Cartoon Network News In Brief Late February 2017

Cartoon Network News In Brief Late February 2017

Cartoon Network News In Brief Late February 2017

Cartoon Network Russia and Southeastern Europe 2017 Upfront

Tatiana Kalita, General Director of Turner Broadcasting System in Russia, Ukraine, Georgia and the CIS, has announced that Cartoon Network Russia and Southeastern Europe will broadcast over 180 hours of original content this year, this includes the brand new Cartoon Network original series – Mighty Magiswords which will premiere next month. Cartoon Network will also plan to air the brand new Unikitty animated series, which features the infamous character of the same name from The Lego Movie. Adventure Time, The Powerpuff Girls, Ben 10, Dreamworks: Dragons, The Amazing World of Gumball, Regular Show, Nexo Knights and Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu are all listed as returning shows in 2017. Cartoon Network HD is now available for carriage with pay-tv operators in the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) and Ukraine markets.

Boomerang Central Eastern Europe (broadcasts to a majority of Eastern Europe, Netherlands and Russia) will continue to air new episodes of The Tom and Jerry Show, Be Cool Scooby-Doo, Oddbods, The Happos Family, My Knight and Me and Robin Hood: Mischief in Sherwood. New upcoming animated shows from Warner Bros. Animation that will air on Boomerang include Dorothy of Oz, based on the classic movie – The Wizard of Oz and Wacky Racers, a remake of the madcap Hanna-Barbera classic. New third-party acquisitions from other animation studios include Coconut The Little Dragon and Pat The Dog.

Cartoon Network Latin America President Barry Koch To Leave In March

Latin American animation news website – ANMTV and Spanish language media news website TodoTVNews has reported that Barry Koch, the Senior Vice President of Cartoon Network Latin America will leave Turner in March. The president of Turner International – Gerhard Zeiler announced the news. Mr Koch has played a major role of developing Turner’s Latin American kids channels (Cartoon Network, Boomerang and Tooncast). Under his leadership, Cartoon Network was the most watched pay-tv children’s channel in the region for three years running. In terms of digital entertainment, Cartoon Network’s websites are among the most popular kids websites in the region.

The news follows the appointment of Whit Richardson as the new president of Turner Latin America last Monday (13/02/2017). Gretchen Colón (Executive Vice President, Advertising Sales), Alex Gonzalez (Senior Vice President, Corporate Development and Digital Media) and Rick Perez (Senior Vice President and General Manager, Movies & Series) will also leave Turner. Gretchen Colón and Alex Gonzalez will leave in May and Rick Perez will leave at the end of March.

Taffy A Brand New Show Coming To Boomerang Late 2018

Taffy A Brand New Show Coming To Boomerang Late 2018

Taffy A Brand New Show Coming To Boomerang Late 2018

Today (13/02/2017), Turner has announced that they are partnering with French animation studio – Cyber Group Studios to produce a brand-new animated co-production called “Taffy”. The new show will air on Boomerang’s international feeds, alongside other content on the channel such as classics and modern remakes of Tom and Jerry, Scooby-Doo and Looney Tunes. In Taffy, a billionaire old lady named Mrs Muchmore takes in a raccoon imposter posing as a cat named Taffy, this leads to slapstick mayhem for Mrs. Muchmore’s pet dog – Bentley.

In each episode, Bentley tries to expose Taffy for what he is, but Taffy outsmarts him on his every move and causes nothing but chaos and disaster in the process. As a result of the mess, poor Bentley always gets the blame. Both Taffy and Bentley live a luxurious lifestyle in a large mansion, they travel around the world and meet important people – including the President of the United States, but no matter where they go and who they meet won’t stop their endless battle.

The animated show shares many similarities to Boomerang’s Tom and Jerry and Oggy and the Cockroaches (airs on Turner’s kids channels in Asia-Pacific) because of the slapstick humour and also another French animated show called Zip Zip partly because of the “pet in disguise” part of the show’s premise.

Initially, 78 episodes will be produced and each episode will be 7 minutes long. The show will be produced by Cyber Group Studios in France and will air on Boomerang in late 2018. Cyber Group Studios is known for the 3D CGI pre-school show – Zou which airs on many Disney Junior feeds in Europe and Latin America.

Meet "Taffy" – Boomerang's newest series from TurnerPRAsiaPac on Vimeo.

