Turner EMEA Launches Toonix OTT Streaming Service In Scandinavia

Turner EMEA Launches Toonix OTT Streaming Service In Scandinavia

Turner EMEA Launches Toonix OTT Streaming Service In Scandinavia

Today (20th June), Turner EMEA has announced its first direct-to-consumer service for kids – Toonix. The OTT (Over The Top, meaning a service provided over a standard internet connection) streaming service – Toonix will have its very own app in the Nordic (Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland) region later this summer and will include all national languages as well as English. The new service will be ad-free and will feature a comprehensive animation library including animated shows and movies from Cartoon Network, Warner Bros. Animation and also third-party and local productions. The app has been designed for kids in mind, offers an easy to use interface and also games.

In the Nordics region, the Toonix brand launched in 2017 as a branded kids section as part of HBO Nordic’s service, Toonix is available to HBO Nordic’s subscribers at no extra cost. Alongside with the partnership of Turner’s and Warner Bros. sister company – HBO, Toonix will now be available as a direct to consumer service. The service will feature popular cartoons including Adventure Time, Teen Titans Go!, Peppa Pig, The Amazing World of Gumball, Scooby-Doo, Barbapapa, Masha and the Bear, Bamse and the City of Thieves and Lego Batman: The Movie – DC Super Heroes Unite.

The Toonix brand originated from Cartoon Network’s avatar character maker as seen on several Cartoon Network websites all over the world, where kids can create a cute version of themselves or recreate a popular cartoon character. Many of these Toonix characters can been seen on the streaming service. Cartoon Network Latin America also had a branding era called “Toonix” which features many of Cartoon Network’s characters in Toonix form, this was also Cartoon Network Latin America’s version of Cartoon Network USA’s Noods era.

The app for the new service will be available for iOS and Android devices and also on smart TVs:


Toonix Scandinavia Links:

Sweden: http://www.toonix.se
Denmark: http://www.toonix.dk
Norway: http://www.toonix.no
Finland: http://www.toonix.fi

From The Turner EMEA Press Release: Turner EMEA announces its first kids OTT service, with Nordic launch of Toonix: Turner EMEA’s first direct-to-consumer service for kids launches in the Nordic region. Available in local languages in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland, as well as in English, later this summer.

Turner EMEA announced today its first-ever direct-to-consumer kids OTT service, with the launch of the Toonix app across the Nordic region later this summer. The new ad-free service caters to kids (ages 3-12) and their families, offering some of the most popular shows and movies. Through curated content and fun features, this direct-to-consumer app has been designed with kids in mind and offers them a bespoke user experience, enhanced with the addition of a variety of engaging games for them to play in a safe environment.

In the Nordics, the Toonix brand launched in 2017 as a branded kids section in the HBO Nordic service, free to their subscribers. Alongside this partnership, Turner will now be launching the Toonix app as a direct-to-consumer service in the Nordic markets.

“The launch of this OTT service marks the next step in Turner’s continuous mission to provide fan-centric user experiences and builds on the success of the launch of the Toonix brand with HBO in the Nordic region last year. This new app provides an entertainment playground for kids to engage with their favourite characters through both high-quality programming and exciting games, whenever or wherever they want”, said Pierre Branco, Senior Vice President & General Manager, Turner Northern Europe.

Besides games, Toonix will offer kids instant and on-demand access to more than one thousand hours of curated content from Cartoon Network, Warner Bros. Animation, third party and local acquisitions. Programming highlights will for instance include: Adventure Time, Teen Titans Go!, Peppa Pig, The Amazing World of Gumball, Scooby-Doo, Barbapapa, Masha & the Bear, Bamse & the City of Thieves and Lego Batman: The Movie – DC Super Heroes Unite.

Toonix will launch in the Nordic region later this summer, and will be available on demand on iOS and Android phones and tablets, and on smart TVs.

The service will be available in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland, both in local languages and in English.


AT&T Completes Merger With Cartoon Network’s Ultimate Parent Company Time Warner

AT&T Completes Merger With Cartoon Network's Ultimate Parent Company Time Warner

AT&T Completes Acquisition Of Cartoon Network’s Ultimate Parent Company Time Warner

Late last night (14th June), AT&T (name originated from American Telephone & Telegraph Company) has completed its merger with Cartoon Network’s ultimate parent company (via Turner) – Time Warner. Under the terms of the merger, AT&T issued 1.185 million shares of common stock and paid $42.5 billion in cash, Time Warner shareholders received 1.437 shares of AT&T common stock, in addition to $53.75 in cash for each Time Warner share. The proposed merger was announced in October 2016, but the merger wasn’t approved until Tuesday this week (12th June) after it was given the greenlight by U.S. senior judge – Richard J. Leon.

AT&T can trace its history all the way back to the Bell Telephone Company, a company founded by the inventor of the telephone, Scottish-Canadian Alexander Graham Bell in 1875, the company grew to become one of the largest landline, mobile telephone and broadband internet service companies in the United States. AT&T has a complex history, with mergers, demergers and remergers, even AT&T spinoff SBC took over original AT&T and re-branded their whole company as AT&T. AT&T has merged with Time Warner because of its television and movie content, they purchased the largest satellite television provider in the United States – DirecTV in 2015 and they wanted a large content division to run alongside its pay-TV and mobile and landline telecommunication divisions. With access to its own movie and TV studios and media library, AT&T can give its own customers free content or at a reduced rate, which is an incentive strategy to retain and gain more customers.

The merger can be seen as an necessity for Time Warner to ensure its survival against cord-cutting (people who unsubscribe from cable and opt for streaming services) which is one of the biggest threats in the media industry, AT&T now has an advantage as it offers the infrastructure (mostly within the United States and some internet backbones worldwide) for people to use these streaming services and even owns a few of these streaming services (including DirecTV Now) and content of its own of which it can bundle with broadband and mobile packages.

With the merger, AT&T now owns one of the largest media companies in the world which includes Warner Bros. (Movies, TV Shows and Animation), Turner (U.S. and international cable television broadcaster and production company, known for its live-action, animated and news programming) and also HBO (Home Box Office), known for producing some of the highest quality entertainment on television. Turner and AT&T have some things in common, for example, digital streaming services, Turner has the classic movie streaming service – FilmStruck and also the classic cartoon streaming service – Boomerang (co-owned with Warner Bros.), meanwhile AT&T owns 50% Otter Media who run Japanese anime streaming service – Crunchyroll and the multiple entertainment brand streaming service platform – VRV.

At present, there won’t be any changes at Time Warner (including Cartoon Network’s Turner) except that Time Warner CEO – Jeff Bewkes will be stepping down, with John Stankey now in-charge of what was Time Warner. Jeff Bewkes will continue to serve as a senior business advisor at AT&T for at least the time being. AT&T and Time Warner are two very different businesses, this can be seen as a vertical merger, unlike the proposed horizontal merger with rivals – Disney and 21st Century Fox.

AT&T is yet to give a new name to its new media division, but Time Warner’s Twitter account suggests that its called “Warner Media Group”.


From The AT&T Press Release: AT&T Completes Acquisition of Time Warner Inc

AT&T Inc. (NYSE:T) has completed its acquisition of Time Warner Inc., bringing together global media and entertainment leaders Warner Bros., HBO and Turner with AT&T’s leadership in technology and its video, mobile and broadband customer relationships.

“The content and creative talent at Warner Bros., HBO and Turner are first-rate. Combine all that with AT&T’s strengths in direct-to-consumer distribution, and we offer customers a differentiated, high-quality, mobile-first entertainment experience,” said Randall Stephenson, chairman and CEO of AT&T Inc. “We’re going to bring a fresh approach to how the media and entertainment industry works for consumers, content creators, distributors and advertisers.”

Stephenson said the future of media entertainment is rapidly converging around three elements required to transform how video is distributed, paid for, consumed and created. Today, AT&T brings together:

Premium Content: Broadly distributed, robust premium content portfolio that combines leading movies and shows from Warner Bros., HBO and Turner, along with more targeted digital content from Bleacher Report, FilmStruck and AT&T’s investment in Otter Media, among others.

Direct to Consumer Distribution (D2C): AT&T has more than 170 million D2C relationships across its TV, video streaming, mobile and broadband services in the U.S., mobile in Mexico, TV in Latin America, in addition to D2C digital properties such as HBO NOW, Boomerang, FilmStruck and CNN.com.

High-Speed Networks: AT&T‘s leading wireless and fiber network, including investments in new technology such as 5G, will provide the network bandwidth required as customers increase engagement with premium video and emerging 4K and virtual reality content.

Company Structure, Executive Leadership

AT&T Inc. consists of four businesses. This structure allows each business to operate independently and move quickly, while at the same time innovating across AT&T with content, connectivity and advertising. The four business are:

AT&T Communications provides mobile, broadband, video and other communications services to U.S.-based consumers and nearly 3.5 million companies – from the smallest business to nearly all the Fortune 1000 – with highly secure, smart solutions. Revenues from these services totaled more than $150 billion in 2017.

AT&T’s media business consists of HBO, Turner and Warner Bros. Together, these businesses had revenues of more than $31 billion in 2017. A new name for this business will be announced later.
AT&T International provides mobile services in Mexico to consumers and businesses, plus pay-TV service across 11 countries in South America and the Caribbean. It had revenues of more than $8 billion in 2017.

AT&T’s advertising and analytics business provides marketers with advanced advertising solutions using valuable customer insights from AT&T’s TV, mobile and broadband services, combined with extensive ad inventory from Turner and AT&T’s pay-TV services. A name for this company will be announced in the future.

Jeff Bewkes, former chairman and CEO of Time Warner Inc., has agreed to remain with the company as a senior advisor during a transition period. “Jeff is an outstanding leader and one of the most accomplished CEOs around. He and his team have built a global leader in media and entertainment. And I greatly appreciate his continued counsel,” Stephenson said.

As previously announced, leading the four businesses and reporting to Stephenson will be:

John Donovan, CEO of AT&T Communications;
John Stankey, CEO of AT&T’s media business;
Lori Lee, CEO of AT&T International and Global Marketing Officer of AT&T Inc.; and,
Brian Lesser, CEO of AT&T’s ad and analytics business.

All of Jeff Bewkes’ direct reports will now report to John Stankey.

Acquisition Financial Details

Under the terms of the merger, Time Warner Inc. shareholders received 1.437 shares of AT&T common stock, in addition to $53.75 in cash, per share of Time Warner Inc. As a result, AT&T issued 1,185M shares of common stock and paid $42.5B in cash. Including net debt from Time Warner, we now have $180.4B in net debt.

About AT&T

AT&T Inc. (NYSE:T) is a diversified, global leader in telecommunications, media and entertainment, and technology. It consists of four businesses. AT&T’s media business, with its HBO, Turner and Warner Bros. divisions, is a world leader in creating premium content, operates one of the largest TV and film studio, and owns a vast library of entertainment. AT&T Communications has relationships with more than 100 million U.S. consumers across TV, mobile and broadband services. Plus, it serves nearly 3.5 million business customers with high-speed, highly secure connectivity and smart solutions. AT&T International provides pay-TV services across 11 countries and territories in Latin America and the Caribbean, and is the fastest growing wireless provider in Mexico, serving consumers and businesses. AT&T ad and analytics provides marketers with innovative, targeted, data-driven advertising solutions around premium video content.


Cartoon Network At Annecy Animation Festival 2018 Overview

Cartoon Network At Annecy Animation Festival 2018 Overview

Cartoon Network At Annecy Animation Festival 2018 Overview

Today (14th June) was Cartoon Network’s main day at Annecy Animation Festival 2018 in Annecy, France. Cartoon Network will hosted its popular Picnic By the Lake event this lunchtime, the event was held in partnership with sister company – Warner Bros. Animation to help promote the cinema release of Teen Titans Go! To The Movies, which will be released in cinemas in the United States on Friday 27th July. The event had several Cartoon Network balloons and a 3D cardboard cut out model of a bike with a backdrop of Jump City featuring the Teen Titans – Robin, Starfire, Raven, Cyborg and Beast Boy, people can take pictures of themselves riding a bike with the Teen Titans. During the event, festival visitors enjoyed a picnic along the shore of Lake Annecy.

Even the Teen Titans themselves were greeting the festival’s visitors!

This afternoon, there was special panel organised by Cartoon Network celebrating woman in the animation industry called “Cartoon Network Celebrate Women in the World of Animation”, speaking at the event were Eva Lee Wallberg – the creator of The Heroic Quest of the Valiant Prince Ivandoe, Lauren Sassen – the creative director for Cartoon Network Studios’ We Bare Bears, Julia Pott – the creator of Cartoon Network’s newest animated series – Summer Camp Island and Patricia Hidalgo – Chief Content Officer, Turner EMEA & International Kids Strategy.