Over the Garden Wall Soundtrack To Be Released On Vinyl

Over the Garden Wall Soundtrack To Be Released On Vinyl

Over the Garden Wall Soundtrack To Be Released On Vinyl (Also Digitally)

Mondo Music will be releasing the soundtrack of Over The Garden Wall on Vinyl on Wednesday this week (21/09/2016), the album was originally released exclusively at San Diego Comic Con. The album features 32 tracks from the Cartoon Network’s Emmy award winning miniseries composed by The Blasting Company, the album also includes a 20 page song lyrics booklet, artwork by Sam Wolfe Connelly, as well as sheet music so you too can learn to play the songs from the mini-series.

A vinyl release is highly appropriate because of the late 19th century/early 20th century era the show was set in, also to quote Elijah Wood (the voice of Wirt) “If this show were a record, it would be played on a phonograph”.

For those who don’t want a vinyl copy of the soundtrack, Mondo Music will also be releasing the music digitally this Friday (23/09/2016) on iTunes, Amazon and Mondo Music’s brand new BandCamp page.


Justice League Action To Feature Over 150 Characters

Justice League Action To Feature Over 150 Characters

Justice League Action To Feature Over 150 Characters

Justice League Action producers Butch Lukic, Alan Burnett and Jim Krieg spoke with comic book news website Comic Book Resources (and other members of the press) in a round-table interview at San Diego Comic Con 2016 two weeks ago. In the interview, Lukic, Burnett and Jim Krieg spoke about the upcoming DC Comics animated show, they mentioned that in the first season there will be a total of 152 characters (sixty superheroes, forty villians and the rest are supporting characters) and each episode will feature at least one of the main superheroes in the DC Comics franchise, either Superman, Batman or Wonder Woman.

The new show will be an action show combined with elements of comedy and will have an appeal to kids, mostly boys. Some of the episodes will be based upon existing comic book storylines, including a potential original Apokalips/Darkseid storyline which was mentioned in the interview, some of episodes will be based upon the producers’ favourite DC comic book issues.

Justice League Action will premiere on Cartoon Network USA sometime this autumn.

The interview with the producers of the upcoming series can be seen on the link below:


San Diego Comic Con 2016 Cartoon Network Events

San Diego Comic Con 2016 Cartoon Network Events

San Diego Comic Con 2016 Cartoon Network Events

In the last four days (21/07/2016 – 24/07/2016), a lot has happened at the San Diego Comic-Con International 2016 convention, so here’s a summary of the rest of the Cartoon Network events.

John DiMaggio (voice of Jake the Dog), plays the Card Wars trading card game with Adventure Time fans, making Make-A-Wish kids’ dreams come true, another Make-A-Wish family met the cast of Steven Universe.

Adventure Time cosplayers preparing for the Card Wars tournament:

The Cartoon Network Collective stand, showcasing high-quality artwork of Cartoon Network’s most popular shows with autographs given out by the artists:

Amanda Leighton (voice actress for Blossom in The Powerpuff Girls reboot series) taken over Cartoon Network’s twitter account. The cast of The Powerpuff Girls appeared at an autograph signing event and Q&A panel and promoted the new toy range, also there was a sneak preview for an upcoming Powerpuff Girls episode.

Powerpuff Girls writers Haley Mancini and Jake Goldman joined the IDW Comics Kids panel:

Zach Callison (voice of Steven Universe) taken over Cartoon Network’s Twitter account for a behind-the-scenes sneak peek behind the Steven Universe musical panel:

The cast of Steven Universe sung various songs from the show in the Steven Sing-A-Verse event:

There was also a special sneak peek of the Beach City Drift episode:

Lucky fans got to meet the We Bare Bears cast Eric Edelstein (Grizz), Bobby Moynihan (Panda) and Demetri Martin (Ice Bear) in an autograph session, Eric Edelstein also taken over Cartoon Network’s Twitter account.

We Bare Bears fans got to ask Daniel Chong (the show’s creator) as well as the rest of the cast and crew questions about the show at the panel:

A special We Bare Bears sneak-peek featuring Ice Bear showing off his cool (in both senses of the word) new mode of transportation was shown during the panel:

Over The Garden Wall creator – Patrick McHale did a special signing session for convention exclusive copies of Tome of the Unknown and he also took part in a comics panel.

Teen Titans Go! panel and autograph signings with the cast and crew at the Warner Bros. booth:

The cast and crew for Warner Bros. Animation’s upcoming new series – Justice League Action were also at the Warner Bros. booth, meeting and greeting fans:

Last but definitely not least, a special sneak peek for the upcoming Regular Show: In Space special that will air on Cartoon Network USA this autumn:

For even more pictures of the fun events at San Diego Comic-Con, please check out Cartoon Network USA’s Public Relations Twitter account: