Boomerang USA Newsletter Happy Mother’s Day

Boomerang USA Newsletter Happy Mother's Day

Boomerang USA Newsletter Happy Mother’s Day: Celebrate With Cartoons

Spend Mother’s Day Weekend with your favorite cartoon moms! Stream our special playlist celebrating mothers from around the cartoon world. Meet Penelope Pitstop’s mom, get advice from Wilma Flintstone and Betty Rubble, experience Mother’s Day in the future with Jane Jetson, or even travel and solve mysteries with Granny.

Did we mention Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm have arrived?
Stream now to meet them!

The Flintstones (New Episodes):
The Jetsons (New Episodes):
Wacky Races (New Episodes):
Tom and Jerry:
The Sylvester and Tweety Mysteries:
Courage The Cowardly Dog:

Boomerang USA Newsletter Happy Mother's Day

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Boomerang Latin America And Boomerang Brazil June 2018 Highlights

Boomerang Latin America And Boomerang Brazil June 2018 Highlights

Boomerang Latin America And Boomerang Brazil June 2018 Highlights

For reference:

Pf = Pan Feed
Ar = Argentina
Mx = Mexico
Br = Brazil

Movie Premiere: Tom & Jerry: Spy Quest

Movie premieres on Friday 1st June at 2pm Pf/Mx/Br and 3pm Ar.

Get set for intrigue, thrills and suspense!

It’s just another day at the beach for the dueling Tom and Jerry – until they bump into world-class junior spies Jonny Quest and Hadji and their canine companion, Bandit. When longtime Quest family nemesis Dr. Zin discovers that Jonny’s father, Dr. Benton Quest, possesses a device that could solve the world’s energy problems, Zin sends his evil cat army to steal it and capture Benton and his bodyguard, Race Bannon. That’s when Jonny and his new furry friends spring into action!

New Episodes: New Looney Tunes

New episodes air every Monday at 7pm Pf/Mx/Br and 8pm Ar.

With Bugs, mischief is an everyday occurrence!

Bugs Bunny is set loose in modern society! The rascally rabbit is pit against new adversaries but also has support from some new and old friends! Whether he is taking on today’s modern inconveniences or coming to the rescue of a Bigfoot in distress, Bugs is once again front and center and up to his old shenanigans with his usual wit, charm, and hilarity.

New Show: Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures

The first four episodes of Barbie Dreamhouse Adventures will air on Thursday 21st and Friday 22nd June at 11am Pf/Mx/Br and 12pm Ar and on Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th June at 10am Pf/Mx/Br and 11am Ar.

Join Barbie and her friends in an all-new series!

This hilarious and heartwarming new show follows the everyday life of Barbie as she embarks upon exciting adventures with her family and friends—including Ken! From fun road trips to sister shenanigans, Barbie discovers that with a little bit of help and a whole lot of laughter, you can be anything!

Highlights For Boomerang Latin America Sub-feeds In .docx Format

Pan Feed (In English):

Pan Feed (In Spanish):

Mexico (In Spanish):

Argentina (In Spanish):

Highlights For Boomerang Brazil In .docx Format (In Portuguese)

Cartoon Network Australia And Boomerang Australia July 2018 Highlights

Cartoon Network Australia And Boomerang Australia July 2018 Highlights

Cartoon Network Australia And Boomerang Australia July 2018 Highlights: From The Official Turner Asia-Pacific/Catapult Public Relations Press Release

Cartoon Network Australia July 2018 Highlights

Ben 10: The 11th Alien Special And New Episodes Of Ben 10

New episodes of Ben 10 air from Saturday 7th July, airs every Saturday at 5.30pm.

In this New Alien special, Ben 10 is still figuring out how to use his super strong, super powered omni-enhanced aliens, when he discovers he’s got a new alien called “Shock Rock”! He faces a big dilemma whether to give up the Omnitrix to villain Vilgax or risk the new alien destroying the world. Rock strong on the outside and crackling alien energy on the inside, Shock Rock has more than just strength up his sleeve. Mighty enough to punch through solid stone, his energy core can also be projected out in the form of weapons, shields, and almost anything else Ben’s 10-year-old imagination can dream up!

With new villains returning every week, be sure to watch every weekend to catch all the new aliens from the series!

New Episodes

OK K.O.! Let’s Be Heroes

New episodes air from Saturday 7th July, airs weekends at 6pm.

WELCOME TO THE YEAR 201X! The world has become a crazy battlefield! In order to keep up, every last person on Earth has become a super-powered hero! This is a world where superheroic feats and large-scale battles are ordinary facts of life. But even in such an action-packed world, heroes have to do things like hold down a job and go to the store. This show is about one such hero… K.O.!

In these brand new episodes, Boxman finally captures K.O., Enid and Rad but seems a little distracted allowing the crew some time to think of an escape. K.O. also goes on an adventure to find the perfect Mother’s Day gift for Carol but finds it hard to find the perfect present for his superhero mum.

Catch all the superhero fun this July.

Lego Ninjago: Masters Of Spinjitzu: Season 9

Brand new episodes air from Saturday 30th June, airs on Saturdays at 5pm.

While Lloyd and Nya resist Emperor Garmadon’s oppressive hold on Ninjago City, Young Wu and the rest of the Ninja are stranded in a barbaric realm where fierce dragons are being hunted down by Iron Baron and his gang of Dragon Hunters. With Lloyd stuck in Ninjago City, the others need to find the fabled Dragon Armor if they ever hope to get back home to stop Emperor Garmadon once and for all.

Adventure Time Minecraft Special: Diamonds And Lemons

Available exclusively on the Cartoon Network Watch and Play app from Monday 23rd July.

Celebrating two worlds coming together, Cartoon Network has created an original Adventure Time Minecraft episode which will be premiering exclusively on the Cartoon Network Watch & Play App in Australia and New Zealand this July! In the special episode we see Finn and his friends unite to dig for treasure and fight off enemies, all the while experiencing setbacks and creative triumphs in a fantastic new vision of Ooo.

Get the App for free here:

Google Play:
Apple App Store:

Cartoon Network Australia And Boomerang Australia July 2018 Highlights

Boomerang Australia July 2018 Highlights

New Episodes

The Tom and Jerry Show

New episodes air from Saturday 7th July, airs weekends at 5pm.

Tom is a cat who is forever on the tail of his cheeky little housemate, Jerry the mouse. No tricks, traps or cast-iron frying pans will stop him in his chase for a tasty lunch. This month Tom and Jerry have to work together to investigate the case of a missing pineapple in Hawaii as well as try and find a young tortoise who is secretly training to become a prize boxer. Catch all the fun with these brand new episodes this July.

The Happos Family

New episodes from Friday 6th July, airs every Friday at 5.50pm.

Happos are small creatures of few words, preferring to put of their energies into having the best day ever! Whether performing perfect daredevil feats like Stunt Happo or rocketing to the moon like
Astro Happo, Happos love to succeed. And they usually do but always with hilarious consequences. Happos are super secretive. No human has ever seen a Happo at play…. that is, until now, because
for the first time ever Boomerang has been given unique access into the private world of Happo happiness with these brand new episodes.

Winter Break Movies: School Holidays Special

Airs from Monday 2nd July, airs weekdays at 12pm.

These winter holidays Boomerang is jam packed with laugh-out-loud funny films every weekday! Tune in to catch all your favourite family flicks featuring Tom and Jerry, Barbie, Scooby-Doo, and