Funsize Fridays In October 2014 On Cartoon Network UK & Ireland

Funsize Fridays

In the Funsize Fridays block on Cartoon Network UK in October, there will also be new episodes of Uncle Grandpa.

This is the schedule for Funsize Fridays in October on Cartoon Network UK:

4pm Johnny Test
4.15pm The Amazing World of Gumball
4.30pm Regular Show
4.45pm Steven Universe
5pm Teen Titans Go!
5.15pm Adventure Time
5.30pm New Uncle Grandpa
5.45pm The Amazing World of Gumball
6pm Regular Show
6.15pm Johnny Test
6.30pm Steven Universe
6.45pm Adventure Time
7pm The Amazing World of Gumball
7.15pm Uncle Grandpa
7.30pm Johnny Test
7.45pm Teen Titans Go!
8pm Adventure Time
8.15pm Regular Show
8.30pm Uncle Grandpa
8.45pm The Amazing World of Gumball

Mega Mondays October 2014 Highlights On Cartoon Network UK & Ireland

Mega Mondays continues on Cartoon Network UK and Ireland this October. This month, the block will feature: new episodes of Uncle Grandpa, The Amazing World of Gumball, Regular Show and Adventure Time.

Cartoon Network France Breaks Guinness World Record For Largest Whoopee Cushion

Cartoon Network France and CanalSat broke the world record for the world’s largest whoopie cushion at La Journée Mondiale du Prout (World Fart’s Day) event on Saturday 20th September, the whoopie cushion is a massive 25m² and has the face of Jake from Adventure Time on it. Kids could also jump on the whoopie cushion like a bouncy castle.

Also at the event was fun-filled activities with Cartoon Network themes, such as an Uncle Grandpa zip line and Steven Universe’s Big Donut bar, there was also episode screenings and workshops for kids.