Poland), Undiz (nightwear and underwear in France, Germany, Poland, Spain, Russia and the Middle East) and Textiss (a nightwear and underwear product-line in France). British fashion designer Katie Eary will launch a premium clothing collection available worldwide this Autumn, the same collection was unveiled at London Fashion Week in February. Bizuu will be introducing a new Powerpuff Girls athleisure collection in Poland.

In a statement regarding the new Powerpuff Girls products, Pete Yoder, Vice President of Cartoon Network Enterprises for North America said:

“Fans have been following the adventures of The Powerpuff Girls for 20 years and with these fresh new products, they can continue to showcase their passion for the brand. All of our partners captured the Powfactor of this enduring brand, and we are thrilled to share this milestone anniversary with them.”

For Cartoon Network’s Ben 10, FAB Starpoint has signed up to produce Ben 10 themed backpacks. For We Bare Bears, appropriately named skateboard apparel and accessories – Grizzly Griptape has signed up as a licensee, Toy Factory has made a deal to produce plush toys, Funko has made a deal to make We Bare Bears Funko POP! vinyl figures and Concept One Accessories has agreed to offer We Bare Bears accessories, luggage and bags.

PopSockets has signed up to offer Steven Universe accessories, while Accutime has made a deal to expand its Adventure Time watch range.

Justice League Action Happy Meals Now At McDonald’s UK

Justice League Action Happy Meals Now At McDonald's UK

Justice League Action Happy Meals Now At McDonald’s UK

Justice League Action Happy Meals are now at McDonald’s restaurants in the UK, during the promotion, each McDonald’s Happy Meal will include one of ten Justice League Action superhero gadget toys, including Batman’s Batarang and also the Super Communicator. There’s three different Justice League Action Happy Meal box designs featuring characters from the Cartoon Network show – Superman with Supergirl, The Flash with Wonder Woman and Batman with Batgirl.

Each Happy Meal includes a Happy Readers voucher to get one of two Justice League books for £1 at WHSmith or Eason (Northern Ireland). By using the voucher code printed on the Happy Meal box, you can also download the ebook Justice League: Meet the Team for free at McDonald’s Happy Studio app has lots of exclusive Justice League Action activities and games, using the app, you can create your own Justice League Action comic strip by scanning in a Happy Meal toy.

In UK restaurants from 10.30am. A range of toys available at different times and sold separately. While stocks last. Ends Tuesday 5th June.