Cartoon Network At Brand Licensing Europe 2016

Cartoon Network At Brand Licensing Europe 2016

Cartoon Network At Brand Licensing Europe 2016

This week (11/10/2016 to 13/10/2016) is the Brand Licensing Europe 2016 convention at the Olympia in London, UK. The convention is the largest of its kind in Europe in the area of product licensing with brands ranging from kids cartoons, movies and sporting events and leagues are represented at the convention. The convention is an opportunity for potential licensees to buy the rights to use brands for a product or service, this can be anything from toys and collectables, clothing and even amusement rides.

Cartoon Network is there as usual promoting their latest shows, most particually The Powerpuff Girls,the channel is promoting the show with giant inflatables of Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup and also an action scene statue outside. The other show Cartoon Network is mostly promoting at the convention is Adventure Time.

The Adventure Time brand in EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) currently has more than 100 licensees. A notable licencing deal was one with Lego to include Adventure Time as part of Lego Dimensions – a “toys-to-life” game, in that the player has Lego figures and a toy pad which can be played within the game itself where it features characters and environments. The Lego Dimensions game has been open up to include many popular movie and TV franchises, the game has brought Lego collecting to a brand new level and provides an additional virtual and interactive experience to ordinary physical play.

The Adventure Time McDonald’s Happy Meal mixup character toy promotion will spread to other part of Europe, Middle East and Africa in 2017 after a successful campaign in the UK. There are currently Adventure Time clothing deals with retailers across Europe ranging from Next, Primark and HMV in the UK, C&A in Germany, El Corte Inglés in Spain and also Adventure Time character themed Dr. Martens boots. The Adventure Time boots partnership between Cartoon Network and Dr. Martens won the Best Licensed Adult Apparel Range award at 2016 Licensing Awards this year. Cartoon Network’s Adventure Time also won the Best Teen or Adult Licensed Property award.

Among the licensing holders for The Powerpuff Girls are Posh Paws, the comics and toys retailer Forbidden Planet, Roy Lowe and Sons, William Lamb, C&M Licensing and global toy partner – Spin Master.

Johanne Broadfield, vice president, Cartoon Network Enterprises EMEA commented on the gradually growing success of Adventure Time:

“In a little over five years, ‘Adventure Time’ has gone on an extraordinary and magical journey from an underground secret, to a cult hit, and now is riding high as a true mass-market proposition. The scale of partners that are supporting the franchise is immense and this really demonstrates how it is appealing to a broader audience than ever–from boys, girls, tweens, teens and adults, everyone loves it.”

Meanwhile over on the Warner Bros. stand, they’re promoting Teen Titans Go!, Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and Looney Tunes.

Cartoon Network India Promotes New Bollywood Superhero Tiger Shroff Movie

Cartoon Network India Promotes New Bollywood Superhero Tiger Shroff Movie

Cartoon Network India Promotes New Bollywood Superhero Tiger Shroff Movie: From The Turner India Press Release

Cartoon Network India, POGO and Toonami have partnered with the latest Tiger Shroff movie “A Flying Jatt” to spread super power amongst kids. This association brings three specials across all three kids’ channels, with the Flying Jatt showcasing his super hero demeanour and antics. These exclusive specials will be supported by a promotional music video with Kris, Chhota Bheem and Superman.

Tiger Shroff with his exceptional action skills will be seen entertaining the audiences with power packed specials that will include adventure along with a blend of fun and humour. The curated specials will highlight the action hero wooing the kids with his Bollywood thumkas and super hero tricks!

Cartoon Network’s favourite super hero Kris, known for his humour and adventure based escapades will be creating a special “Masti Time with Kris Aur Flying Jatt”. This fun filled special will have Kris dancing with Flying Jatt – Tiger Shroff to entertain their enthusiasts.

Cartoon Network will be airing “Masti Time With Kris Aur Flying Jatt” on Saturday 27th August at 11am.

“Flying Jatt in Dholakpur” on POGO

POGO’s iconic character Chhota Bheem teams up with Flying Jatt to create magic for his viewers. This special will be packed with action, adventure and a fun quotient within the realms of entertainment.

Pogo will showcase an extraordinary special “Flying Jatt in Dholakpu” slotted for Sunday 28th August at 10.30am.

“Flying Jatt Meets Superman” on Toonami Superman who symbolizes power and strength will be seen saving the world along with Toonami’s special character for a special. “Flying Jatt Meets Superman” will be aired on Toonami on Thursday 25th August 2016 at 11.45am.

Get ready to join the madness and learn exceptional action moves this August with Flying Jatt and Turner International.

Justice League Action To Feature Over 150 Characters

Justice League Action To Feature Over 150 Characters

Justice League Action To Feature Over 150 Characters

Justice League Action producers Butch Lukic, Alan Burnett and Jim Krieg spoke with comic book news website Comic Book Resources (and other members of the press) in a round-table interview at San Diego Comic Con 2016 two weeks ago. In the interview, Lukic, Burnett and Jim Krieg spoke about the upcoming DC Comics animated show, they mentioned that in the first season there will be a total of 152 characters (sixty superheroes, forty villians and the rest are supporting characters) and each episode will feature at least one of the main superheroes in the DC Comics franchise, either Superman, Batman or Wonder Woman.

The new show will be an action show combined with elements of comedy and will have an appeal to kids, mostly boys. Some of the episodes will be based upon existing comic book storylines, including a potential original Apokalips/Darkseid storyline which was mentioned in the interview, some of episodes will be based upon the producers’ favourite DC comic book issues.

Justice League Action will premiere on Cartoon Network USA sometime this autumn.

The interview with the producers of the upcoming series can be seen on the link below: