Fifteen Celebrities To Voice Fourth Powerpuff Girl In Europe, Middle East, Africa And Australia

Fifteen Celebrities To Voice Fourth Powerpuff Girl In Europe, Middle East, Africa And Australia

Fifteen Celebrities To Voice Fourth Powerpuff Girl In Europe, Middle East, Africa And Australia

Last night (17/09/2017), Cartoon Network USA aired the five-part Powerpuff Girls movie special – Power Of Four, the special introduced the fourth Powerpuff Girl – Bliss (Full name: Blisstina Francesca Francia Mariam Alicia Utonium), who actually was created by Professor Utonium years before the super-powered trio we know and love. Bliss was emotionally unstable, with the fear and shame of using her powers for destructive purposes, she moved to a deserted island far away and now she’s ready to return.

As correctly analysed and stated by this blog based on the evidence available at the time, South African musician – Toya Delazy will only be voicing Bliss in the African version of the special. The Power of Four special will air on Cartoon Network Africa on Saturday 21st October at 7.05am CAT. In the USA version, Olivia Olson (better known as the voice for Marceline in Adventure Time) voiced Bliss.

The role of the fourth Powerpuff Girl will be portrayed by fifteen different celebrities in Europe, Middle East and Africa and also Australia and New Zealand. Cartoon Network Australia (which also includes New Zealand) has already announced that the character will be played by the Australian YouTuber – Wengie (real name Wendy Ayche). In Australia and New Zealand, the special will also premiere on Cartoon Network Australia between Saturday 23rd – Sunday 24th September at 10am. The special will also air on Cartoon Network India and Cartoon Network Pakistan this Saturday (23/09/2017).

UPDATE: The special will also air on Cartoon Network Southeast Asia this weekend, three episodes will premiere on Saturday at 11.30am and two more on Sunday also at 11.30am.

Video introducing the voice for Bliss in Australia and New Zealand – Wendy Ayche:

Video clip from the Power of Four special:

In a statement regarding the several different voice actresses for the fourth Powerpuff Girl, Cartoon Network said:

“Cartoon Network has joined forces with 15 super-powered celebrities across Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Australia who will each lend their voice to the newly revealed 4th Powerpuff Girl. The first local celebrities to be named as the voice of this mysterious fourth Powerpuff Girl are South Africa’s hip-hop sensation Toya Delazy, who will star as the character across Africa, and Australian YouTuber Wengie, who has voiced the character for Australia and New Zealand.”

Lesley Bailey, the vice president for channel marketing and brand management for Cartoon Network EMEA also added:

“This activation is the perfect way to continue building brand awareness and affinity, not only with girls and kids, but with millennial women and mums too. We’re excited to be revealing the first in a long list of amazing and inspiring women to be taking on this kick-ass new role.”

Cartoon Network At Pixelatl Animation Festival 2017 Schedule

Cartoon Network At Pixelatl Animation Festival 2017 Schedule

Cartoon Network At Pixelatl Animation Festival 2017 Schedule

Cartoon Network will be attending the 2017 Pixelatl animation, video games and comics festival in Cuernavaca, Mexico, this year’s festival will be held between Tuesday 5th September and Sunday 10th September. At the festival, the winner of Cartoon Network’s “Pitch Me Evolution” competition will be announced. The competition is an opportunity for aspiring animators to pitch their animated show ideas to Cartoon Network, a maximum of fifteen finalists will pitch their show ideas to a panel of Cartoon Network Latin America executives at the festival before a winner is selected. The winner will get to produce an animated pilot which will feature on Cartoon Network’s YouTube channels.

On the first day of the convention (Tuesday 5th September) at 1pm, former Senior Vice President of Original Animation for Cartoon Network – Linda Simensky (now at PBS Kids) will talk about the past, present and future of animation in her “Then, Now, and What’s Next” lecture, she will use her past experiences as examples, including her time working on the original series of Cartoon Network’s The Powerpuff Girls.

On Wednesday 6th September at 4pm, David Feiss – the creator of Cartoon Network’s Cow and Chicken, will talk about some animation industry secrets in his “The Secrets Of The Industry” lecture. David will also share his vision of the future evolution of animation IP and will offer advice on how to keep up to date in the industry.

