Cartoon Network Panel At Fast Company Innovation Festival 2017 In New York

Cartoon Network Panel At Fast Company Innovation Festival 2017 In New York

Cartoon Network Panel At Fast Company Innovation Festival 2017 In New York

Today (24/10/2017), there was a breakfast Cartoon Network panel event at the Fast Company Innovation Festival in New York, the panel was about creative thinking and how it can help the next generation who will face future challenges that will need fresh ideas to solve them, this includes teaching technology in schools such as computer programming and to encourage children’s creativity. The panel was called “Cartoon Network on Why the Future Belongs to Creative Thinkers” and featured a team of technology and creative experts along with the president of Cartoon Network – Christina Miller.

Professionals present at the panel include Saxs Persson, Creative Director for Minecraft; Mitch Resnick, LEGO Papert Professor of Learning Research at MIT Media Lab; Adam Leibsohn, Chief Operating Officer at GIPHY; Zach Klein, co-founder of and Limor Fried, Engineer and Founder at Adafruit Industries. Cartoon Network have been working with MIT Media Lab, and Mojang (the makers of the creative sandbox game – Minecraft) to encourage creative thinking among school children, which includes using the graphical programming language – Scratch or creating worlds and using command blocks and logic circuits in Minecraft either at school or in their free time.

As mentioned at the panel and in order to help the next generation, we must start focusing on kids so they can gradually change the world when they get older and to stop discouraging kids out of subjects and hobbies that they’re passionate about and interested in. Christina Miller also mentioned that creating interactive worlds and not just television shows will help foster kids’ creativity.

More tweets can be viewed on Cartoon Network PR’s Twitter Account:

Cartoon Network Asia Pacific Launches Computer Programming Learning Initiative

Cartoon Network Asia Pacific Launches Computer Programming Learning Initiative

Cartoon Network Asia Pacific Launches Computer Programming Learning Initiative

Today (12/07/2017), Turner Asia-Pacific has launched its Cartoon Network themed computer programming learning initiative called “Code the Future with Cartoon Network”, where young students will learn the basics of computer programming using fun and interactive methods. The new initiative is similar to Cartoon Network USA’s partnership with the Scratch Foundation, the organisation behind the Scratch programming language, a simplified programming language designed specifically for children and for people who have never coded before.

The scheme has launched in the Philippines first and is part of a wider campaign in the region to introduce coding to school children across Asia. Cartoon Network’s coding initiative also includes an in-school adventure camp, a young ambassador initiative and a website full of coding tutorials and videos from Cartoon Network. The campaign will also use the Scratch programming language, which will provide easy access for anyone who wishes to create and share their interactive stories, games and animations. Schools are now focusing more on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics) subjects, and the new initiative from Cartoon Network will integrate well into the school curriculum.

Code the Future workshops will start in July at 10 different schools in the Manila Metropolitan area, at the workshops, kids aged between 8 and 10 years old will learning the fundamentals of coding, with the use of Ben 10, Adventure Time, The Powerpuff Girls and We Bare Bears graphical assets and tutorials. Students will gain an understanding of planes of movement, conditional thinking and animation.

Turner has signed up two young and talents coders in the Philippines to take part in the Code the Future campaign – Nico Jorge and Faith Khoo, Nico creates and plays his own games for enjoyment and Faith develop games for school projects, both will help to teach kids how to code. According to Turner’s New Generations 2017 survey it was revealed that 57% of kids in Manila aged between 4 to 14 learnt coding in schools with 87% of them enjoying the subject. Cartoon Network is the leading international children’s television channel in the Philippines and the greater Southeast Asian region.

From The Turner Asia-Pacific Press Release: Coding A Brighter Future For Asia: Turner’s Cartoon Network Launches Initiative To Encourage Kids Programming

Turner Asia Pacific today announced the launch of its “Code the Future with Cartoon Network” program where students learn the basics of computer programming in a fun and interactive way.

With a Philippines-first launch, the scheme is part of a broader, regional campaign to introduce coding to school children in Asia. It includes an in-school adventure camp, a young ambassador initiative and a website packed with coding tutorials, videos and concepts from Cartoon Network, a brand known for its ability to connect with kids and fans across multiple touchpoints.

The campaign uses a free programming language and online community that provides easy access for anyone who wants to create and share interactive stories, games and animation. Its launch comes at a time when this technical life skill gains importance in schools that are increasingly emphasising Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics (also known as STEAM).

“Coding is where tech, engineering and the arts all converge, and has become vitally important for this current generation of plurals,” explains Vishal Dembla, Turner’s Southeast Asia General Manager. “Through this initiative, Cartoon Network will equip children – via a hugely fun and colorful method of instruction – with an essential tool that can open up many doors.”

To kick off, the three-month Code the Future workshops starts in July at 10 different Metro Manila schools. There kids aged 8-10 will learn the fundamentals of coding from Cartoon Network’s shows Ben 10, Adventure Time, The Powerpuff Girls and We Bare Bears. Students will come away with an understanding of planes of movement, conditional thinking, and how to create animated sprites and characters.

Turner has also enlisted the help of two young and talented Filipino coders to take part in the campaign and Code the Future. Nico Jorge is passionate about creating and playing games, while Faith Khoo develops games for school projects, and both are motivated to help the community by teaching kids how to code.

Turner’s New Generations 2017 survey revealed that 57% of Manila-based kids aged 4-14 learnt coding in schools with 87% of them enjoying the subject. Cartoon Network dominates the kids space in the Philippines, hosting regular branded events, developing games and apps for local fans, and continues to be the leading international kids channel on TV.*

* Data Sources: Turner’s New Generations Survey 2017 – Philippines. Kantar Media (Philippines), Year to Date 2017; Local Kids Targets; Ranking among Kids Channels.

Cartoon Network News In Brief Early March 2017

Cartoon Network News In Brief Early March 2017

Cartoon Network News In Brief Early March 2017

Samurai Jack Season 5 On Adult Swim UK Promo Now Airing on FOX UK

Samurai Jack is finally returning to the UK with new episodes after a decade, the brand new season will air on FOX UK’s Adult Swim programming block on Thursday 16th March at midnight (technically Friday 17th March at 12am in the morning). Jack has been trapped in the future for fifty years, he has been looking for time portal to go back to his own time but Aku, the shape shifting master of darkness has destroyed them all, leaving Jack stranded. At first, Jack believed he had nothing to fight for, but eventually he decides to makes one final big score with brutal battles and exciting explosions.

Samurai Jack Free Screening In Los Angeles, Thursday 9th March

Adult Swim USA will be hosting a premiere screening party of Samurai Jack season five in Los Angeles on Thursday 9th March. The special screening party will be held at The Theatre at the Ace Hotel on South Broadway, doors will open at 7pm and the event will officially start at 8pm. At the event, there will be an exclusive Q&A with series creator Genndy Tartakovsky, a prize giveaway and other special guests. Unfortunately, RSVP for this screening is now closed.

Due to popular demand, Adult Swim will be running a second screening on the following day (Friday 10th March), if you’re in the Los Angeles area next Friday and you’re a fan of Samurai Jack, this will be one event you wouldn’t want to miss, people who wish to attend the screening can RSVP via the link below or on the embedded tweet. This is a screening only event, but will include a prize giveaway and free popcorn.

Cartoon Network Studios Shorts Screening At GLAS Animation Festival Tomorrow (4th March)

Running from Thursday 2nd March to Sunday 5th March this week is the GLAS Animation Festival in Berkeley (near San Francisco), California (GLobal Animation Syndicate). Tomorrow at the animation festival, there will be a special screening of five animated shorts produced by Cartoon Network Studios. Infinity Train (Created by Regular Show’s Owen Dennis), Victor and Valentino (Created by The Powerpuff Girls’ Diego Molano), Welcome to My Life (Created by Adventure Time’s Elizabeth Ito), Apple and Onion (Created by The Amazing World of Gumball’s George Gendi) and Legendary Place (Created by Regular Show’s Calvin Wong) will all be on public exhibition tomorrow at a special screening at the David Brower Center at 11.30am. Cartoon Network Studios is also a major sponsor of the GLAS Animation Festival.

Turner At The Mobile World Congress 2017 in Barcelona, Spain

This week (27/02/2017 – 02/03/2017) was the Mobile World Congress 2017 convention in Barcelona, Spain and Turner, the owner of Cartoon Network was also represented at the event. Prominent members of Cartoon Network management including Christina Miller (President of Cartoon Network and General Manager of Cartoon Network USA) and Giorgio Stock (President of Turner Europe, Middle East and Africa) were among the speakers at the event. In the media industry, mobile devices are becoming an increasingly important medium to distribute content, including television shows and mobile games and apps, meanwhile, television is becoming less important as a source of entertainment or news. Turner’s parent company – Time Warner is currently in the process of being acquired by AT&T, one of the world’s largest telecommunications companies, it is no doubt that mobile content distribution will play an increasingly important role in Turner’s future strategy, not only to retain existing audiences but also to expand to new audiences as well.

At Mobile World Congress 2017, Turner revealed some interesting statistics, mobile app downloads relating to Turner’s kids brands (which includes Cartoon Network and Boomerang) have increased by 83% within one year. Christina Miller talked about creating role models in cartoons to get girls interested in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics). Cartoon Network USA currently works with the Scratch Foundation to encourage school kids to get creative by coding their own stories using their favourite cartoon characters.

Giorgio Stock explains that Turner’s brands are fan-orientated. Turner’s brands are supported by its fans on major social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram.