Cartoon Network India Celebrates 20th Anniversary Of The Powerpuff Girls

Cartoon Network India Celebrates 20th Anniversary Of The Powerpuff Girls

Cartoon Network India Celebrates 20th Anniversary Of The Powerpuff Girls

For the 20th anniversary of The Powerpuff Girls and for the international “Empowerpuff” campaign introduced this week, Cartoon Network India has partnered with The Souled Store to announce the country’s first ever “The POW-fect Girls” – which is a list featuring 20 influential woman in India. The 20 powerful women influencers have vocations varying from acting, sports and athletics, social activism, business to entrepreneurship. “The POW-fect Girls” are role-models who have triumphed and made their own way to success.

Also for the show’s 20th anniversary, Cartoon Network India is running a competition for viewers to win a trip for three people to the Cartoon Network Amazone Water Theme Park in Thailand. To enter the competition, CN fans must tag their own Powerpuff Girls Squad, further details will be announced on Cartoon Network APAC’s (Asia-Pacific) Facebook page and also The Souled Store’s own Instagram and Facebook pages. The Souled Store is an online pop-culture retailer in India that also sells Powerpuff Girls merchandise.

Commenting on the show’s 20th anniversary, Siddharth Jain, Managing Director of Turner India said:

“We at Cartoon Network are thrilled to celebrate the milestone journey of The Powerpuff Girls – the most enduring and one of the top grossing franchises of all times. Over the years, The Powerpuff Girls have inspired and entertained fans across the globe with its distinct characters, adventure-comedy and its pop-culture influence across storylines. Our focus and strategy has always been to keep our fans at the forefront. In line with that thought, the 20-year anniversary, will see ardent fans join us to revel in nostalgia and celebrate the splendid journey of The Powerpuff Girls.”

Vikram Sharma, Vice President of Cartoon Network Enterprises Asia Pacific also added:

“After two awesome crime-fighting decades, this super-cute/super-fierce trio is showing no signs of putting their feet up. This franchise juggernaut continues to engage multiple demos- Kid, Tween and Adult alike on multiple platforms. Our fantastic partnership with The Souled Store is just one of many in the coming months to get our Powerpuff Girls fans in India excited and they can look forward to a wide range of product launches across categories.”

Cartoon Network Plans To Open Theme Park Zone At Amaazia Water Park In India

Cartoon Network Plans To Open Theme Park Zone At Amaazia Water Park In India

Cartoon Network Plans To Open Theme Park Zone At Amaazia Water Park In India

Today (09/11/2017), Turner International India have announced their plans to open a Cartoon Network theme park area at the Amaazia Water Park located in Surat, India. The new theme park area will cover over 61,000 square meters and will 33 different rides and attractions featuring many of Cartoon Network’s famous animated characters from its popular shows including Ben 10, The Powerpuff Girls and Adventure Time. The attraction aims to attract one million visitors in its first year. The new attraction has been designed by the Australia-based thematic attraction design company – Sanderson Group.

The Amaazia water park officially opened to the public last December and already features a variety of water slides and pools, the new theme park zone at Amaazia will be Cartoon Network’s first amusement park in India. At the new Cartoon Network theme park, visitors will also get to meet and greet with various characters from channel’s animated shows. Outside of India, Cartoon Network already has a water park in Pattaya, Thailand named Cartoon Network Amazone and has a theme park zone at IMG Worlds of Adventure in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

When announcing the new attraction, Siddharth Jain, the managing director of Turner India, said: “We are always on a lookout for ways to increase our engagement with the fans. For us, they are not viewers or subscribers, they are fans. This venture is a great way to interact and engage with the fans in a different, yet effective way. Also, the park is located at the heart of the city, make it accessible for the residents, and people from neighbouring cities”

Anand Singh, the director of Cartoon Network Enterprises in South Asia, added: “We have two other theme parks, one in Dubai and the other in Pattaya. While the attractions will provide visibility and engagement with consumers, the retail outlets will help with pushing merchandise to the relevant target group.”

Sanjay Movaliya, the chairman of Rajgreen Group, the owner of the Amaazia water park, sees the Amaazia water park project as a passion of his and after visiting various theme parks around the world, he decided he wanted to open one in India, he said: “Since the mid to late 90s, when I started travelling abroad extensively, I used to visit theme parks and amusement parks. While I thoroughly enjoyed them as a visitor, I also always wondered when India will have such a facility. So, when a piece of land ideal for such a project came up, I bid for it and won and started the water park initially”

New Information About Cartoon Network Shows On New Indian Voot VOD Service

New Information About Cartoon Network Shows On New Indian Voot VOD Service

New Information About Cartoon Network Shows On New Indian VOOT VOD Service

Back in March, Viacom18 (Viacom’s Indian division, a joint venture between Viacom and Network18) announced their new video on-demand service called Voot, Viacom18 also announced their content deal with Turner which includes animated shows that also broadcast on Cartoon Network India and Pogo. Today (24/06/2016), Viacom18 made another announcement with further details on what Cartoon Network shows will be added to the new VOD service. Animated shows on the new service include: The Powerpuff Girls, Ben 10, Dexter’s Laboratory, Roll No. 21, Samurai Jack, Johnny Bravo and M.A.D. Pogo’s Chotta Bheem and Mighty Raju are already available on the Voot service.

Siddharth Jain, Senior Vice President and Managing Director, South Asia, for Turner India, made this statement in regards to the content distribution deal and stated the importance of technology to distribute content is based on findings in Turner’s New Generations 2016 survey:

“We at Turner are dedicated in engaging consumers and collaborators in new ways to develop immersive worlds that enable our fans to experience our brands, franchises and content wherever, whenever and how ever they like. The collaboration with Viacom18 is a strategic move towards achieving this objective of being where our fans are and we know from our own New Generations 2016 research that 71% of today’s plurals are mobile phone users and 30% of them are on surfing the internet.”

Sudhanshu Vats, Group CEO, Viacom18 also commented that the content agreement with Turner has helped to increase their on-demand library:

“Online kids content is one of the major white spaces that exists in the country today. Through a dedicated offering within VOOT, called VOOT Kids we had started our journey to create the largest online destination for kids’ content in India. This vision saw us aggregate content from both within our network brand Nick and outside, to launch with over ~7000 videos of kids content. This strategic partnership with Turner India will further bolster our content repository for VOOT Kids. Additionally, this also brings two powerhouses of kids content on a singular platform to bring forth the best viewing experience for our loyal little viewers.”

Gaurav Gandhi, COO, Viacom18 Digital Ventures further explained:

“With close to one-fifth of all viewing on VOOT coming in for VOOT Kids already, we clearly have managed to catch the attention of one of the most discerning audiences and the true digital natives. With this multi-year strategic tie-up with Turner India, we are adding to the depth and variety of content for this audience.”