On Thursday 7th September at 10am, the creator of Cartoon Network Mexico’s Villainous – Alan Ituriel will be hosting a “Creating Artificial Life” workshop session, this session will be about developing characters and their personalities.

Also later on Thursday at 4.30pm, Jaime Jiménez – Director of Content for Cartoon Network Mexico, will also be doing a lecture on how to utilise a studio’s intellectual property for product licensing.

On Friday 8th September at 1.30pm, Cartoon Network Mexico will be presenting their new animated projects in the “Cartoon Network: New IPs” panel, joining along in the session are Jaime Jiménez (Director of Content for Cartoon Network Mexico), Humberto Cervera (Content Producer for Cartoon Network Mexico), 2016 Pitch Me Anything finalist – Guillermo Rivas, who submitted his La isla de Jim (Jim’s Island) project to the competition and the winner of 2016 Pitch Me Anything – Gabriel Frugone, his winning submission was “Perrita del Espacio” (Little Dog From Space). The winner of the 2016 Ideatoon Contest at Pixelatl – Ivanobich Verduzco will also be at the panel, (his winning project was “Viking Tales”) along with Luispa Salmón – producer of visual content at Mighty Animation.

Later on Friday at 6.30pm, there will be a special We Bare Bears lecture with the show’s creator – Daniel Chong and with the show’s supervising director – Manny Hernández. During the lecture, both Daniel and Manny will talk about how the show was developed from a web comic (Three Bare Bears) into a fully-fledged BAFTA award-winning animated series produced by Cartoon Network.

Finally on Saturday 9th September at 10am, the creator of Villainous – Alan Ituriel will be doing a lecture about his short-form animation project with Cartoon Network Mexico. Alan will talk about the origins of the show’s concept, why it became an online phenomenon among animation fans in Latin America and he will also talk about his future plans for the show. Festival attendees will get an exclusive Villainous poster and there will also be an opportunity to meet Alan and some of the production crew during the autograph signing session.

Steven Universe Volume One Soundtrack To Be Released On Vinyl

Steven Universe Volume One Soundtrack To Be Released On Vinyl

Steven Universe Volume One Soundtrack To Be Released On Vinyl

Following the limited edition release pre-orders of the “Stronger Than You” and “Love Like You” vinyl at San Diego Comic Con, Cartoon Network and merchandising company – will also be releasing the whole volume one soundtrack in a four vinyl pack release later this year, the vinyl collection is now available to pre-order. Each vinyl will feature a gem design, representing Garnet, Amethyst, Pearl and Steven, each disc will have a different colour and will have a translucent appearance and will be contained in a jacket with a shimmer and emboss effect with artwork by design studio – Chromosphere.

The Steven Universe Volume One Soundtrack Vinyl description on

Steven Universe is a one-of-a-kind animated opus, fusing musical celebration with storytelling in a way that inspires nothing short of spectacular smiling. Its songs are lively, jubilant and often emotional works of aural art, spreading a sensation of total glee to all ears within listening distance. This set of 4 x 10” vinyl represents our favorite Crystal Gems (Garnet, Amethyst, Pearl and Steven) via colorful translucent discs and center labels, all housed in gatefold jacket adorned with a shimmery warp & ornate embossments. Designed in close collaboration with series creator, Rebecca Sugar, and illustration auteurs Chromosphere, this is a vinyl package made with true love.

In somewhat related news: If you live in Latin America, Cartoon Network Latin America will be hosting a Steven Universe: Out Of This World story arc Fan Chat (with Mimi Quarzo and Pedru Dot) at 8pm Argentina/7pm Chile/6pm Colombia and Mexico tonight (23/07/2017) on Facebook Live and YouTube. Use the hashtag #StevenLive to follow the conversation on Twitter and Facebook.

Cartoon Network Brazil is also doing a Steven Universe and Adventure Time: Islands Fan Chat for Portuguese speakers at 2pm Brasilia Time today with MARIMOON, Charles Emmanuel and with a mystery Cartoon Network superfan on Facebook Live and YouTube. Use the hashtag #AoVivaçoCN to follow the conversation.