From The Cyber Group Studios News Blog (Dated 18th October 2016):

Taking down Taffy (52×7′ 2D HD), its first full 2D cartoon comedy in coproduction with Turner.

Aimed at children from 6 to 12-year-old children, this animation and comedy series tells the story of Mrs. Muchmore and her beloved dog Bentley, who live a delightful life in their manor until the arrival of Taffy, a raccoon that is able to disguise himself into a cat. Mrs. Muchmore gets so fond of Taffy that she decides to have him in her Manor. But Bentley is no dummy and knows instantly that Taffy is not a cat. He’ll stop at nothing to take down the intruder!

From The Official Turner International Press Release: Turner and Cyber Group Studios Announce New Co-production “Taffy” For Boomerang International

Turner International and Cyber Group Studios have joined forces to create a brand-new animated series, currently entitled Taffy, for Turner’s second flagship kids’ channel Boomerang across international markets.

Based on an original creation from Cyber Group Studios and developed with Turner, Taffy follows the non-stop, slapstick extravaganza faced by loyal hound dog Bentley when his billionaire old lady owner Mrs Muchmore takes in an imposter posing as wide-eyed, fluffy angora cat. Each instalment sees Bentley try to reveal “Taffy” for the vermin he is – while super-clever Taffy handily frames the dog for every one of his exploits, pillagings and disastrous messes. Whether traveling from Mrs Muchmore’s luxurious mansion, to a five-star cruise, to jet-setting international adventures or a visit with the President, wherever these rivals go, mayhem is sure to follow!

The 78 x 7-minute series, which will be produced in France, will join Boomerang’s line-up of funny, multi-generational shows like Tom & Jerry, Scooby-Doo, Mr Bean: The Animated Series and Grizzy & the Lemmings from Q4 2018.

Cecilia Persson, Turner’s Vice President of Programming and Content Strategy Kids EMEA & International Kids Acquisitions and Co-Productions said:

“With its classic-look animation style and timeless, slapstick humour, Taffy couldn’t be a more perfect fit for Boomerang. We’re very excited to be working with Cyber Group Studios to produce the show, and further our efforts to build Boomerang as a second flagship kids channel with a strong and refreshing pipeline of content.”

Pierre Sissmann, Chairman & CEO, Cyber Group Studios commented:

“It is an honour and a thrill for the Cyber Group Studios team of artists and authors to be working alongside the Turner International team to develop a new series for Boomerang and I hope this idea we had, Mike de Seve of Baboon Animation and myself, a couple of years ago, of creating this new slapstick character of TAFFY, will become a great addition to the cartoon line up of one of the most prestigious cartoon channels in the world.”

About Cyber Group Studios

Cyber Group Studios is a French independent multi-awarded company which produces and distributes its own and third party audiovisual productions and brands. The company handles programs with strong international appeal targeted to kids and families in particular, 3D CGI and 2D HD, animated productions (TV series and movies) targeted at 2-12 years old kids and teens and HD animation series, for “Triple Play” broadcast (web, mobile phones, TV). Its mission is to bring the best quality entertainment associated with the best creative talent around the world and to develop breakthrough technology to enhance its productions. The company’s aim is also to associate with other top producers in the world to help bring their outstanding new productions to market through Cyber Group Studios distribution network.

Marc Goodchild Appointed Head Of Digital Content Strategy For Turner EMEA

Marc Goodchild Appointed Head Of Digital Content Strategy For Turner EMEA

Marc Goodchild Appointed Head Of Digital Content Strategy For Turner EMEA

Turner Broadcasting System Europe has appointed an influential award winning television producer and digital executive to head its Digital Content Strategy for its children’s and general entertainment channels, including Cartoon Network, Boomerang, Cartoonito, Toonami and Boing. Mr Goodchild will lead the local digital teams in Turner’s regional offices across EMEA and will work with the central research, commercial, advertising sales, marketing, PR and franchise management teams in London.

Digital content is an increasingly growing part of Turner’s business, in recent years in the media industry there has been a lot of focus on live-streaming and on-demand TV Anywhere services, micro-formatted content for digital apps such as Cartoon Network Anything and mobile games from Cartoon Network Games. In the digital era, it’s becoming more important to distribute content on multiple devices, such as mobile phones, tablets and PC’s, as consumers want to watch content when and where it’s convenient to them.

In Europe, Middle East and Africa, Turner has launched ten new YouTube channels, 16 new apps and introduced the micro-content app Cartoon Network Anything in seven new markets. Kids app downloads have increased +83% year-on-year, YouTube views increased by 500% across its 18 Cartoon Network and 9 Boomerang YouTube channels. Turner EMEA operates more than 60 websites and other digital platforms and has recently made a content deal with DHX’s WildBrain to manage its show specific children’s animation YouTube channels in EMEA and Latin America.

Mr Goodchild will report to Patricia Hidalgo, SVP Chief Content and Creative Officer EMEA and International Kids Strategy and will work with the brand new Digital Ventures & Innovation division of Turner International. Mr Goodchild also co-founded creative app studio and technology house Gingersnap Studios and co-founder at SyncScreen which provides second screen authoring and synchronisation tools for non-live and VOD productions. He has also worked in several director, producer and executive roles in the UK including at the BBC and at Disney. He has also worked as Head of Digital Services for CBeebies and CBBC and was also behind the development of the CBBC and CBeebies sections on the BBC’s on-demand service – iPlayer.

From The Offical Turner EMEA Press Release: Turner EMEA appoints Marc Goodchild to Head of Digital Content Strategy & Product

Turner Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) today named Marc Goodchild as its Head of Digital Content Strategy & Product for EMEA.

Goodchild, an award winning television producer and digital executive with a 20-year track record in broadcast, production and the start-up community, will be responsible for the overall content strategy and digital content vision for EMEA, working in close collaboration with all regional content and digital teams. He will also lead the EMEA Central Digital Team and any third party digital vendors, provide support and editorial guidance to the local heads of digital and work in close collaboration with the central research, commercial, advertising sales, marketing, PR and franchise management teams.

Reporting to Patricia Hidalgo, SVP Chief Content and Creative Office EMEA and International Kids Strategy, Goodchild will also be responsible for building and maintaining close collaboration and relationships with all key digital global stakeholders, both technical and editorial, in particular with the recently formed Digital Ventures & Innovation division of Turner International.

His responsibilities for developing and managing EMEA’s digital content and product strategy includes the implementation of Turner-owned digital products and content from the global business, along with those from international and/or EMEA origin that increase and enhance engagement with our audiences and brands across the region.

Patricia Hidalgo ,SVP Chief Content and Creative Office EMEA and International Kids Strategy said:

“This appointment recognises Turner’s focus on giving our fans even more innovative and immersive digital experiences. Marc’s wide range of expertise in the broadcast, production and start-up sectors makes him ideally suited to help us build on our existing momentum in the digital space and deliver a cohesive digital strategy for EMEA. He’ll be integral in helping us continue to create and curate great content so that it is discoverable and engaging how, when and where our fans want it.”

The appointment comes at a time of rapid evolution for Turner into a more consumer-centric, data-driven media company, which includes an accelerated focus on driving and expanding its portfolio of kids and general entertainment branded destinations across all parts of the digital ecosystem.

In EMEA last year alone, the business launched 10 new YouTube channels and 16 new apps and introduced its signature CN Anything app into seven new markets. It saw its kids’ app downloads up +83% year-on-year and its YouTube viewership went up more than fivefold across 18 Cartoon Network and nine Boomerang channels. Turner EMEA currently operates a suite of more than 60 websites and other digital platforms and recently appointed DHX Media’s Wildbrain to manage its YouTube channels in both EMEA and Latin America.

The increased focus on digital will in turn also allow Turner to provide its various partners with fresh and varied ways of associating with our content to reach audiences across the digital spectrum.

Goodchild joins Turner this month after a period working with UK start-ups where among other achievements he pioneered a new second-screen system for kids shows, and most recently a family app gifting platform. Most recently co-founder and CEO at creative app studio and technology house Gingersnap Studios, he was previously co-founder and CCO at SyncScreen providing second screen authoring and synchronisation tools for non-live and VOD productions. His career includes a mix of senior director, producer and executive roles at Disney and the BBC, and on commissions for Discovery and Channel 4. He has also worked as a digital consultant for independent production companies including Jamie Oliver, Zodiak Kids, Lion TV etc. He has a BA Hons in Politics from the University of Nottingham and a post-grad in Broadcast Journalism from City University.