Cartoon Network Germany Superhero Movie Competition

Cartoon Network Germany Superhero Movie Competition

Cartoon Network Germany Superhero Movie Competition

Cartoon Network Germany and Bavaria Filmstadt have teamed up for a competition to give kids to win a chance to create their own superhero mini-movie. The competition is to promote the arrival of the new Powerpuff Girls series on Cartoon Network. All entrants have to do is think like the Powerpuff Girls on how they would save the day and submit their ideas using the online form.

The competition is open to all children and teenagers in Germany aged 6-15 years and entrants can work in groups. The grand prize winner will get to have their movie idea created at Bavaria Filmstadt by a team of professionals and the winner will also get to see the movie on Cartoon Network. The competition closes on 23rd June 2016.

Cartoon Network USA Yoursday Thursday 26th May

Cartoon Network USA Yoursday Thursday 26th May

Cartoon Network USA Yoursday Thursday 26th May

On Thursday 26th May, The Yoursday programming block on Cartoon Network USA will feature a new episode each of Clarence, The Amazing World of Gumball, The Powerpuff Girls, Teen Titans Go!, Regular Show and Adventure Time and a new episode from the Steven Universe: In Too Deep story arc. The fun begins at 5pm ET/PT on Cartoon Network.

Thursday 26th May Yoursday Schedule:

The Amazing World of Gumball
The Nest
5.00pm ET/PT

A neighbor disappears and the Wattersons investigate, but discover the culprit may be their Evil Turtle.

5.30pm ET/PT

Clarence suffers burnout from having too many adventures, but struggles to sit around and do nothing.

Teen Titans Go!
Rad Dudes with Bad Tudes
6.00pm ET/PT

Robin meets cool dudes on rollerblades and tries to emulate them.

The Powerpuff Girls
Once Upon a Townsville
6.30pm ET/PT

A princess visits Townsville.

Steven Universe
Barn Mates (In Too Deep)
7.00pm ET/PT

Steven helps friends at the barn.

Adventure Time
Five Short Tables
7.30pm ET/PT

Fionna and Cake go on a cooking adventure to take Cake’s art to a new level.

Regular Show
Marvolo the Wizard
7.45pm ET/PT

Pops thinks he’s a wizard trapped in the medieval period.

The Yoursday promo for Thursday 26th May:

Turner Upfront 2016 Cartoon Network And Boomerang

Turner Upfront 2016 Cartoon Network And Boomerang

Turner Upfront 2016 Cartoon Network And Boomerang

Today (18/05/2016) the 2016 Turner Upfront event was held in New York City. At the event, Turner revealed its plans for their television channels for the next 12 months, including Cartoon Network and Boomerang.

The event didn’t really reveal much in terms of extra plans for Cartoon Network and Boomerang but rather reaffirmed what Turner has publically confirmed as of late, such as the new Peanuts animated shorts now airing on Boomerang USA and the renewal of animated shows on Cartoon Network. According to the upfront, Cartoon Network USA will air a new Adventure Time and a new Regular Show special this Autumn.

However, there was one special animated moment during the Cartoon Network segment of the upfront. The animated moment featured a debate with the Powerpuff Girls and with CNN news anchor Jake Tapper voice acting a parodied version of himself named “Drake Dapper”.

From The Turner USA Upfront Press Release

Cartoon Network

Continuing its 2015 momentum as basic cable’s #1 network with kids 6-11, Cartoon Network started off 2016 with cultural buzz around the highly anticipated global launch of The Powerpuff Girls, which became a #1 Facebook and Twitter trending topic when over 15 million fans participated in the #PowerpuffYourself avatar. Since its launch, The Powerpuff Girls has remained #1 in its timeslot. The return of hit series Teen Titans Go!, We Bare Bears, Steven Universe and The Amazing World of Gumball contributed to Cartoon Network becoming the #1 cable network in VOD for 23 consecutive months.

Cartoon Network’s innovative approach to content development through convergence of creativity and technology came to life at its first-ever Game Jam for the new game OK KO! Lakewood Plaza, with over 200 independent game developers coming together in Portland, Oregon. Further, underscoring a strong commitment to engage children in creative coding, Cartoon Network’s STEM platform involves newly announced collaborations with Scratch, a project of the Lifelong Kindergarten Group at the MIT Media Lab; and the White House’s Computer Science for All initiative to empower young people to generate skills in the digital world, featured Cartoon Network characters from shows including Powerpuff Girls and We Bare Bears.

Looking forward, multiple high profile digital launches include the first mobile game from the network’s top-rated series Teen Titans Go!: Teeny Titans, with other games around fan favorite properties to be announced later in the summer. In addition, exciting new specials will air later this fall from the hit series Adventure Time and Regular Show.


Following a successful global launch in 2015, where Boomerang aligned across 13 international feeds, the 24-hour animation network for kids and families grew year-over-year by +30% among kids 2-11 and +25% among kids 6-11. The network’s first-ever original hits include Wabbit and What’s New Scooby-Doo, along with timeless cartoons from the Warner Bros., Hanna-Barbera, MGM and Cartoon Network libraries.

In 2016, Boomerang will keep its tradition of showcasing classic animation for fans of all generations with the launch of new exclusive acquisitions and original productions. The network recently announced the new series Peanuts, where the print comic strips come to life using watercolor art style, textured backgrounds and framing in vignettes filled with humor and heart.